Eggs, an ideal food to increase energy

To lose weight without losing energy, you can include whole grain bread, made from whole grains, in your diet. It is also not advisable to forget about grains, nuts and eggs.

How to prepare watermelon juice?

The first thing to do is remove the rind from the watermelon, remove the seeds and cut it into small cubes. You have to cut the watermelon into small cubes so that later it is easier to crush it. It is not necessary to make perfect squares.

Veganism, a solution to lose weight

Adopting a XNUMX% vegan diet may be the best way to lose weight, if we follow a comparative analysis between various types of diet and weight loss regimes.

Grilled asparagus

How to prepare grilled asparagus?

To roast the asparagus, it is advisable to choose them long and thick, since the small ones can fall through the rack and they would also become tender quickly.

How to make hazelnut puree?

Hazelnut puree is an excellent dietary preparation for health. In addition, it can be easily accommodated with desserts, but not only, it is also ideal and gives savory dishes as well as vinaigrettes a touch of class.

Pasta, a balanced diet

In the group of carbohydrates, it is important to note that there are two classes, complex and simple. The former are those that comprise foods such as rice and pasta.

The benefits of quince

Regarding the composition and energy value of the quince, it should be noted that this fruit contains a large amount of water and few proteins and lipids.

Vegetables rich in collagen

Among the vegetables that contain collagen, we can highlight broccoli, which provides large amounts of vitamin C, essential to increase collagen production in the body.

Tips for cooking frozen meat

The first thing to consider is that when you cook frozen meat, it is possible that it loses a lot of liquid and moisture.

Tips for freezing strawberries

Before freezing strawberries, it is important to separate them well. Those that are not pretty should be thrown away, they should not be frozen, nor eat strawberries that are a little rotten, too ripe, or discolored.

Tips to lose weight naturally

The main cause of a poor diet comes from the fact that the diet is neglected. It is important to establish a balanced, healthy and low calorie weekly menu if you want to lose weight.

The benefits of camu camu

Camu camu is known in various areas of the Amazon forest, Peru is its main exporter, although it is also found in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.

The benefits of the hibiscus flower

The hibiscus flower has a slimming power, since it helps to eliminate accumulated toxins in the body and, thanks to its diuretic effect, it favors the elimination of toxins through the urine.


Teeth whitening foods

Vegetables like celery, carrots, and radishes are foods that help whiten teeth and remove other food debris that can cause staining.

How to lose weight in a short time?

Sometimes we want to lose weight quickly to attend some important event or we want to cause a good effect on others, and of course, to be able to wear that beautiful dress that we like so much.


How does alcohol affect the liver?

The blood redirects this alcohol to the liver so that it is assimilated and transformed into a harmless substance for the body, thanks to enzymes.

White rice

Diet against diarrhea

As for the recommended diet against diarrhea, it is essential to absorb plenty of fluids.

How much potassium is in a banana?

A banana contains at least 450 milligrams of potassium, or more than 20 percent of the daily nutritional value, which is quite a significant amount.

Contraindications of aloe vera

First, before delving into the subject of aloe vera contraindications, it is important to remember that this natural product has an infinity of properties that are good for the body.

The benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, and copper. It also contains vitamins A, B, and E, providing many nutrients to the body.

The properties of pistachio

The pistachio is one of the best fruits that exist. In addition to its delicious flavor, it provides the body with a series of properties and benefits, which help reduce cholesterol as well as regulate intestinal transit.


How to lose weight with oranges?

Without being a miracle food, you can incorporate the consumption of orange into your eating habits: an ideal ingredient to help you lose weight.

The right regimen during adolescence

Adolescence is a stage of bodily and mental change. It is often difficult to understand, which is why it is important to have a good diet during adolescence.

Vitamins for hair

Vitamins are very important for hair as well as for the rest of the body. A balanced regimen that contains all the essential nutrients, is reflected directly on the hair, providing shine and vitality

Fresh Food

Food to be in shape

Caution must be exercised in washing food well before eating it to avoid disease and bacteria present.

Tips for making a vitamin C mask

It turns out that vitamin C is one of the most effective vitamins for skin care because it helps delay cellular aging, promotes collagen production, and keeps the skin firm and radiant at the same time.

The best water to drink

It is true that we can argue about the quality of tap water ... But it is easy to remove that taste of chlorine or bleach, simply adding a few drops of lemon

How to make hazelnut puree?

Hazelnut puree is an excellent food preparation for health. In addition, it can be easily accommodated to your desserts, but not only, it is ideal for savory dishes as well as salad dressing.

The hypocaloric regime

Thinness can be considered by us as a rewarding situation, however people who are overweight can feel depressed. Feeling different is not always a source of well-being, but the regimen is a solution.

Mango juice recipes for weight loss

Juices and juice are today one of the most fashionable solutions to accompany diets. Indeed, these drinks are easy to prepare, in addition to being delicious, they are rich in vitamins and minerals

Foods that help heal

To heal a wound, a series of medical indications can be followed so that the impact on the skin is as little as possible.

Egg curiosities

You have probably wondered more than once why an egg cracks, why it is necessary to add salt to water to boil it, why it turns green when cooked, or how to tell if an egg is fresh.

How to eat raw garlic?

Garlic is a food that provides many benefits in the body, being a powerful antioxidant and an excellent natural antibiotic.

What are simple carbohydrates

We must distinguish between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates, in addition to taking into account the caloric expenditure of each individual and their daily routine.

Magnesium chloride from food

Magnesium chloride is a natural component that benefits health. The question is in knowing how to find it naturally through diet, in order to benefit from its many advantages.

Protein-rich meals for growing children

Proteins are essential nutrients for the proper development of children's growth. That is why it is very important to include protein in the daily meals for your children, especially if they are still growing.

The best foods to increase fertility

Recent studies have shown that diet could improve a woman's fertility. Let's see the list of some foods that should be prioritized to be pregnant more easily.

Different healthy ways to eat almonds

Excellent if taken naturally, almonds are also eaten in dragees, toasted, roasted, sliced ​​or diced. Nothing is impossible for this noble fruit in the shell.

Probiotics for a flat stomach

Probiotics are microorganisms naturally present in the body and in certain foods. Among its many advantages, they improve the digestive system and protect the intestinal flora.

The benefits of liquid cream

All creams come from cow's milk. This is heated to 35ºC and poured into a centrifuge, from which comes the cream, a mixture of fat (30 to 40%) and water.

Light crepes recipe

At the time of cooking the crepes, you must use an oil spray. A single hit is enough and above all do not forget to use the non-stick pan.

The quinoa-based regimen

Quinoa is a herbaceous plant. It belongs to the Chenopodiaceae family, and is made up of several hundred grains, generously enriched with vegetable proteins.

Lose weight based on surimi

Surimi has very few calories. It only contains between 83 and 100 calories in 100g. This product is rich in vitamin B12 and proteins.

The different types of soy

Soybeans, an annual plant that can reach up to 1,50 meters tall, resembles green beans, with roots that bear tubers called "rhizobiums."

Benefits of eating prunes

Far from its image of a home remedy for intestinal transit problems, prunes are a true health food for women.


Yogurt and digestion

Yogurt is a preparation made from fermented milk. This dairy product contains live bacteria, and is a good addition to aid in digestion.


Peanuts: nutritious food

Peanuts are fattening, provide fiber and healthy fats, fight diabetes and heart disease, and are delicious too.

Diet breakfast

Diet options for breakfast

Eating breakfast is basic to health and diet, but you have to choose foods that are healthy, nutritious, and low in fat and calories.


Basic legumes for children

In addition to protein, beans, lima beans and lentils provide important elements for the diet such as fiber, iron and potassium.

Gelatin to fall asleep

A good rest ensures that we restore our systems to face the next day and thus work better, study better and ...

Rice and Proteins

Proteins are not only found in meat products or their derivatives such as eggs and dairy, but also ...

Symptoms of a nutritional detox

According to specialists, organic detoxification brings many healthy benefits, since the elimination of toxins stimulates the ...

Various pancakes

Healthier and more dietary pancakes

Pancakes are delicious and nutritious, however they can hinder the diet for which it is possible to substitute their ingredients and obtain a healthier recipe.

Kale healthy benefits

Kale or kale belongs to the cruciferous family, it is one of the plants with the greatest benefits ...

Types of flours and breads

Flours: types and benefits

Flours are used throughout the world to make breads, cookies and other products. Learn about the different types that exist, their benefits, and which ones are gluten-free.

Italian cappuccino

Classic Italian drinks

Among the most representative Italian drinks, the espresso and cappuccino stand out, however it also has liqueurs and digestives such as amaro that is used as medicine.

Plum varieties

Plums: varieties, uses and properties

Plums have several benefits as they serve as laxatives, contain vitamins and minerals and are not fattening since they are made up mainly of water and fiber.

Wonders of Corn

The wonders of corn

Corn is a plant from America that is currently widespread throughout the world; the variety of possible dishes and their properties make this plant valuable.

Flavored butter

Flavored butters recipes

Flavored butters are prepared by adding a spice, fruit or vegetable, which gives a new and delicious flavor ready to be used in different dishes.

Natural pulque

Pulque and its culinary uses

Pulque is a pre-Hispanic drink originally from Mexico. Today it is still being drunk and used to prepare other dishes, whether salty or sweet.

Chocolates with chili

Prehispanic cuisine: chocolate and chili

Mayan cuisine was characterized by combining two of their favorite ingredients: cocoa and chili. This combination has survived to this day in delicious desserts and drinks.


Green leaves for wrapping

The green leaves, in addition to serving as a condiment, salad and infusion, can also be used to wrap other foods in order to steam them.

Lentil soup

Lentils and their uses

Lentils have many advantages such as their nutritional contributions, the variety of dishes in which they can be prepared and the low cost they have.

Chocolate improves sexual arousal

Eating chocolate gives us a lot of pleasure and it is because chocolate has chemical compounds such as phenylethylamine and tryptophan, ...

Garlic, enemy of the flu

When the throat itches and sneezing adds, we are in the presence of the characteristic symptoms of the flu that begin ...

Diet for Bruises

Bruises or hematomas are very common to all, since any blow can cause them, there are also blood diseases ...

What is Naturopathy?

We are an indivisible part of nature and we must live according to its rules, since it has its ...

Are fried eggs fattening?

Fried eggs, are they fattening and digest worse? The digestion of the egg depends on the individual tolerance of ...

Low calorie stuffed eggs

Dieting does not mean depriving yourself of what is tasty, you can eat tasty and healthy at the same time, take care ...

Mashed eggplants

I bring you a low calorie dish and other practical and ideal to accompany a chicken or a piece of meat ...

Tuna and onion omelette

I present a recipe to prepare an omelette that yields four servings and is also low in calories. It is ideal…

Low calorie chop suey

In this blog we talk about low calorie cooking, but not for that reason we cannot indulge ourselves and take advantage of the elements ...

Low calorie homemade ketchup

This homemade ketchup is extremely light and ideal to eat without guilt, each spoon has 15 calories and will give you ...

Low calorie lemon spinach

This rich and simple recipe will be ready in 24 minutes, it is very tasty, low in calories and goes well as ...

Carrot and lemon juice

We have already spoken several times about the advantage of carrots in our nutrition. We find in them the presence of carotenes, ...

Pumpkin and carrot juice

This juice will provide you with vitamins A, B1, B2, C as well as carotene, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, copper, bromine, arsenic….

Low calorie caesar salad

Ingredients: 180 g cooked chicken breast, boneless, skinless in cubes 4 cups of romaine lettuce cut into pieces ...

Light stuffed peppers

Peppers are a food that is not used as it should be. They provide a large amount of essential mineral vitamins for ...

Low calorie peach and pear smoothie

This rich smoothie will take care of your silhouette by incorporating vitamins and minerals necessary for the optimal functioning of your body: B1 ...

White cabbage and carrot salad

This salad will provide you with vitamins A, B, B3, C, E, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium in addition to both ...

Low calorie pickled hake fillets

It is very important to consume fish in any healthy and low-calorie diet, it is also very important to incorporate it into your diet ...

Low calorie sweet pancake batter

If you are on a diet for the sake of losing weight or for medical indications, surely you cannot have those pancakes for breakfast that you always ...

Homemade light apple jelly

The apple has pectin, potassium 150 grams only has 80 calories, provides 5 grams of fiber, contributions of vitamins B1, ...

Low calorie cream of spinach soup

This rich dish will provide you with vitamins A, C, E and B6 minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. I know…

Citrus tea

Citrus fruits are one of the most recommended fruits for low-calorie diets as they help burn fat, and ...

Low calorie mixed salad

When spring days begin, salads begin to become more colorful and showy, this is the best time to ...

Light sponge cake

Continuing with our light posts, I am bringing you today an ideal recipe to use for dessert and not gain weight by ...

Light chard omelette

Yes, today we are going with a very very light recipe: Light chard omelette. As we know, chard contains dozens of ...

The importance of legumes

Legumes contain a large amount of protein; soybeans outperforms other legumes in these and has all the essential amino acids, which is why it can perfectly substitute for meat and its derivatives have even more protein. Although soy proteins are of lower quality than animal proteins, (since they present deficiencies in amino acids such as methionine, cysteine ​​and tryptophan), they do not present any disadvantage.

Advantages of sprouts

The sprouts are obtained and germinate the seeds, which contain the embryo where other food properties that are easier to digest accumulate. You can make sprouts of cereals, legumes, seeds, vegetables and some medicinal plants, but paying special attention to those that can be toxic, tomato or potato sprouts, can be toxic. Alfalfa, barley, soybeans or Chinese beans are the most widely used and produce high quality food quality sprouts.

Strawberry, diuretic and detoxifying properties

Strawberries contain more than 90% water and very little fat and carbohydrates, so it provides very few calories and is highly recommended in weight loss diets. Its low sodium content and its great richness in calcium and potassium, as well as other components (arginine) give it diuretic properties and adequate to prevent fluid retention, rheumatic diseases or gout, among others. Due to its low sugar content, it is a food suitable for diabetic people, in addition to offering detoxifying properties.

Benefits of eating sardines

Sardines are a food, specifically a variety of fish, which has a particular and delicious flavor, which produces many ...

A laxative diet

This is a laxative diet specially designed for all those who suffer from the disorder known as ...

Benefits of bulgur wheat

The bulgur wheat is an element used today by a large number of people from different countries due to ...

Borojo benefits

Borojo is a tropical fruit that is currently consumed by a large number of people, it is ...

Diet to clean the stomach

This is a diet specially designed for all those people who need to clean their stomach. It is a simple plan of ...

Barley sprout benefits

The sprout of barley is a food that has a large number of properties and produces innumerable benefits in the ...

Molybdenum benefits

Molybdenum is specifically a mineral that must be present in the body of all people regardless of the ...

Nutritious cereal-based diet

This is a diet different from the others, it is specially designed for all those people who for different reasons need ...

Light vegetable soup

This is a light vegetable soup that is very simple to make and that anyone can make with very few ...

Oatmeal, health benefits only

If you are suffering from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids or with some life threatening problems like ...