The Dukan diet

dukan diet

It is rare that person who has never tried some kind of diet or has been on a diet throughout his life. Today there are hundreds of diets of all kinds that promise to lose a series of kilos in record time. For a few years it has been very fashionable the Dukan diet, a weight loss plan that has achieved world fame and that proposes to lose weight in a totally natural way.

The Dukan diet consists of 4 phases that will help the person lose weight in a very fast and balanced. If you want to know a little more about this type of diet, do not lose detail and take good note of its characteristics and the dangers that can lead to health.

What is the Dukan diet?

La dukan diet is a protein diet that seeks the consumption of proteins in the daily diet and avoiding at all times the intake of carbohydrates. With this, the body is able to consume the fat that accumulates inside and in this way lose weight in one fast and easy. During the first two phases of this diet, the kilos set while during the last two the weight obtained is maintained, preventing the so-called rebound effect.

Phases of the Dukan diet

  • Attack phase: This Phase It is characterized by a change in the metabolism itself and the loss of kilos is much older. The duration of this phase depends on the amount of kilos that the person wants to lose. It can last from a single day to about one week. In this phase, only the consumption of foods rich in animal-type proteins such as skinless chicken, eggs, fish or red meat. These foods can be taken without any limits and the person is free to choose the amount consumed. On the other hand, important foods such as fruit are totally prohibited, vegetables, rice or cereals.


  • Cruise phase: In this phase, new foods to this diet so it is much more balanced and varied. Along with proteins you can already take vegetables without any limit. This phase usually lasts about two months which is normally the time that elapses until the person manages to reach their ideal weight. During this phase, some foods such as rice, potatoes or legumes.

cruise phase

  • Consolidation phase: With this phase the always dreaded rebound effect which occurs in most so-called miracle diets. During this phase, the incorporation of certain foods rich in carbohydrates. It usually lasts according to the kilos that the person in question has lost, specifically the kilos lost are multiplied by ten and are obtained in this way the days it lasts this third phase. In the consolidation phase you no longer lose weight but it keeps what was achieved in the two previous phases. You can eat previously forbidden foods such as fruit, rice, cheese or bread.


  • Stabilization phase: This is the last phase of the controversial dukan diet and in it, the person has already reached the ideal weight and it should be kept one day a week. During that day you should only eat protein to compensate for the excesses of the other days of the week. It is advisable to follow this phase during the rest of life and in this way maintain the ideal weight and avoid the increase of kilos.


It is important that you remember that for the diet to be 100% effective, you have to take a few 12 glasses of water a day and a tablespoon of oat bran. This tablespoon can be taken mixed with a yogurt or with eggs.

Dangers of the Dukan diet

La dukan diet It is undoubtedly the most famous diet today and many people have decided to follow it. However, despite what many people say, most nutritionists agree that it is a very dangerous diet to health. As it is a diet in which they predominate proteins and in which many essential foods for the body are excluded, it can cause serious problems both to digestive and metabolic level. 

In the early stages of this diet, the consumption of carbohydrates, this lack of carbohydrates produces a pérdida peso but there are also other symptoms caused by lack of energy such as fatigue, tiredness or headaches. Another of the dangers of such a diet is that they tend to form uric acid stones which can cause the appearance of so-called kidney stones. The Dukan diet is also famous for causing serious constipation problems among some people due to a lack of fiber in the diet itself. To counteract this problem, this plan forces you to take a tablespoon of rolled oats during the time that said diet lasts.

As you have seen, there are many advantages that the dukan diet But as is the case with most miracle diets, there are also many dangers in this kind of weight loss plan. In the event that you decide to follow this type of diet to lose a few extra kilos, the best thing is to go to a specialist who will advise you if it is really worth following this kind of diet. I hope I have cleared you all doubts about the famous Dukan diet and choose the best possible path.

Then I'm going to leave you an explanatory video so that it is much clearer to you what the Dukan diet consists of and what its pros and cons are.

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