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If you've ever heard of the bland diet, The first thing you should know is that it is not a weight loss plan to lose a series of kilos as it happens with other types of diets such as the Atkins diet or the Perrone. If you are interested in it and want to know more about the soft diet, then I will explain everything What you should know about it, what it consists of and who are the people that they should follow it.

What is the soft diet?

The soft diet is an eating plan of a certain duration that doctors prescribe before different digestive diseases or after some type of surgical intervention. The doctor opts for this type of diet, so that the patient can eat food easily and that you can chew and swallow without any problem. In many cases this diet is usually followed when it has been finished a liquid diet and the patient is prepared to swallow slowly and carefully. The composition of the diet, will vary depending on the clinical situation of the patient.

What foods can you eat on a soft diet?

There are a large number of qualified foods as soft and that are ideal to incorporate into this type of diet, in which the person who follows it costs chewing, swallowing or requires light and uncomplicated digestion. Some of the foods that can be part of the soft diet are:

  • Cereal porridge like oats or wheat semolina.
  • Cooked pasta until smooth and easy to eat.
  • Fruits soft and squishy like ripe bananas, cantaloupe, or watermelon.
  • Cooked or boiled fruits such as pears or apples.
  • Cooked vegetables without skin and they can be easily mashed like carrots or cauliflower.
  • Dairy products like yogurt or cream cheese spread.
  • Ice creams.
  • Custard.
  • Pudding.

These are just a few examples of the foods you can take without problem a person who is following the soft diet.

Foods that are prohibited and that must be avoided in a bland diet

There are a number of foods what you should avoid while you are following this type of diet as they are bad for good digestion or they are difficult to digest or chew. Some forbidden foods are:

  • Breads with seeds and whole grains.
  • Chips.
  • Rice.
  • Legumes with tough skins such as chickpeas or beans.
  • Dry fruits.
  • Apples, peaches, or pineapple.
  • Red meat, chicken or turkey.
  • Sausages or hamburgers.
  • Cured cheese.

soft diet soup

Example menu on a soft diet

Many people think that a bland diet can get you be boring and strict, however below I am going to show you some examples of some menus with which you can enjoy different foods during this type of diet and eat a little of everything.


  1. Scrambled eggs with grated cheese, melted cheese and a little melon.
  2. Boiled egg and creamy yogurt.
  3. Smoothie made with milk, banana, cocoa powder, yogurt, and a little sweetener or sugar.


  1. Tuna salad with mayonnaise and some spices. Apple puree.
  2. Egg salad with mayonnaise and spices. Melon Salad.
  3. Pea puree. Pears in sweet.
  4. Turkey rolls with avocado slices.


  1. Pasta Salad With Tuna.
  2. Baked salmon with sweet potato.
  3. Spinach quiche and cauliflower puree.

example soft diet

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

It is very important that you know that having a soft diet is not at odds with eating a diet of healthy and balanced type in which your body receives all the necessary nutrients for a good operation of the same. Can not miss food groups as important as fruits, vegetables, dairy products or cereals. Then I will give you a series of tips so that your body receives a healthy diet:

  • Avoid eating too much food at all times rich in sugar, especially those that have no nutritional value.
  • Incorporate foods into your diet of colors (green, yellow or orange) to ensure adequate intake of vitamins in your body.
  • You must eat at least about 1.200 calories per day. If in your day to day you eat fewer calories than those indicated above, the most normal thing is that your body start losing muscle in a progressive way.
  • Be very careful when it comes to fat consumption. The fact that you are following a soft diet does not mean that you have total freedom to eat all kinds of fats. To avoid such a disproportionate intake of fat, it is best to eat dairy products completely skimmed or skimmed and use a little meat broth to give the purees a better flavor.

Latest tips on the bland diet

If for different reasons you are following the soft diet, it is very important that you do not lose detail of some latest dietary guidelines or tips. Try to chew well and eat slowly, in order to facilitate digestion as much as possible and do not have Stomach problems as common as annoying gas. Once you have finished eating, try to rest for a few minutes and facilitate such digestion.

The most advisable thing is to maintain the soft diet during about 3 0 4 days and then go little or little introducing more types of food to achieve a normal diet in which you can eat all kinds of necessary nutrients and vitamins for your body. If you notice that after these days, you still have problems when eating certain foods, you should go to your trusted doctor.

As you have seen and read in this article, it is possible to carry out a diet healthy, balanced and rich even if you are on a soft diet. Following a series of guidelines and with a little creativity You can create an interesting menu that helps you recover quickly from your health problems and provides good nutrients to your body.

Below I show you a video in which everything will be clearer and what are the foods that you can include on this type of diet.

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