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Nutri Diet is a Spanish website focused on improving the diet, health and fitness of all its users. It was founded in 2007, thus forging a reputation that is maintained thanks to our writing team that, sharing the same values ​​and principles, produce quality content on a weekly basis.

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Former editors

  • Michael Serrano

    A natural remedy and healthy food enthusiast, I love helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. Combining a proper diet and physical exercise, it is possible to perform at your best every day, and above all, be much happier.

  • Paul Heidemeyer

    I love looking at nutrition, fitness and the properties of food not a solution to a problem but a lifestyle of my own. At home we were shown the way to a good diet from a very young age, where quality was rewarded above all else. Hence my great interest in gastronomy and the good qualities of food arose. To this day I live in the countryside, enjoying every breath of fresh air while I gladly tell you everything you want to know about diets, good foods and natural remedies.

  • Fausto Ramirez

    Born in Malaga in 1965, and I am passionate about the world of nutrition, and natural health. Diet is important to be able to lead a healthy life, so I love being up to date on food and diets, as this way I can offer better advice.