Artichoke diet

artichoke diet

The artichoke diet it is one of the most popular and famous In our country. Said weight loss plan and as its name suggests, is based on the many properties of the artichoke to get the person in question to lose a series of kilos in the shortest time possible.

The famous artichoke diet has many detractors and many advocates as often happens with this type of diet miracle calls. Next I will tell you in much more detail what does this diet consist of, some of its advantages and its risks so that in this way you are quite clear, if it is worth it or not to continue said slimming method to eliminate the odd extra kilogram from your figure.

Slimming properties of artichoke

Artichoke is a food that has a series of perfect properties to reduce weight and thin. Therefore, it is important to combine this product with other types of food. just as nutritious and thus obtain a type of diet healthy and balanced perfect for the body. The main slimming properties of the artichoke are the following:

  • It is an excellent fiber source so it will help you feel satiated quickly and thus avoid consuming more calories. In addition to this, the artichoke is perfect to regulate a good intestinal tract and avoid problems with the digestion of food.
  • It is a excellent diuretic so it helps the body to eliminate numerous toxins and impurities and prevents fluid retention.
  • It is a food with a lot of nutrients and very low calorie so it is ideal to lose weight in a healthy way.

In short, the artichoke is a perfect food to include in the diet of the day and day and get to eat one healthy and fat-free way.

the artichoke in the diet

What is the artichoke diet?

The famous hard artichoke diet about 3 days maximum and in this short time you can get lost up to 4 kilos of weight. After that time is totally inadvisable continue with this type of diet since the lack of essential nutrients in it it can cause serious and serious health problems. This diet is based on eating artichokes during lunch and dinner and in drinking plenty of water to get cleanse the whole organism of toxins and impurities. During the 3 days that this diet lasts, you can also take other types of food like skim milk products, fruits, vegetables, turkey and brown rice.

By encouraging high fiber intake, you will lose weight in very few days. Despite this, if you finish the diet and you don't change your habits at mealtime, it is very possible that you suffer the dreaded rebound effect of the so-called miracle diets and recover many more kilos of those you lost with the famous artichoke diet. Here is an example of what it could be a daily menu of this type of diet.

At breakfast you can have a cup of coffee with milk, a tea or a fruit juice along with a slice of bread with cheese or 3 whole grain cookies. Half morning a skimmed yogurt. During the meal artichokes with brown rice and a piece of fruit. For a snack a skimmed yogurt or a coffee with milk. For dinner three grilled artichokes along with a slice of whole wheat bread and a small portion of skim cheese.

Micro artichokes

What can you eat in the healthy artichoke diet?

The artichoke diet it is very easy to follow as is mainly based in eating a large amount of this food during the 3 days that the diet lasts. This way you can start the day with a healthy vegetable juice in which the main ingredient is Artichoke. At lunchtime you can make a bowl of brown rice and add in the same artichokes. As you can see, the key to this type of diet consists of incorporating the artichoke as many times as possible in your day-to-day diet.

If you want to make a healthy artichoke diet with which to lose kilos without putting your health at risk, you should incorporate a large amount of nutritious foods such as high-quality fruits, vegetables and protein. In addition to this, you can incorporate pasta or legumes to take a couple of days a week. In this way you can prolong the diet of the artichoke for many more days and you will not put your health at risk since it is about a nutritious and balanced diet. Next I will show you an example of the menu that you could make with the artichoke as the main product.

During breakfast you can take vegetable juice made from artichokes and other vegetables and some wholemeal cookies. At mid-morning you can take a piece of natural fruit. At lunchtime you can make grilled chicken breasts accompanied by a stir-fry of artichokes. For the snack a skimmed yogurt. For dinner a varied salad along with an artichoke omelette.

Ultimately, the artichoke diet in a strict sense supposes a real danger and risk for the health of the organism. It is considered a hypocaloric diet so as the days go by, you will feel getting weaker and with hardly any energy. Lacking lots of essential proteins and fats for the body it is totally unbalanced. On the contrary and as you have seen a few lines above, it is possible to perform a healthier type of artichoke diet and with which you will also be able to lose a series of kilos. You only have to contribute more essential nutrients to such a diet and follow a more balanced type of diet.

To finish, I'll put you below an explanatory video so that you understand in more detail what it consists of the famous artichoke diet.

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