Calculate body fat

If you are looking to lose weight, one of the metrics you need to know is how to calculate your body fat. It is…

400 calorie diet

400 calorie diet

This is a diet designed for people who want to lose those extra pounds. It is a regimen in which you will be incorporating a small amount of food

Pronokal diet

As you know, there are many diets on the market, not all of them are beneficial or healthy for the body, many promise ...

Aluminum and health

What is the relationship between aluminum and health? Labeled as one of the most abundant elements on the planet, a ...

Thin arms

Exercises to lose weight arms

Discover the best exercises to slim your arms and what is the best strategy to achieve more defined and fat-free arms.

Acupuncture for weight loss

Many people look for a way to lose weight based on exercise, diets, capsules, herbs, ointments and also based on ...

Borg scale

This is the borg scale that you need to know to know what is the level of effort, fatigue and intensity that you need to control in your workouts.

Fruit salad

Spring fruits

If you want to take care of your body, we recommend consuming seasonal fruits, this time, know what spring fruits are.

Cure diarrhea

Diarrhea can be very bothersome and everyone can get it. Learn to control it at the root with the following tips that we give you below


How to remove fluids

Do you retain fluids? Discover how to eliminate liquids naturally through the best habits, foods and plants.

Cauliflower properties

These are the properties of cauliflower, a vegetable from the broccoli family that also has great benefits for the body.


Foods to gain muscle mass

Discover the best foods to gain muscle mass. Foods both of animal origin and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

cosmetic cream

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is a derivative of petroleum, know what its characteristics are, what it is for, what benefits it brings us and where we can buy it.

echinacea flower


One of the medicinal plants that you should not miss is echinacea, know its properties and how to consume it safely and effectively.

stevia leaves

Natural stevia

These are the properties, benefits and qualities that you have to know about natural stevia, the best way to consume your sweet dishes.

hand soap

Vegetal glycerin

Know the best uses of vegetable glycerin, they will not disappoint you because it can not only take care of your skin but also your body.

Glass of water

Inverse osmosis

Find out everything about reverse osmosis. How does this water filtering system work, what benefits, pros and cons it has and much more!

Food pyramid

Food pyramid

It is essential to have a good diet, know what the food pyramid is and how it can help you maintain great health.

Swollen belly

How to eliminate gases

Find out all about gas: what can be done to eliminate it, why it forms, which foods cause the most gas and much more!

pink salt

Himalayan salt

One of the best options to take care of our body is to stop consuming refined table salt and switch to Himalayan salt, a very healthy change for our body.


Stones in the gallbladder

Find out all about gallstones. Why do they form, what are their symptoms, what treatments are there and much more!

girl in bikini

The 5 best exercises for glutes

Learn about the best exercises that you can do at home easily and with very effective results for your buttocks. It is ideal for beginners looking to get in shape.



Learn about the properties, benefits, uses in the kitchen and a wonderful cumin infusion to lose weight, take advantage of its qualities.

medical desk

High tension

Pay attention to know what are the ideal remedies and foods to lower hypertension or high blood pressure.

Argan oil

Argan oil

Take advantage of all the qualities that argan oil can offer you, a type of ecological oil of Moroccan origin that can treat different ailments.

beer with foam

Beer yeast

Know what are the best qualities of beer yeast, how to consume it, where to find it and what are its best properties.


kale benefits

One of the foods that has become popular is kale cabbage, a very healthy first cousin of broccoli, know what are the best benefits it brings us.

Foods to raise leukocytes

We have to be aware that leukocytes are essential to keep our immune system in good condition, with the following foods you will achieve it.

assorted vegetables

Foods rich in folic acid

Detect where folic acid is in food to achieve good health, they are very necessary vitamins, take care of your diet.

heart and hands

Foods rich in omega 6

Supplement your diet with omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, balance your diet to be completely healthy.

red berries and saucepan

Biotin-rich foods

Learn to detect which are the best foods to get more biotin in your body, an important substance that takes care of your health.


Properties of soy lecithin

Soy lecithin is consumed to prevent cholesterol, it is rich in essential oils and contains very beneficial nutrients for the body.

break a cigar

benefits of stop smoking

Smoking must be a thing of the past, you can achieve quitting tobacco once and for all, know what are the best methods to achieve it.

dna chain

Foods rich in vitamin E

These are the best foods rich in vitamin E, a set of fat-soluble vitamins known to be antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

grilled prawns

Purine rich foods

Purines are found in many foods, excessive consumption could be harmful to our health. Learn to detect where they are.

basket with carrots

Foods rich in vitamin A

Foods rich in vitamin A are very healthy for our body, we have to know where they are in order to benefit.

Foods with vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C

We invite you to know the best foods rich in vitamin C, its benefits, daily needs and much more about this vitamin.

seafood tray

Foods rich in iodine

Iodine is not found in all foods equally, we need this mineral to be healthy, do not forget it in your diet.

Omega 3

Foods rich in omega 3

Discover the reasons why we cannot live without omega 3. We also explain the different options available to obtain it and much more!

zinc rich foods

Zinc rich foods

Learn which foods contain the most zinc, an important mineral not so well known that helps us to be very healthy.


Foods rich in vitamin D

Get to know vitamin D. We explain everything about this nutrient: rich foods, health benefits, daily needs and more!


Potassium rich foods

We tell you everything you need to know about potassium. Rich foods, benefits, the recommended daily amount and much more about this mineral.


Magnesium-rich foods

We discover the best foods rich in magnesium, its benefits, the recommended daily amount and much more about this mineral.

Iron rich foods

Take care of your body knowing which are the best foods rich in iron and how you should consume them to be strong and full of energy.


Flour-free diet

All about the diet without flour. We tell you its benefits and consequences for your health of doing a diet without bread.

Fenugreek field

What is fenugreek?

We tell you what fenugreek is, what its properties are and what benefits or contraindications it has for our health. Are you fattening? Find out!

Metals in the body

What are the most important chemical elements for the proper functioning of our body? Find out here which are the most important metals.

White rice

Rice diet

Do you want to lose a few kilos with the diet of rice with tuna? Discover the properties of these two foods that will help you lose those extra kilos

The apple is part of the diet

500 calorie diet

Discover how to lose kilos in a healthy way with the 500 calorie diet. Low weight effortlessly and safely. All you have to do is ...

Aloe Vera

What is aloe vera?

Do you know what aloe is? Discover this genus of plants related to aloe vera. Discover its healing properties and all its possible uses.

Give your hair a push

Hair can be damaged in summer, the sun, sea water or chlorine can take its toll if you do not take care of it, regain strength with these foods.

Benefits of sea water

The luck of being close to the beach is having sea water at hand, which is so beneficial for us, its properties help maintain good health

Do you weigh more with the rule?

Find out why you weigh more with your period and how the menstrual cycle influences your body weight. Is it normal to gain weight during menstruation? Find it out!

White teeth

Whiten your teeth naturally

In a world where aesthetics rewards, we seek our perfection, we help you achieve it by whitening your teeth naturally with these products

How to treat sunburn

Sunburn is one of the biggest risks in summer. You have to take action, but if it's too late, here's how to deal with it.

Keys to relieve anxiety

Today, we find many people who suffer from stress and anxiety, it is difficult to find balance and feel good, know our remedies.


Relieve headache with peppermint

Mint can be very helpful as long as you have annoying headaches, give it a different use by combining it in an infusion and not in a cocktail

Forget the toothache with tea bags

Toothache can be unbearable, to be able to bear it we give you a homemade and effective solution, help yourself with a tea bag and an infusion

Infusion against annoying snoring

Snoring can be annoying, do not let your sleep be disturbed, it can cause problems for you and your health, benefit from this infusion of nettle

What is sleep apnea?

We explain some of the most important things about sleep apnea, such as what it is, what symptoms it has and how it is diagnosed.

Make your own sprouts at home

Do not hesitate to take advantage of our tips to create your own sprouts at home, you will make your dishes look different and healthier

Benefits of aloe vera juice

What are the benefits of aloe vera taken by mouth? Here we explain what are the advantages of drinking one of the fashionable plants.

Keys to getting the perfect tan

Tanning is very common in the most summer time of the year, you want to get a nice brown color but you have to do it with health and preventive measures

Great drinks for weight loss

Next we bring you the best drinks that will help you lose those extra kilos, health and it is the first thing and to be healthier consume them

What Causes Anemia?

Why does anemia develop? Here we explain this and other issues related to this common blood condition.

Side effects of bleach

Bleach is found in a large number of homes, however, we do not know everything about its negative effects, learn about them below

Three plants that relieve anxiety

If, for whatever reason, you suffer from anxiety and don't know how to calm down, these three plants can alleviate symptoms without side effects.

Tricks to facilitate digestion

It is quite common to feel heaviness, digestion problems when we eat abundantly, learn from these tricks to feel perfect while eating

Foods that keep bacteria away

Bacteria are present in the environment, we do not see them but they can cause infections, know the best foods to be healthy

How important is breakfast

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, many studies show all the advantages of a good breakfast, do not start the day without it

Tips to stop snoring

Snoring is an involuntary action that occurs when we sleep, it can alter our sleep and that of others, learn to control it

Foods that relieve stomach pain

Without wanting to we can suffer pain in the stomach and we do not know how to calm the ailments, take care of yourself with the following foods

The best time for meals

It is important to plan and eat at prudent hours if we want to seek weight loss, the timing of meals is essential to achieve it

Home remedies for cough

Do you want to stop coughing? Discover these cough remedies that will relieve you and help you sleep better if you are coughing too much. Infallible!

Apple vinager

Apple cider vinegar and gastritis

Discover the benefits of apple cider vinegar in diseases such as gastritis or to lose weight, take care of hair ... We tell you all about apple cider vinegar

What are triglycerides?

Many of us know what cholesterol is, but linked to this substance we find high as important as triglycerides, we explain what they are

Diet to maintain a healthy heart

It is important to adopt a healthy diet to keep a strong heart and away from any heart attack, arrhythmia or cardiovascular disease.

Buckwheat to combat constipation

If you take care of your diet you will take care of your health, consume buckwheat to combat occasional constipation and stay energetic for longer

Food against stretch marks

Stretch marks can cause headaches, those marks that remain on our skin throughout our lives, learn to prevent their appearance

Fruit smoothies

Looking for fruit smoothies? Discover here the best ones to lose weight, gain energy or help the body feel healthy.

Rosemary properties

Rosemary is one of the most classic spices that we can find in the kitchen, however, it is much more than that, its infusion is very beneficial

Treat hiatal hernia naturally

An anatomical alteration that we can suffer, its annoying symptoms can cause us discomfort, therefore, learn the best tricks

Prevent diabetes

Diabetes can become a very serious problem if it is not treated carefully, you have to watch your diet and exercise daily

Breakfast with oat bran

Oat bran

Oat bran is another very healthy option to take and start taking care of your body, an ideal food to start the day

Treating a cold with honey

If we suffer from a mild cold, having a jar of honey on hand can benefit from its properties that soothe irritation, cough and pain

Goji berries

Discover the benefits of Goji Berries and how to take them to enjoy all their properties. Do they have any side effects? Discover it here.

Whiten teeth naturally

There are some natural products that we find in almost every home pantry that can help you naturally whiten your teeth.

Lose 1 kilo in 1 day

Lose 1 kilo in 1 day? This is a diet designed for all those people who need to lose 1 KG in a day and deflate their abdomen.

Reasons to consume Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a very beneficial plant to take care of our liver, ideal for preventing liver diseases. Know all its properties here.

Naturally heals a cough

When we begin to notice the symptoms of the cold, the cough appears without warning, it can disturb our nights, fight it with these two home remedies

Deadlift to tone the glutes

The deadlift is a simple and highly effective exercise for lifting the buttocks. Here we show you how to put it into practice step by step.

go by bicycle to have a healthier life

Tips for training twice a day

Training twice a day will help you reach your weight goals faster, but there are a number of things you need to know before you start.

water tap

Cold showers for the bravest

Maybe you heard how beneficial a cold shower is, but you don't know the specific advantages, don't hesitate to shower with cold water tomorrow!

Yoga pose for headache

Tips to face your first yoga class

Are you going to your first yoga class? Putting these three tips into practice during your beginner weeks will help you adapt successfully.

The harmful effects of dairy

Dairy products have been identified as responsible for many health problems. Here we explain some of the most common.

Stress a hidden enemy

Suffering stress can cause us episodes of discomfort that can cause us situations of anxiety, irritation, negativity and bad energy

Measure belly

Why is your belly swollen?

On many occasions we feel with a swollen belly and we do not know what the cause may be, learn these tricks to rule out doubts

Tips for Coping with Menopause

Menopause is something that is coming, a stage in a woman's life that will have to be dealt with in the best way, therefore, take note of the advice

Lychee, the Chinese grape

Lychee is a good natural alternative to consume if you are tired of the more traditional flavors, do not hesitate to buy it and benefit

Stop the cold effectively

Having a cold in the middle of vacations is not pleasant at all, therefore, know what are the best home remedies to stop it effectively

Why are rest days so important?

When it is intense, physical exercise should be alternated with rest days. These are the physical and mental consequences of overtraining.

Detox plan vs healthy eating habits

Following a detox plan is fashionable, but is it really necessary to purify the body? Here we disassemble them and give you a better alternative.

Causes of cellulite

We saw how to remedy cellulite with an artichoke and horsetail tea, now you know what are the causes why it appears in your body