Remedies to end a sore throat

A sore throat is one of the most common infections that we can suffer, without realizing it we can suffer its symptoms for several days

Tips to keep allergies at bay

There are many types of allergies that we can suffer, then we leave you some tips to alleviate the most annoying symptoms

The effects of opium

The poppy contains the paste from which the opium is extracted. The green capsules of this plant contain this liquid ...

Headache Causes

One of the reasons that can be the cause of headache is vascular pain. This pain of ...

Tips to avoid face wrinkles

Anti-aging creams can progressively eliminate wrinkles if a complete treatment is followed, in addition to moisturizing serums, some ...

How to treat numb hands?

If you feel the symptoms of numbness in your hands, with heat, tingling and cramps at night, there are many possibilities ...

Tips to reduce skin melanin

Melanin can be reduced thanks to different vitamins. The creams are composed of vitamin A, also called retinol, which ...

Some tips to be happy

Everyone wants to be happy, and yet there are times when there are no reasons to be happy, or they ...

What to take against cellulite

One of the enemies is cellulite, an accumulation of fats that are normally deposited on the hips and legs, put an end to it with these foods 

Foods you can eat without regrets

These are some of the foods that you can eat without feeling guilty, they are very low in calories and will give you the boost you need to lose weight

Remedy cellulite on your legs

Cellulite accumulates in our legs almost without realizing it, to avoid it and keep it at bay, focus on a good diet and exercises

Woman skin

Tips to delay skin aging

This is the main cause of wrinkles in the dozens of studies on the question: it is convenient to protect the skin ...

The best activities to relax

If you are looking for an activity to relax, the choice is wide. The stressful times in which we live has allowed the ...

Healthy Hazelnut Cocoa Cream

Yes, you can get rich, sweet and healthy recipes, this cocoa cream will enchant you for its flavor and for its great benefits.

Why do the eyes hurt?

Having eye pain can be the result of an infection. Among the most common infections we find conjunctivitis, caused ...

The Harm of Nail Biting

It is harmful to our health to bite our nails, without realizing it we can catch viral diseases and it can directly affect our hands

Tips to avoid suffering from conjunctivitis

Although many people do not attach too much importance to eye products, exclusively using these types of products is essential to prevent the spread of conjunctivitis and any eye disease.

Eucalyptus to fight the cold

The eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia, but very present in other continents. Its leaves are attributed healing properties for illnesses of the respiratory system, such as colds and flu.

Relaxation exercises for better sleep

Relaxation exercises can be applied to promote numbness and sleep better at night, but also at other times of the day, when it is necessary to deal with certain situations. This type of exercise has many benefits.

Tips to cure psoriasis of the feet

First, it is convenient to know that psoriasis is a chronic disease, therefore the treatment aims to minimize the symptoms of the skin disease as well as reduce the discomfort caused in the patient.

Tips to stimulate hair growth

As we have said on different occasions, many causes and factors can contribute to slowing down hair growth. Today we are going to discover what is the cause of this slowed growth and the remedies that can be applied to solve it.

dissociated diet

The dissociated diet

With the dissociated diet you will learn to lose weight effectively. The trick is to SEPARATE the food and not ...

Tips to prevent foot fungus

Fungi are very contagious, they can be spread by the environment, in particular when heat and humidity are important, and after contact with another person or between two parts of the body, if one of them is affected.

Tips for sleeping properly

It is important to set a time to go to bed each day. If you do not set any time, you run the risk of being submerged by suspended tasks or simply letting yourself be distracted and delaying the time to go to bed, which will have the consequence that you are not sufficiently rested the next day.

Fitness and weight loss, two complementary concepts

The true purpose of fitness is to lose weight or at least not gain extra pounds. Fat is the natural enemy of good health and wellness. Likewise, it is important to lose weight for health and to regain a slim waist for the summer, for example.

Ways to stop a panic attack

We explain simple methods to stop a panic attack on your own. Ideal to have on hand when this unpleasant process begins.

What is lactose intolerance?

Before you can determine if you are lactose intolerant, it is important to know a little more about this imbalance that affects thousands of people around the world.

Tips to quit smoking naturally

Quitting smoking is definitely a huge mental challenge for a simple reason, an unhealthy habit has been created that has been part of you for some time, and now is the time to let go of it.

How does auriculotherapy work to lose weight?

Auriculotherapy is based on the same principles as acupuncture, although it does not come from traditional Chinese medicine, it was developed in the 50s. It is about stimulating precise points located on the ear in order to promote weight loss.

Ear piercing could cure migraines

This is good news for people who suffer from repeated migraines and don't know which saint to entrust themselves to after trying every conceivable remedy.

How does a chronic cough manifest itself?

A persistent cough, and usually a dry, irritating cough, is more common in winter than fall. If the persistent cough is accompanied by unpleasant sounds, tightness in the chest, a feeling of suffocation, we are talking about bronchial asthma and not so much bronchial hyperresponsiveness.

How to consume gotu kola to lose weight?

Consuming gotu kola to lose weight can be done in two different ways. The infusion of gotu kola or capsules and tablets. If the first option is chosen, you should buy dried gotu kola in a specialty store that sells natural products, in a health food store or in a pharmacy.

How to prevent hair loss?

First, it is important to consult a dermatologist or a specialist doctor if you notice sudden or accelerated hair loss.

Some tips to avoid seasonal depression in winter

The lack of light, cold, tiredness and low morale are symptoms of what we can call seasonal depression, a disease that affects 3 to 5% of the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere starting in the autumn. Let's see some tips and solutions to avoid it.

Tips to be happy

Being happy is not something huge and inaccessible. It resides much more in the small details of everyday life, an evening with friends, a walk with a loved one, a good conversation, a good movie. Happiness is made of banalities, here and now.

How to reduce the rate of estrogens?

Estrogens are hormones that allow women to get pregnant. The hormone is made by the ovaries and controls reproduction. Without estrogens, reproduction would be impossible.

Laurel properties

The great laurel plant that helps you season and give a different touch to your dishes while taking care of you and your body

Before starting a diet

Previous steps that you should know or take into account before starting a diet, some common sense with a medical check will help you achieve your goal

artichoke diet

Artichoke diet

Are you looking for how to do the artichoke diet step by step? Discover how to lose up to 4 kilos of weight in just 3 days and without risk to your health.

How to recover and sleep well after a night of work?

When working at night, it is not advisable to consume stimulants after 3 in the morning, because the metabolism takes about 4 hours to metabolize them. Under the effects of stimulants, it is impossible to sleep with a good sleep.

The ideal fruit to fight acne

In order to eliminate acne through diet, it is important to know that fibers are excellent to achieve this goal. Indeed, they help to cleanse the body from the inside and eliminate toxins stored in the body.

Tips to run without getting tired

Breathing correctly is essential for exercising and running without getting tired. The first rule of thumb is to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, even if during intense activity, this seems difficult when it comes to not taking air through your mouth.

Add pink pepper to your dishes

Pink pepper does not belong to the pepper family, even so, it is highly valued within natural medicine, knows its properties

Garlic oil to stop hair loss

Garlic oil is a natural ingredient that is increasingly important in the catalog of the most effective natural remedies for hair loss.

Different natural remedies to fight cavities

Hundreds of microorganisms are stored in the mouth, including the bacterium Streptococcus mutans, which is located between the teeth and on the relief of the crown of the molars and premolars, causing cavities.

Go for a run today

A cheap, practical sport that will keep you healthy both physically and mentally, go for a run

Tips to detoxify the skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body, therefore it is normal for it to accumulate toxins and dead cells that affect its appearance.

Training and feeding

Fasting training habituates and leads the body to be more efficient during the mobilization of fats.

How to make pomegranate juice

We present three ways to make pomegranate juice in a very simple way, it is an autumn fruit that will take care of your health

Burn fat and calories by walking

Walking can burn calories and lose weight. However, did you know the distance that must be traveled to start losing weight? How many calories are burned?

Benefits of yerba mate

Learn about all the benefits of mate that it can offer you, from waking up in the morning to shedding extra kilos

Plants to relax

To help you take a break, these are the main qualities and properties that we look for in plants.

Woman practicing yoga

Yoga to stay upright for life

We explain why yoga is one of the best exercises that can be practiced to prevent slouching of the body and bad posture.

How to use Viagra?

If you have erection problems you should consult your doctor to diagnose erectile dysfunction or impotence and prescribe Viagra.

Diet for Crohn's disease

When suffering from this disease, the so-called Crohn's disease, tea or coffee should be avoided because it irritates the intestine.

Natural remedies to combat bone pain

Bone pain appears after an injury, or an overload, due to certain diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or arthritis, or even more serious diseases.

The properties of mallow

One of the most important medicinal properties of mallow is the fact that it relieves skin conditions such as irritations, boils, eczema, wounds, etc.

How to cure dysentery?

A specialist doctor should be consulted for an accurate diagnosis, specifically that of the cause of the symptoms associated with dysentery, abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, and acute diarrhea.

Plants that cure hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are not only annoying, but they can also turn into a very unpleasant health problem. To alleviate this type of problem, we can resort to plants and other natural ingredients that nature makes available to us.

Tips to naturally detoxify the body

The liver is at the center of the processes to detoxify the body. Taking care of the liver consists of feeling better, lighter and above all more fit

How to make a kiwi mask?

All that is needed to make this kiwi mask is one kiwi. With the help of a kitchen instrument such as a fork or a masher, mash the kiwi until obtaining a homogeneous and compact paste.

Frozen lemon therapy to fight cancer

For many years, various scientific studies attest to the beneficial and antibiotic and antiviral properties of lemon, capable of stopping the action of different microorganisms responsible for infections and important diseases.

The benefits of red clay

Red clay is an effective remedy to stimulate blood circulation. Thanks to this effect, it allows a more important supply of oxygen for the muscles.

Herbs for weight loss

Incredible herbs ideal for losing weight and gradually losing weight. They complement our diet and fill us with energy and vitamins

How to get more sperm?

In most cases, men who have a fairly low amount of sperm do not dare to consult it for fear of wasting time or looking ridiculous.

Papaya grains to fight parasites

Papaya beans have a round shape, a shiny appearance, and a slightly spicy flavor. They are an excellent remedy to eliminate parasites. It is recommended to consume 40 papaya grains a day.

Tips for treating aerophagia

Aerophagia is a disease caused by a nervous character, a state of anxiety, haste and especially a too fast ingestion of food during meals.

Tips to keep your kidneys in good health

The kidneys are organs found in the lower back. They are responsible for the production of urine, the elimination of toxic waste, the regulation of water in the body.

Tips when taking valerian

Valerian is a medicinal plant that is found in different forms in health food stores. It is usually consumed as an infusion, in this case it will have to be prepared with very hot water that does not come to a boil.

Best drinks for weight loss

to lose weight first we have to purify the body and for this we leave you which are the best drinks to lose weight

The cosmetic properties of argan oil

Argan oil is produced only in Morocco, and is part of the fruit of a tree that has effects on health and beauty, so that this natural product is increasingly used.

Tips for treating dry skin

Natural products, without chemical agents, such as almond oil, applied with soft cotton, hydrates the skin and keeps it hydrated for longer.

What to eat when nauseated

Crackers, a kind of dry and slightly salty crackers, are one of the most consumed foods in case of nausea.

Olive oil

Beauty with olive oil

Do not stop pampering your body with these beauty tips that you can do simply at home and with a very easy product, olive oil

Avoid excess salt

We must pay special attention to the amount of salt we add to our dishes, it can turn against us and damage our health

Cucumber-based facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is the first step in maintaining healthy skin, reducing the effects of time. For this you can help yourself with a natural cucumber-based mask in order to close the pores and firm the skin.

How to prevent heartburn

We offer tips to prevent heartburn and explain why this annoying burning sensation sometimes occurs after eating.

Tips to eliminate cellulite from the buttocks

It is not possible to combat cellulite without a balanced and careful diet and away from junk food, fried foods, pastries and refined sugars, for this reason it is advisable to start changing eating habits.

Feeding and electrostimulation

Electrostimulation devices help in many fields. They can be used for recovery after sports or as a complement to a physical activity to tone the body.

Hypopressive abs

In the beginning, hypopressive abdominals were used essentially as postpartum exercise to tone the pelvic floor and strengthen structures and organs that may have been weakened by this traumatic experience for the body.

The best exercises to lose belly

In accordance with the idea that the most important thing to lose belly is to carry out exercises that work this part of the body, that is, localized ones, you should choose those that are cardiovascular.

How to heal with aromatherapy?

Essential oils can be used in different ways, therefore aromatherapy treatments vary and have different effects on the body.

effective-diet-to-lose weight

The Atkins diet

Discover the Atkins diet that will help you lose weight quickly and effectively. All the list of foods not allowed and allowed to follow the diet with guarantees.

Elderberry Capsules

Elderberry to treat dry cough

Elderberry is an excellent natural remedy for a dry cough. Here we will tell you more about this tree associated with popular medicine since ancient times.

Horsetail Infusion

How to use the ponytail?

For those who do not like infusions or who do not like the taste of horsetail, it is possible to take it in capsules.

Oregano acne mask

Oregano is an herb that, in addition to being astringent, has great antiseptic and antibacterial capabilities.

Foods that help heal

To heal a wound, a series of medical indications can be followed so that the impact on the skin is as little as possible.

Natural remedies to combat vaginal mycoses

The vaginal mycoses known as candidiasis, are annoying and quite frequent. They can cause irritation and itching in the genital area and the causes can be multiple in women of any age.

Hiking and food

You have made the decision to go on vacation, but what kind of vacation are we talking about? Maybe you would like to go hiking.