Pronokal diet

As you know, there are many diets on the marketNot all are beneficial or healthy for the body, many promise to lose weight quickly but are very expensive to do.

Today we will talk about the Pronokal diet. Surely you have heard about it, we will talk about what it consists of, how it is done and what disadvantages it has.

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Pronokal method

In the case of this diet, it is not only a diet itself, but a whole method that is linked to a lifestyle. It is not a miracle diet, but a program specially designed for people who follow it to lose the weight they want.

The Pronokal diet It is done through shakes that replace the main meals of the day, although it is also allowed to consume vegetables and fruits agreed by the program.

When it comes to a diet based on shakes, It is essential to take vitamins, minerals and omega 3 in capsules so that the body obtains all the necessary nutrients during the whole process that lasts the weight loss.

It is a diet that offers great results, but those who are willing to follow it have to make certain sacrifices, because humans are not used to eating just a shake, even if it satiates them, therefore, if you want to do this diet or a type of diet based on shakes, our will power comes into play.

Weight loss is guaranteed, Carbohydrates and fats are avoided, so our body will use the accumulated sugars and fats in our body for energy and thus the reserves will be reduced.

Pronokal diet example

Next we tell you what it would be like to follow the Pronokal diet, so that you can decide for yourself if you want to start it or do something similar.

  • In the early days, they are taken 5 Pronokal products per day. 
  • Then will go down to take 4 shakes and we will add meat or fish or two eggs, to increase protein consumption.
  • The third step, will be taken 3 shakes a day. The main meals will focus on taking protein to satiate the body. White meat, fish or eggs.
  • In the last stage, Foods such as milk, fruits, vegetables and the rest of the food groups will be included. So that the body does not enter ketosis mode and we do not recover what we lost.

Disadvantages of the Pronokal diet

Although in the last stage we begin to introduce food to avoid the dreaded rebound effect, one of its greatest enemies is the yo-yo effect of this diet.

The high intake of protein, without accompanying it of carbohydrates makes our body starts the process of ketosis without us wanting it. The body is forced to metabolize these fat reserves to obtain energy, however, by not obtaining the sugars from carbohydrates or carbohydrates, the body will increase the internal pH causing an acidification of it, making the body not be healthy.

Abdomen of a man

This can cause certain symptoms:

  • Headaches.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Headache.
  • Taking medications, such as ibuprofen.
  • Constipation.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Fatigue.
  • Lowering of defenses.

This diet also includes in its program that weight loss It will be done without the need to perform any type of sportTherefore, once you finish the program and are satisfied with your weight, when you return to eating "normally" the body will begin to recover what it lost.

Therefore, the ideal is to eat a balanced diet, the Mediterranean diet has all the characteristics that a healthy diet should have. Also, getting some exercise periodically, from walking, running, biking, or swimming.

Cost of the Pronokal diet

One of the biggest "problems" with this particular diet is its high cost. In addition, over time, shakes of this type have emerged on the market with the same properties and compositions but at less than half the price.

A box of Pronokal, has a cost of € 19 compared to their competitors that they ask for 7 € approximately. This causes consumers interested in carrying out the Pronokal diet to have all the information to be able to choose between one and the other, or in other words, why they should choose Pronokal over the rest of the options on the market.

Because in the case of Pronokal, we can only buy it through certified distributors.

Lose weight the healthy way

If you want to start this type of diet, go to your general practitioner or nutritionist to advise you on the pros and cons that you will come across. It will also depend on the number of kilos you want to lose, because stage 1 obesity is not the same as stage 2, or morbid obesity.

We do not have to put our health at risk, eat a balanced and healthy diet, you should eat from all food groups but in smaller quantities. Must be exercise cardiovascular so that the energy expenditure is higher and make you feel good about yourself.

Miracle diets do not exist, and this type of diet can help you lose certain kilos but not permanently. Therefore, we advise you you go to a specialist so that you have a real control during your weight loss stage.

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