Calculate body fat

If you are looking to lose weight, one of the metrics you need to know is how to calculate your body fat. It's important to know how much muscle, water and fat your body has.

On the Internet, we find many formulas that tell us how we can know it, however, they are not usually very accurate or they can vary from one person to another without knowing if it is true. Next, we tell you what are the ways to calculate your temporary fat.

Your body composition is very important, so we are going to tell you how you can easily calculate your fat percentage.

How to calculate your body fat

The lower your fat percentage, within a minimum limit To be healthy, you will look better physically and feel better.

Here we will tell you how you can easily calculate it.

Calculate it by eye

A simple, cheap method and everyone can use it. It is not reliable because it is an estimate, you should only look at the photo and observe what type of body you resemble the most.

Electrical biompedance

Biompedance is a method that exists to calculate the percentage of body fat. This system sends small electrical impulses through the body and measures how long it takes to return.

Fat-free dough has more water, this allows you to conduct electricity more easily, which unlike fatty tissue that costs you much more. If you have more muscle mass and less fat, the electrical impulse will return sooner.

The shorter the response time, the better we will be physically.

This type of measurement serves as an approximation and it serves to assess whether progress is being made during a diet or not. The ideal is to use this system before starting the diet to determine and know what the percentage of body fat that marks us is and then compare it with our progress.

This procedure is affordable and easy to use, and it can also serve as a tool to assess how you are progressing. However, the data it shows us is not the most reliable of all.

There are two types of biompedance electrical, one that does not measure the entire body, so it does not give all the general values ​​but only certain areas, such as the lower trunk. And the other guy is the tania scale, which measures four different points so the data it generates is more reliable.


This tool or system is used to measure the thickness of the skin, of the different areas that we are interested in measuring. This helps us make an estimate of our fat percentage using a formula.

One of the most accessible and cheap and also reliable methods, we just have to be able to correctly perform the metrics.

Next we tell you what are those formulas, which you must know to perform these calculations in the simplest way.

In many internet pages they show you these formulas or calculators to calculate the percentage of body fat, you just have to put the measurements of your height and some more information. We link you to a calculator so you can find out quickly.

These calculators to calculate the percentage of body fat, are not of much use, in the same way that the calculation of BMI, or body mass index. 

These methods are not reliable at all, they only bring us closer to a small reality that it is better to ignore. However, unfortunately, the most reliable methods are those to which the vast majority of people do not have access as they are very expensive.

Excess body fat

Having an excess of body fat can cause a risk to our health, and it does not mean that if one has a large percentage of fat he is obese and the one who is not thin, we find people with low rates of muscle mass and high doses of fat even while lean.

Ideally, go to a nutritionist so that they can advise us what type of diet to carry out in order to be in shape, in addition, they have very reliable machines and devices to indicate exactly the amount of fat and to control our evolution.

Do sports at least three times a week, choose the one you like best, from walking, swimming, cycling or doing series in the gym. Always accompany it with a healthy diet, which include all food groups to avoid deficiencies of any kind.

The body must accumulate fat, or in other words, it must have its fat reserves to stay healthy, however, when we overdo it, it can cause diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high triglycerides, clogged arteries, fatigue, tiredness, sleep apnea, suffer from more heartburn, etc.

Therefore, opt for a style of Healthy life and start taking care of yourself today.


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