Flour-free diet

Sourdough for a flour-free diet

Want a flour-free diet? More and more people choose to be a season without taking any kind of flour in their diet, this task can be an ordeal if it is not carried out in an adequate way since flours are present in many of the staple foods we have and you have to have a lot of willpower to carry out a diet without flour.

It is very difficult to change our customs and bread, the flour-based product par excellence, is the most difficult to ban.

Both bread, cookies, a piece of sponge cake, a stuffed pie, a pizza ... all these delicious products contain flour. A product that in the long run is not so beneficial or so healthy for our body, much less if it is abused. Therefore, below we are going to see how to design a diet without flour and the benefits of a diet without bread.

Benefits of a flour-free diet

Flourless sweets

People who choose a flour-free diet can have several reasons: that the flours make them gain weight, they are allergic to gluten or because they choose to get rid of wheat for a certain time.

Eliminate the flours In the diet it can be a very hard task and almost impossible to carry out since many products contain it, however, more and more people are encouraged to put yourself to the test for a while if they are able to achieve it and notice its benefits.

The experts assure that white flours are the most processed that we can find, we can replace them with whole grain flours or legume flours that provide more fibers and healthy nutrients. However, we will always find people who want to get rid of them completely. To do this, below, we will leave you some keys to be able to carry out a diet without flour and not die trying.

With this type of diet you can lose many kilos In the first weeks, since the body does not receive as many carbohydrates as it was used to, it will turn to sugar and fat reserves for energy.

Maintaining a diet of this style is not synonymous with being weakened, it can be maintain an energizing diet free of flour and sugar while losing weight healthily.

These are the benefits that you will begin to feel when you go on a diet without flour:

  • If you have a little overweight you will lose weight in a healthy way without having to eat less.
  • You will feel satiated and the urge to snack between meals will disappear.
  • Level triglycerides will decrease considerably since it is the liver in charge of manufacturing fat from the glucose of ingested carbohydrates, if carbohydrates are not consumed you will not generate unnecessary fat.
  • El good cholesterol will rise and you will feel more energetic.
  • You don't have to worry about insulin levels as they will remain stable.
  • La high pressure will balance.
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Replacements for a good diet

Diet without bread

In order not to fall into the temptation of consuming flour while we are doing this type of diet, we will tell you some Tricks so that you can substitute some very marked products for other healthier ones that do not contain sugars or treated flours.

Bread, cookies and breakfast

Can be exchanged the bread for three tablespoons of oatmeal or wheat germ. For breakfast you can choose to consume cereals with treated legumes, puffed rice, lentils or soybeans. During the diet, these foods will be destinedIt's only at breakfast time.

Sweets and desserts

When you notice a drop in sugar, you can opt for natural sweeteners like stevia, agave syrup, or honey. It is preferable that many fruits are introduced during the time in which the regimen is carried out in order to obtain the fructose from them.

A day of diet without flour or sugar

Flourless dessert

Below you have a example of a diet without flour or sugar that you can use in your day to day:

  • Breakfast: An infusion or a coffee with skim milk, a bowl of whole grain soy cereals. A portion of light fresh cheese.
  • Lunch: a piece of fruit
  • Food: A cup of brown rice with steamed vegetables, dressed with a tablespoon of virgin olive oil, a fruit salad with light cream cheese.
  • Snack: A skimmed yogurt with chia seeds and a handful of walnuts.
  • Price: Grilled fish with vegetable salad dressed with little oil and lemon. A light jelly.

This is an example of a diet free of flour and sugar. By combining healthy foods you can be full of energy and prepared for the day to day, you will notice that you do not lack food and you will start to lose kilos safely.

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You will lose weight quickly At first because you lose a lot of fluid, but by introducing very little fats and those that are consumed are of high quality, such as nuts or avocados or natural coconuts, you will begin to lose volume in more complicated areas, legs and hips.

As in every diet, It is advisable to accompany weight loss with weekly aerobic exercise This way you will help to keep the body in shape and you will not weaken it.

Consequences of a diet without flour

flour-free diet

As we mentioned, consuming many refined foods can eventually cause diseases that we would never expect to suffer, such as a type of cancer. Flours are the cause of causing hypertension, phlegm, diabetes and mucus.

This is what will happen if you stop taking flour for a period of time:

  • You will lose the cravings: flour contains a substance called gliadin that is responsible for sending signals to the brain to tell you that you have an appetite. So if you dispense with it, this will not happen.
  • You will regulate your weight: refined flours contain large amounts of sugar, this causes an increase in blood glucose and makes excess weight appear immediately. If you stop eating products with flour this problem will not appear and if you combine it with a diet to lose weight belly, the results can be amazing.
  • You will accelerate the metabolism: several studies have confirmed that if refined flour is consumed, the metabolism is slower than if whole wheat flour is consumed regularly.

From what we can check there are no negative consequences for not eating refined or white flours, as well as doing without sugar. They are two products that are found in a large amount of food, so even if we want to get rid of them completely, it will become an arduous task, although not impossible.

Dieting without bread can seem a bit harsh Or strange at first, since it is a food that has become a complement to all our meals and dinners, but doing without it brings us many benefits if we are looking to eat healthier and accelerate weight loss.

Tell us how this has worked for you flour-free diet And leave us your advice so that a diet without bread does not become as hard as it happens to some people. Have you tried the 500 calorie diet as a supplement to eat without bread?

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  1.   vava said

    I did it for 6 months ... it is a very good diet and the desired results are achieved ... .. I lost approximately 15 kilos ... and the best thing is that it feels good doing it because once a few days pass (3-4) it is no longer desired eat flour and its derivatives ... it can be done ...

  2.   Arantxa said

    I suffer from a stomach problem related to intolerance to flour, the cure: stop eating everything that contains flour, in a few months the result was great, not only because I stopped having uncomfortable intestinal pain ... but also because I lost 3 sizes .
    The process, I must say, was tough. Since our diet is generally based on flours, with which you could no longer make food in a short time, because those handy macaroni, or that sandwich for lunch did not fit into this new lifestyle, You had to start cooking, and to make the purchase thinking.
    I have not tasted a crumb of bread for almost a year and a half, or sweets that are not fruit. And it is more I will say that my mood improved considerably.
    Of course I was informing myself about the consequences that can arise, since being objective this source of fiber and minerals is very good for our body, but if we consult our doctor there are many foods that perform this same function,
    The pity is not being able to enjoy good sandwiches, or good pizzas, but I guarantee, and I assure that we will get a good body, quality of life.

    1.    Nadia said

      I'm going through something dead, I still have no diagnosis but for a month I eat gluten-free, dairy-free and eat food for celiacs, although I still don't know if I am. I already feel better and have very little abdominal aches and pains. It is very difficult and I find it difficult to think about what to eat every day and that it is varied. Also, celiac meals are more expensive.

  3.   paola said

    Hi, I did a lot of dirt and I can't lose weight, I have health problems, I'm on corticosteroids, will that have a lot to do with it? Please I need your opinion and if there is any diet that I can do taking into account the mesication since I can not leave it for the moment.Thank you!

    1.    flirt said

      Hello !
      Well, first of all, I want to clarify that I am not a doctor or anything because of ethyl, but I have had two friends who have been in a similar situation to yours. They have been treated with corticosteroids and it has been difficult for them to maintain their weight.
      One of them was a nutritionist but the truth was not very wise with the diet and has always been overweight. Eat all kinds of flours: potato, yucca, banana, soda, potato chips, cakes, bread, pizza, pasta in short !!! Of everything !!!
      The other did not go to a nutritionist, she simply decided to eat healthy according to the information that the vast majority of us as humans have (and that the nutritionist gave to my other friend): high consumption of fruits and vegetables, only one flour a day (unrefined), walked for half an hour a day and tried to do stretching exercises. She has been VERY judicious and has maintained her weight, she looks great and is happy with her figure despite taking corticosteroids.

      I understand that there are some foods that cannot be consumed, you must be careful with this type of food, because they generate some reaction with medications!

      Both had fluid restrictions, so the first drank soda and the second water, natural juices that were sweetened with honey, which of the sweets is the least processed and most natural, she also drank green tea, in very small quantities! The second I drank a quarter of a posillo of warm water on an empty stomach !!!!

      My second friend completely changed her eating habits, finally she did not leave it as just another diet, but it is still her eating style. In exchange for flour, eat nuts, dried fruits, cheese, in short! However, when she has a craving, she eats what she wants, but it is not every day, she has as a goal to eat something that she likes one Sunday every 15 days so she does not deprive herself completely, but remains firm the other 28 days of the month !!!

      All this subject to the fact that you can consume all the foods without any restriction !!!

      One very important thing is that you must be disciplined and constant…. There are no magic diets that are friendly to the body, it is a matter of time, attitude and changing eating habits!

  4.   anonymous said

    The flour-free diet does work. I have been doing it for 15 days and I have lost almost 4 kilos, my pants are falling off because they are becoming loose when they used to wear me a lot. I thought that after having my baby (1 year ago) I was going to get overweight but thank God this diet does work. I don't eat ice cream, sweets, or anything very greasy, just whole wheat bread, no pasta, no rice, or floury vegetables (such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc). Even gastritis stopped bothering me since I started and my metabolism accelerated. I recommend it 100%. Of course, you have to comply strictly with it and not let anyone give you bread or something forbidden and accept it because it does not look bad.

  5.   Gordi said

    Hi! the diet is good ... my question is if you can change the order of the meals without losing the diet?

  6.   Monica said

    ask a portion of chicken etc ... how many grams are they?

  7.   Adriana said

    I'm going to start it…. in 15 days I'll tell you how I'm doing …… ..

  8.   gimena said

    Hello, my husband did this diet of no sugar or no flour, but the rest of the food he ate very well and, what's more, he drank his wine at lunch, which I thought was not going to make it effective, but in the first week under 4 or 5 kg and the second 3. in total 8 kg in two weeks, it costs me horrors to leave the flour and sweets but it encourages me how quickly I lose weight so next week I start this diet, but I have to be very strict, no flour or sugar or a pinch

  9.   laura said

    I don't eat cheese !!! in any of its forms ... because I don't like it ... what other breath can I replace it with? because all the diets I have read so far all contain cheese !!!

  10.   noelia said

    Can you accompany the meat with lentils or rice? and the cereal bars can be consumed?

  11.   Ramon said

    I did it. It was recommended to me by my coach at the gym. I lost 10 kilos in a month. I recommend adding some supplements such as light jams, skim cheese, cereals WITHOUT sugar and brown rice.
    I hope it helps whoever is about to start! 🙂

  12.   mariaagostina said

    no flour? nor rice?

  13.   Eliana said

    Hi! I am in my first days of this diet .. and the energy that I am recovering is incredible .. It not only helps to lose weight .. It changes the mood. The flours gave me symptoms similar to those of depression. And I have realized that I am not depressed .. I was eating badly! There are many foods! Investigate! Make bread with ground flax seeds ... fibers. Flours can be replaced by seeds .. Sugar costs me .. I add muscabo or stevia sugar to my coffee .. But I prefer muscabo .. Vegetable woks .. Add chicken breast or better yet… Fresh fish .. And lots of water! All they can .. The more they detoxify the faster the anxiety will go down .. I was taking pills that my psychiatrist gave me for anxiety and I have already stopped. Get a general checkup before starting the diet and after about 3 months .. this should not be just a diet .. It should be a change of habit forever! Greetings and good health!

  14.   Eliana said

    Another thing! Everything you miss can be replaced! Yesterday I made an oatmeal pizza. Oatmeal .. Water .. a dash of olive oil .. Sea salt .. a little dry yeast .. Q will give more flavor to pizza and baked .. The sauce was made with a natural tomato .. Boiled and processed .. A chopped onion .. Olive oil and the cheese that you like the most .. Delicious !!!

    1.    Maria del Carmen said

      Hello Eliana
      You help me? I want to lose 8 k (menopause) I tried many things every time I increase more
      I want to try this diet without flour or sugar
      I don't like dairy except cheese
      Vegetables, all fruits I also love soup and not infusions that fruit cannot or does not subtract? The same vegetables and meats, I like beer, the rest…. It can be a glass of champagne once every 15 days
      I do yoga 2 times S gym airlines 2 x S and local 1 x week with heat (what hours) you help me pleases.

  15.   Mary Sun said

    I'm about to start this diet, and I wanted to know if you eat the same thing every day, week and month? Or is there a variety? I know it will cost me since I am addicted to bread and sweet things, but if I don't do something my health will suffer.

  16.   micaela said

    I am excited to read the comments of people who have tried it and lost a lot of weight. I'm going to start it today, in 15 days I'll tell you how I'm doing !! 🙂

    1.    Dew said

      Hello! I want to know if you can eat rice. ?

  17.   Standard said

    I'm going to start it today after I comment I'm interested!

  18.   soraya said

    Hello. I consult, is it the same food every day?

  19.   Carla said

    Hi good afternoon
    The diet is good because it does not limit you to eating if it does not take out what is bad for you.
    I start today I hope for results!

  20.   Mary Laura said

    Hello 20 days ago I started to diet based on the help of a nutritionist, the truth is that I went down to 4K now I am leaving the salt and flour, for now I am going well but I would like you to comment on how those who have already started are doing, yesterday I left the salt today the flour, then he commented on how I am feeling and if I lose weight, the comments help me not to loosen

  21.   Uru said

    Hi, I'm from bs ace, la plata. I started to go into a coma and lose weight and the first week I lost 1.300kg. Auriculotherapy tmb apply to you with the diet. The first week I did not eat flour, but I did not tolerate it and I began to feel bad, so I continued to take care of myself as in pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes. The secret is to always eat the three things, proteins, alimodon and vegetables. There are six meals every two hours or more. Time is respected .. Water many. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner. Half banana if it is large and only three times per. Week. Sweetener and oil only two tablespoons in the salad.

  22.   euge said

    Hi, the truth is that it worked for me in three months with perseverance and discipline, I managed to lose my 15 kg in three months, no, yes, by the letter and obviously doing sports is the other part of the complement.

  23.   Gisella said

    Hello, I'm going to do it and in 15 days I'll tell you

  24.   Sarah Sa said

    The worst diet in the world, a terrible example !!!

  25.   cyclical woman said

    Hello, I imagine that without eating flours one deflates and detoxifies, the worst are white flours. I'm going to test it. I start today, I tell you about these days. Greetings and good days to everyone!

  26.   Laura said

    Hi! I would like to know if there is a limit to eating other things that are not carbohydrates, such as fruits, cold cuts, skim milk? It can? Thanks!

    1.    malena said

      Laura I am starting a very similar diet, without flour and without sugar, in 4 days I lost 2 kilos, but it is bloating. You have to drink if you can 3 liters of water per day, leave the soft drinks or flavored waters. Do not ask cold cuts but put ham / bondiola they run like meat (I learned that when I went to the nutri). What you have to take into account the most are the schedules, for breakfast and a snack they give me coffee with skim milk (100ml of milk no more) and a fruit or a yogurt with fruits or a smoothie that you can add the same amount of milk that coffee, lunch and dinner red meat (once a week) chicken, pork and fish always accompanied by vegetables except potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn. But one of the two has to be with meat, the other is only green as you want to eat them (cooked or raw) with respect to the fruit you can all but avocado (I don't know why) and for example you have anxiety you eat an apple or whatever you have, do not forbid it because it is worse (you leave the diet) sugar, forget only sweetener or stevia. and most importantly, 1hs of walking at least 6 days a week. Another data to take into account 1k of vegetables are equivalent to 200 calories, the same as a portion of meat (palm of the hand) so that vegetables can be whatever one wants (obviously in measure) ahh and before lunch and dinner or two glasses of water or a soup that can be the quick one! I hope I have been able to help you !! Big kiss!

      1.    Ludmi said

        Hello, could someone help me make breakfasts and snacks ???

  27.   Macarena said

    How are you breastfed? Does it hurt? to know if it can be done

  28.   mary said

    The diet is very good, the food can be followed, without being those recipes that have everything! I'm going to try to do it, although my big problem is anxiety, today I managed to combat it with some belladieta chocolate bars, which make it arrive well at meals, worse we will see how I do, otherwise I will take a bite of my bar and continue with the rest, I will go down less but surely I will see results Thank you

  29.   cintia said

    Great everything they commented, today I started with the elimination of flours. I know it will cost me but I really want to lose weight. My nutritionist gave it to me, but I include 2 allowed per month.

  30.   Sonia said

    I'm going on my fourth day I'm going down two kilos is good, remove flour and get off for sure

  31.   Ana said

    Can you eat the grain? Please give menu examples. without potatoes. nor corn. can you eat peas?

  32.   mary said

    Hello, I am going on the 6th day without flour and I am losing 2 kilos, a very good diet without flour ... a lot of water and a snack before lunch, a snack, a fruit, a laigt jelly ..

  33.   Ale said

    The diet is very good, I've been doing it for 15 days and I've already lost 3 kg!
    It is very easy to follow! I recommend it

  34.   Dew said

    If I am breastfeeding, what I can and what not

    1.    Marie That said

      Hi! advise NOT to make restrictive diets during breastfeeding, since the toxins that are released could pass into the milk (especially in diets like these in which ketone bodies are produced) Eat healthy, lots of vegetables and fruit, especially raw, and take advantage of this time to go down naturally. It was great for me

  35.   kyci said

    Hello everyone, the difficult thing is to start but it is possible, I went from size 12 with 1.72cm to size 6 and 55kg for 5 years it was perfect, but I got pregnant and my willpower did not return and it took me many years to start again, But thanks to God and to the Virgin I started again, I have been 9 months without eating sugar and 8 days without flour, the first days I had a migraine and after that day more energy has lowered the diameter of my legs and abdomen I have already been able to put on again Clothes of smaller sizes, that is, it was very difficult to suspend sugar and flour simultaneously, when I could control the sugar I stopped the flour, and I am HAPPY, I hope to continue with this lifestyle.

  36.   vanesa said

    Hello, two weeks ago, I started this diet without flour or sugar, but I only lost two kilos in two weeks. Isn't that little? Can somebody help me?

    1.    Cynthia said

      The descent depends a lot on the initial weight, normally those who have more kilos lose more. Greetings.

  37.   Maria said

    I started a week ago and lost 2700 kg happy and with a lot of energy

  38.   Paola said

    Today I started, my sister already lost 3 kilos in a week I hope to lose 8kg in total I would like many healthy recipes for a change I have a sheet where they tell me what to eat I do not know how to attach it but in itself no flour or sweets also no fruits at least the first One month they told me that I should restrict sugar completely, even if it is the fruit, only lemon and steamed vegetables can be eaten with butter and mayonnaise but not tomatoes or tomato sauce, except that they are fried with olive oil, they can not even go in stews no salads, no carrots, no peas, no grains, no pasta, just skim or lactose-free milk and nonfat cheeses, I always thought that steamed vegetables tasted ugly but today I prepared them by sautéing them broccoli big-headed onion paprika garlic beans pork and celery with butter were very rich but now I don't know what else to prepare ...

  39.   White fandi said

    I started a week ago, I feel better not so heavy and before when I was walking it seemed that I was drowning, now I walk and breathe normally, my doctor told me that no scales, that I looked at the clothes that this VAT to be my motivation. leave the sugar and flour from day one, like rice cakes.

  40.   Julia said

    after? If I do it for 1 month and then I eat flour again. do I upload everything at once?

  41.   costy said

    Hello today, five days ago that I have completely left the flours. But they have told me that it is the worst thing I could have done because they are going to start getting anxiety attacks and I'm going to want to eat everything. That's right? Anyway, I feel great and he doesn't want to eat them. I will lose weight doing this plus aq go to the gym?

  42.   July said

    I did it for 15 days and I was very thirsty and I did not lose weight

  43.   Florence said

    Hello, I would like to tell you about my experience. More than a year ago, a friend told me that she had started a diet that eliminates flour and sugar, low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Under like 40 kilos, this one is ten. So I also changed my lifestyle, I completely eliminated flour and sugar from my life, it was very hard, I went to parties or birthdays and they cooked me apart as if I were celiac, after 3 months I stopped suffering from the syndrome of abstinence from needing carbohydrates, especially flour. Today I have been 1 year and 1 month (I do not say diet because for me it is only a change of habit) I lost 50 kilos. I am a woman, I am 34 years old, I weighed 128, today I weigh 82, I still lack, I want to reach 68, but fundamental, I want you to know that I train soccer 2 times a week, I play another 2 more, and now I started gym every day where I do strength, cardio, etc. It is possible, it is not easy, but walking through a mirror and finding that body that you want so much, is priceless. Greetings.

    1.    Cynthia said

      Florence, is there a way to get the plan you are doing? I started this week with something similar, zero flour and sugar, protein, fruits and vegetables, little milk. In four days I have lost two kilos, I took the model from a Facebook page called Córdoba Nutrition Community and I wanted to know if it is something similar to what you did or if I can get new ideas.
      Greetings and congratulations on your enormous achievement!

  44.   Analia said

    Hello I love the diet. I start it today there are many positive comments that encourages me to do it.


  45.   Sun said

    Hello, I started the diet without flour and sugar a week ago and I have lost 4kilos I am very motivated by health is the best

  46.   simunovich said

    I haven't eaten flour or sugar for 15 days, just a croissant once a week. I feel splendid. Lose 2 kilos. he weighed 68 kg and weighed 66 kg. It is not sacrifice, it is proposing it. I buy bills and cookies every day for my children and my grandchildren and I don't want to try.

  47.   Maria Lucrecia said

    Hello girls! Three days ago I started a diet without flour, I do not know if it is okay, but not like any type of flour I supplanted it with a rice cracker if it is uncontrollable, I have not lost weight yet, but I look more deflated, and with more energy .
    Flourless cakes:
    I use slices of Zucchini on the bottom of the card and add the filling to taste. In my case I am a vegetarian: golden onion, cheese and beaten egg, another layer of Zucchini and baked!

  48.   Maria Lucrecia said

    Hello girls! Three days ago I started a diet without flour, I do not know if it is okay, but not like any type of flour I supplanted it with a rice cracker if it is uncontrollable, I have not lost weight yet, but I look more deflated, and with more energy .
    Flourless cakes:
    I use Zucchini slices in the bottom of the pan and add the filling to taste. In my case I am a vegetarian: golden onion, cheese and beaten egg, another layer of Zucchini and baked!

  49.   kika.s said


  50.   mariela arias rodriguez said

    I have not eaten flour for 5 days and after this I see that I have a thicker roll of fat on my waist.

  51.   Alejandra said

    Hello, I have stopped eating flour, sugar and dairy type yogurt and cow's milk, I take soy and diet cheese the most and in almost two weeks I have lost six kg without starving. Eating fruit, vegetables, chicken, if anything. Wholegrain slice and on many occasions ... I have not tried red meat yet. It is complicated because I cook things for my family that I feel like but I am motivated and I want to lose weight. Take a lot of green tea is very good for the diet.

  52.   Andrew said

    The diet without any flour or you can consume whole wheat flour. In that case, how much do you recommend? Thanks

  53.   Silvana Araceli Medina said

    Hello people, I have been on the zero flour diet for 1 month, not even integral. No rice or potatoes. Yesterday I went to Doc and I lost 13 kilos… !!! It had never gone down like this. I walk 40 minutes a day at my own pace, nothing to kill myself, until at least I am down 20 and my bones do not suffer so much. It is so far the only diet that worked for me, all my life I struggled with my weight. It's not easy, it's just a matter of imagination and inspiration when it comes to cooking. Do not loosen up, courage that you can. Darlings Araceli.

  54.   Silvina Eliza Benegas said

    Because changing eating habits with the usual consequences in mental and physical health resentment and asthenia that this causes, perhaps we have not evolved in our metabolism in so many years that we eat white and refined food that in our cultural, social reach And economically we want to consume, our digestion has not evolved along with the rest of the evolutions to arrive at a diet of ours, within our reach and of our way of life, how and what are the causes that some people do not metabolize the simplest foods than the rest if there must be some drop that natural substance helps to metabolize it without leaving anything any indsutrial and refinery food eh

  55.   Javier said

    Excellent 24 days ago I left the flours and lost 2,5 kg, nothing at all, used to Pizzas, Empanadas, Bills, Biscuits, Alfajores - but with willpower, everything can be a lot of fruits, dried fruits, water, vegetables, fruits - cheeses - the truth is getting used to everything you can - I have to lose min 10 kg more - greetings

  56.   Nadia said

    Hello girls a week ago I left the sugar full x flour. At lunch and dinner I manage well but what is breakfast and snack costs me a lot since the toast begins to disgust me, rice, do you know what to replace it with? I have lost 1.5 kg with tape 40 minutes a day

  57.   Fernanda said

    Hello!! I'm not overweight, but giving up flour and sweets is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have not lost weight because I go to the gym and I eat a lot of protein, so the little fat I have I transform into muscle.
    I feel VERY light, I sleep 10 and my mood has changed for the better.

  58.   Anne Vignone said

    Since January 2, 2018 I have been on a plan without flour or sugar, in three months I lost 18 and a half kilos and I feel very good. I'm not hungry and if I feel the need to eat bread, which I don't, I replace it with some bread made with eggs, skim milk and baking powder. Once I went down, if I go to an event where there are things not indicated, I eat a little and I don't go up a gram. Of course the next day I resume my healthy diet….

  59.   fernando said

    Hello, I am doing the diet without flour and I am not able to lose,
    breakfast . mate and an omelette with two eggs and chard
    lunch . usually a vegetable soup or broth and some meat c salad
    tea / coffee snack
    dinner with a meal prepared by a specialist in flourless diets

    in between when I get hungry like slices of baked peceto.

    Now they tell me that I should try not to eat anything between meals. Is that natural ??? Isn't the amount between meals free? Should I suffer from hunger ??? THANK YOU

  60.   Mercedes said

    Three days ago I started a diet without flour and the truth: great I have not weighed myself but the best scale is the clothes, it costs because everything is made of flour and sugar, but with willpower and sacrifice everything can be done.

  61.   Dioscorides said

    Editor:… »several studies have confirmed that if refined flour is consumed the metabolism is slower than if whole wheat flour is consumed regularly.»
    Me: "If you stop eating, even whole wheat flour, you will optimize your metabolism to the maximum" and you will put it at the level in which nature has created it.
    The cereal harias ABSOLUTELY ALL contain carbohydrates, that is, once metabolized, they are transformed into sugar.
    Go ahead, acknowledge it and write it down, don't shut it up, man. Who pays for the web?

  62.   Galen said

    It is not necessary to follow strict diets, it is a solemn idiocy. Stop eating dairy, cereals and sugar, as well as their derivatives. Replace them with unprocessed natural foods, such as fruit, vegetables, seeds, lean meat, nuts, fish. This is the natural thing, what men ate two million years ago, it is what you carry in your DNA, what is not in our DNA is dairy, sugar and cereals; these have been incorporated into the human diet approximately eight or ten thousand years ago, when man became sedentary. For this reason 65% of the world population (in Asia it reaches 90%), is intolerant to these products, especially dairy products, and also to cereals (the only exception in cereals could be oats, study, study ).
    There's no more.

  63.   john luke said

    Well this is recent, on August 26 I started the diet without flour or sugar, drinking green tea at every meal, eating rice, pasta based on this, meats, eggs, cheeses, ham, vegetables and fruits, giving me 2 allowed ends week and I lost 5kilos in 3 or 4 weeks, then I started crossfit and lost another 5kg more, for my height 1.68m I was weighing 65kg, and today November 6 I am at 53.8kg, and I look too thin, I did notice the feeling of satiety, not being bloated, I have and I lost fat from my legs or thigh and abdomen. I am very satisfied because summer is coming and I will look good, but now I plan to change my diet a bit to build more muscles. Greetings from Argentina.