The benefits of spelled flour


This flour spelled it is rich in niacin. 100 grams of spelled flour contains up to 5,5 milligrams of this substance, also called vitamin B3. This represents 5% more than wheat flour. According to several scientific studies, the recommended daily amount of niacin it is 20 milligrams. In this way, 100 grams of flour represent 27,5% of everything that is required on a daily basis.

Like the rest of the B vitamins, the Vitamin B3 allows to provide energy to the metabolism, produce sex hormones and hormones to combat stress at the level of the glands adrenals. It also improves blood circulation and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

It is rich in minerals. In relation to wheat flour, spelled flour contains more minerals such as copper, iron, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus. All these elements help the body to function properly and allow the nervous systems, cardiovascularimmune, skeletal stay in good health. In addition to minerals, spelled flour is also rich in vitamins, particularly those of group B and vitamin E.

It is a very energetic, since its main nutrients are carbohydrates, which, however, are less caloric than in classic wheat flour. Spelled flour is also known for its high content of proteins of great biological value and amino acids such as Lysine, absent in the other cereals.

Because it contains zinc, spelled flour has We take care of your rental property in Valencia. cardiovascular. Improves circulation and blood vessel function in general. Its magnesium and silicic acid content also improves blood circulation and the functioning of the work immune, in addition to repairing tissues. Magnesium specifically helps fight insomnia.

People allergic to wheat or gluten They considerably improve their quality of life by consuming spelled flour. In any case, spelled flour is prohibited for people suffering from celiac disease, due to its gluten content.

Another benefit of flour spelled is that it contains many soluble fibers that help you lose weight, because they improve intestinal transit, preventing the accumulation of fat and fighting constipation.

Consuming spelled flour also has a beneficial effect on the brain, since this flour is rich in acids fatty essential, important for the proper functioning of the brain.

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