Abortive foods to avoid if you are pregnant

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Nature can give us food of all kinds that help us in everyday aspects. In this case, we want to talk about abortifacient foods, some foods that make women can abort naturally.

Abortion is a very committed issue, we want to discuss and tell what are those foods that they have those abortifacient properties Natural way.

Certain types of plants have always been used to help abort, they are very common plants and are available to everyone, however, you have to know how to consume them so as not to have any scares if you are pregnant. 


Plants that can cause abnormalities in the fetus

Doses have to be controlled so that the plants do not cause harm to the person or the fetus. There are risks with certain types of plants if they are consumed too much, for this reason, we will tell you which ones you have to control.

There is a lot of unknown in terms of diet during pregnancy and the development of diseases, pay attention to know those plants and foods that can be harmful. 

  • Tobacco.
  • Fern.
  • Gelsenium.
  • Belladonna.
  • Honeysuckle.
  • Oleander.
  • Wormwood in high doses.
  • Celery plant.
  • Cascara sagrada, senna and frangula.
  • Turmeric.
  • Juniper essential oil.
  • Boldo and purifying plants.
  • Ginseng.
  • Rhubarb.
  • High dose of nutmeg.
  • Sage.
  • Parsley essential oil.

pineapple slices

Foods to consider during pregnancy

If you are looking to get pregnant or if you are already on a treadmill, you should know that the foods that we are going to tell you below can cause you to lose the baby.

The abortifacient foods They have qualities, properties and virtues that we should all know.

  • These foods are healthy at any time in our lives, they do not cause us harm, however, we have to consume them with caution and measure if you are pregnant. 
  • We found Drinks and food that induce abortion should be avoided so as not to lose the baby.
  • Not all women react the same, so this information is generic to people.
  • In matters of food, health and people everyone can react differently.
  • Choose to go to your doctor for advice and comments with accuracy the foods that you consider most dangerous.

split papaya


La green papaya consumed during the first months of pregnancy can cause unexpected abortions caused by uncontrolled contractions.

Papaya has dangerous enzymes for pregnant women.


This tropical fruit is consumed practically all over the world. Contains bromeliad, a substance that softens the walls of the uterus by stimulating small contractions. Pineapple juice is used in many cultures to stimulate labor when it runs out of order.



Eating a lot of peaches can produce increased bleeding and loss of the fetus during the first weeks of pregnancy. For this reason, avoid consuming peaches for the first few weeks.

Asiatic spark

The medicinal properties of gotu kola are amazing. It is consumed to control blood pressure, help healing, blood pressure or lower body temperature.

On the other hand, you can lower fertility levels in women or in some cases cause an unwanted abortion.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is very beneficial for the body, although if it is consumed in the form of a natural drink It can lead to bleeding and loss of the baby. 

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are beginning to be consumed in greater quantity, they are beneficial but provided they are taken in moderation.

In some cases can cause a miscarriage and they are not recommended to consume them with honey. In certain parts of the East, black sesame seeds are consumed before delivery to suffer less pain.



The liver consumed either grilled, in stews or in pâté can be contaminated with many toxins that come from the animal itself. If we consume it in large quantities we will increase our vitamin A and cholesterol, being able to suffer an unwanted abortion.


baby and mom

It is very important know what plants and food ares that they can have those unwanted side effects when it comes to pregnancy.

Abortive plants they can achieve the interruption of pregnancy in a natural way without endangering the woman, however, it is advisable not to abuse herbs or plants either because if we do not know the appropriate doses we could suffer a major hemorrhage or fail to abort and cause damage to the fetus. 

It is very important to go to the family doctor before any doubt that may arise. Not only in the case of abortifacient plants, but in suitable or unfit foods when pregnant.

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