Peanuts: benefits and contraindications


El Peanut or groundnut is one of the most consumed nuts in the world, since it is used to make different products that are part of current nutrition, ranging from oil, butters, sweets, pastries, etc., with a large number of benefits, but also with certain contraindications.

The peanut or peanut is rich in Antioxidants such as vitamin E, manganese and resveratrol, a phenolic antioxidant that is also contained in wine, which can prevent cerebrovascular accidents and colon cancer, among a large number of diseases.

Peanut abuse is not recommended in women who are pregnant, since a large intake could cause an allergy outbreak that could affect the fetus. On the other hand, peanuts can suffer from fungus, although it is not common and less so if the ones we consume are bought in supermarkets.

Peanuts benefits

benefits of peanuts

What are the benefits of peanuts? Although it has a bad reputation peanuts can help reduce cholesterol levels bad, in addition, it is perfect to satisfy our appetite and lift our spirits.

It has many very beneficial nutrients for the body However, it should be consumed in moderation since it is a food with a large amount of calories. If it is introduced in small amounts in our diet, we will be healthier. Here is a list of all the benefits of peanuts:

  • Helps lower cholesterol: lowers the amount of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. This occurs because it has mono-unsaturated fats such as oleic acid that prevents coronary heart disease.
  • Give a nudge in the growth and development stage: it is very rich in protein and amino acids are good for the growth and development of the human body.
  • Provides a lot of energy: It is rich in antioxidant vitamins, nutrients and minerals, recommended for athletes.
  • Take care of the stomach and keep stomach cancer at bay: The polyphenols that we obtain from peanuts have the ability to reduce the risk of stomach cancer by reducing the production of carcinogenic nitroso-amenes.
  • Reduces the risks of suffering from heart disease, Alzheimer's or various infections: This occurs due to its major antioxidant, resveratrol, which takes care of those who take it.
  • Protects the skin: peanuts have vitamin E, the vitamin that cares for the cells of the skin's mucous membrane. Free radicals are kept away and our skin stays younger for longer.
  • Contains many vitamins: B vitamins, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, B9 and more.
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Peeled peanuts

  • Provides a large amount of minerals: potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium and zinc are the most present in its composition.
  • Helps not to gain weight: Even if it is a very caloric product, people who are used to eating peanuts or peanut butter at least twice a week maintain a good physical shape for longer. Their anxiety levels for consuming something fatty and rich are satiated and they are less susceptible to snacking between meals.
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer: can reduce colon cancer especially in women. If we consume it twice a week two large tablespoons of peanut butter, we will be removing cancer from our lives by up to 58%.
  • Regulates blood sugar: This is produced thanks to manganese, which helps to better metabolize fats and carbohydrates and this has a direct effect on blood sugar levels.
  • Increases the chances of getting pregnant: folic acid reduces the risk of the fetus developing neural tube defects.
  • Has high levels of monounsaturated fats.
  • High content of proteins
  • People celiac patients can take it without concern.
  • If we consume it, we will achieve better levels of folic acid.
  • The fats it contains are healthy, therefore helps the liver balance function and it helps the pancreas to process sugar better.
  • A handful of peanuts generates pleasant levels of Serotonin that the brain interprets as a feeling of well-being.
  • Calm anxiety at mealtime and will always be an ally to shed those excess pounds.
  • It helps us to prevent cardiovascular disease. Resveratrol prevents the heart from suffering because it increases the production of nitric oxide.

As you can see, there are not a few peanuts benefits for our health.

How to consume peanuts

Peanut butter

Peanuts can be consumed in several ways:

  • Raw, straight from the shell. It must be roasted previously in order to obtain the antioxidants and improve its flavor.
  • In cream form, known as the peanut butter, It is consumed in many areas of the world, either in sauces, dressings or to spread on toast.
  • Peanut oil. It has a mild and very healthy flavor, ideal to add to any salad or to add a touch to any sauce.
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Peanuts properties


Peanuts contain a lot of calories, which translate into healthy and optimal energy to last the whole day. For 100 grams of product we obtain 567 calories.

It also contains minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Provides monounsaturated fats, especially oleic acid.

As we mentioned, these fats are perfect for eliminate bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, perfect for all those people who suffer from this arterial issue.

They provide proteins, essential amino acids for growth and development. On the other hand, there have been studies that verify that this food can help prevent stomach cancer, degenerative diseases, Alzheimer's, viral diseases or cardiovascular diseases, and all thanks to resveratrol, a substance found inside.

It doesn't matter how you consume them, do not forget to consume these small fruits in a moderate way, perfect to keep us healthy, add them to salads, create your own peanut butter or get a rich oil to cook on the grill.

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  1.   Adriana Chavez said

    I am 50 years old I suffer from the thyroid, how much peanut can I eat, I weigh 68 kilos and I am 160. Thank you very much

    1.    Incantation said

      Friend, I think you should already be preparing the Funeral, it is contraindicated for people with thyroid problems so you cannot consume it. I recommend you to reduce the anxiety to eat carrot squares as well as the size of peanuts and you will see how you reduce anxiety by 90%, lose weight at the same time in a healthy way and help you fight any thyroid problem. So for now say Goodbye to Peanuts if you want GOOD HEALTH.

      1.    YOLANDA said

        thank you for all these comments ... but be careful! ... those who express opinions, how do they support it? What scientific investigations are they based on? I believe that it should be written with great responsibility. Thanks

        1.    Blanca Helena Fonseca said

          Ah! scientists the scholars, but no one has had the last word in ingesting peanuts. The only thing that everyone preaches is that peanuts are diet to lose weight, but what is the reason for preparing the funeral. Wow. There is no support whatsoever, so it is better to continue eating peanuts, hopefully with peanuts, so we consume fiber, excellent in the intestinal tract and assimilation of vitamin E.
          . A and I suffer from hypothyroidism.

  2.   Oscar Arria said

    I had colon surgery a year and a half ago; you have an obstruction in the colon and diverticula. I really like to eat peanuts, is it counterproductive to eat them in my condition?

  3.   nelsa said


  4.   micaela said

    mmm. I just visited this page because I studied at trilce and they left me a task to find out about it !!

  5.   Guest said

    Hello . Is peanut useful when suffering from polycythemia vera ?. Greetings

  6.   Ignatius Infante said

    Sorry but I do not agree with some points. For example, a pregnant woman has more reason to consume peanuts and the author of the article maintains that it is contraindicated for pregnant women. Peanuts contain a considerable amount of folates, also known as folic acid, which prevents neurological malformations in the fetus. And secondly, a person who suffers from stones will also benefit from consuming this food. This information I have seen on several pages of medicine and nutrition. Greetings.

  7.   tahionat products said

    I agree with Ignacio Infante. peanuts contain folic acid and they recommend it throughout pregnancy ...

  8.   sammy ramirez said

    Well, the specific question is whether peanuts lose weight, yes or no, that's what I want to know.

    1.    Sarah Valencia said

      peanuts do not lose weight. peanuts have the amount of Energy 571 kcal 2385 kJ. q is too much since it has 2385 calories q is equivalent to eating about 24 bananas and each banana contains approximately 100 calories.

  9.   Gery said

    Calories are the same, when you want to lose weight you must give importance to which elements add up to the total of those calories, comparing the peanut with the banana does not make sense, because the calories in the banana are based on carbohydrates, and that of the peanut in polyunsaturated fat and protein ... The sum of the calories may be greater than that of a banana, but the banana is a lot of carbohydrate .. Therefore if you eat 24 bananas you will exceed the sugar (carbohydrate) instead if you eat the same amount of calories in peanuts, you exceed in the poly fat that is healthy fat, and proteins that increase your muscle mass ... And exceeding in carbs is useless because your body only needs 20% of these per day for energy. Therefore, the sum of calories in a food must be reviewed within the nutritional table, what makes you fat is not the excess of calories, it is what those calories make up. Peanuts are a great ally for me because it helps me improve my protein intake, nuts are always healthy fats and rich in protein that, regardless of the caloric amount, help a lot to lose weight because they increase your muscle fiber. Greetings

    1.    Gabriel said

      What a quilombo of units you have, before giving an opinion in units, study a little.

  10.   Carlos Gamarra del Carpio said


  11.   Analia said

    go to the nutritionist ..

  12.   Juan Daniel said

    I am 15 years old, I measure 164 cm and weight 51,5 kg. My nutritionist says that I eat ½ cup of peanuts, even though my fat is normal, it is not too much.

  13.   Juan Daniel said

    My nutritionist needed help, ma told me to eat ½ cup of peanuts even though it was normal fat is not dem

  14.   katty said

    I would like to know if the peanut loses weight

  15.   katty said

    how to consume to lose weight

  16.   Jose Valdes said

    They should bear in mind that peanuts contain goitrogens which should not be consumed by people with thyroid problems… .. what I'm not sure is if roasting them eliminates them….

  17.   mafalda said

    good night .. I have peanut butter .. for a year .. stored in the fridge .. how will I know if it is damaged?

  18.   NELSON MORA said


  19.   Clara Ines Escobar said

    Watch out for migraine, which may be a sugar allergy. It gives terrible headaches.

  20.   Mary Esther Woollett said

    A person with hypothyroidism is definitely prohibited from peanuts (unsalted, unprocessed fruit), and if so, why?

  21.   alejandra said

    Hello… I have hypothyroidism and I love peanuts …… Can someone tell me “why?” I can't consume it …… Greetings and thanks