400 calorie diet

400 calorie diet

This is a diet designed for people who want to lose those extra pounds. It is a regimen in which you will be incorporating a small amount of food, it will allow you to lose weight between 4 ½ and 5 ½ kilos in 10 days. You will have to control the calories you incorporate since they cannot exceed 400.

If you are determined to put this diet into practice, you will have to have a healthy state of health, drink as much water as possible daily, flavor your infusions with sweetener and season your meals with only salt and olive oil.

How much do you lose on the 400 calorie diet?

It is true that with such a diet, the calories are much lower than we might think. So if we follow the plan to the letter we can lose around 4 or 5 kilos per week. But yes, it is best to do the 400 calorie diet for only 8 or 10 days.

Later, we can incorporate more quantities but always of the foods that we recommend. In this way, the body soaks up the nutrients, proteins or vitamins it needs, but always controlling the issue of weight.

Daily menu

woman doing the 400 calorie diet

  • Breakfast: 1 infusion of your choice cut with skim milk and 1 whole wheat toast.
  • Midmorning: 1 low-fat yogurt with fruits.
  • Lunch.: ligth broth, 1 serving of your choice of raw vegetable salad and 1 of your choice of fruit. You can drink the amount of broth you want.
  • Mid afternoon: 1 glass of orange or grapefruit juice.
  • Snack: 1 infusion of your choice cut with skim milk and 2 water biscuits or light bran.
  • Price: ligth broth, 50g. chicken, fish or meat, 50g. of cheese for salut, 1 portion of mixed salad and 1 portion of light gelatin. You can drink the amount of broth you want.
  • After for dinner: 1 infusion of your choice.

Weekly menu

These types of diets, in which we talk about adding very few calories to the body, are only to be done in a timely manner. That is why it is about the so-called fast diets. What will we get with it? get rid of a few extra kilos. But it is true that since not all bodies are the same, sometimes we may even lose more than we thought. Of course, we should never overdo diets like this. It is always better to do it for a few days and then eat regularly but always healthy and balanced to maintain our weight.

We leave you with a weekly menu so you can apply the 400 calorie diet effectively and easily:


  • Breakfast: A handful of whole grains with 200 ml of skim milk.
  • Mid-morning: An apple
  • Food: A good plate of lettuce and cucumber
  • Snack: A light jelly
  • Dinner: Plate of cooked broccoli with a skimmed yogurt


  • Breakfast: Infusion and slice of whole wheat toast with a teaspoon of light jam
  • Mid-morning: An orange
  • Lunch: A bowl of soup with a handful of whole wheat pasta
  • Snack: A skimmed yogurt
  • Dinner: 75 grams of chicken with mixed salad


  • Breakfast: Infusion or coffee alone with whole wheat bread and two slices of turkey breast
  • Mid-morning: A fruit
  • Lunch: 95 grams of grilled beef with tomato and spinach salad
  • Snack: a cup of strawberries
  • Dinner: Mixed salad, with a little cheese and a light jelly


  • Breakfast: A glass of skim milk with whole grains
  • Mid-morning: A fruit
  • Lunch: A handful of lentils with chard
  • Snack: Fruit or jelly
  • Dinner: light vegetable soup and a skimmed yogurt


  • Breakfast: A glass of natural juice or coffee alone or infusion plus whole grains
  • Mid-morning: A grapefruit
  • Food: A salad with 125 grams of baked or steamed fish.
  • Snack: An integral chocolate bar
  • Dinner: Salad with spinach, bean sprouts and tomatoes or carrots. You can garnish it with a little juice and a tablespoon of olive oil.


  • Breakfast: A glass of green tea with two pieces of whole wheat toast
  • Mid-morning: A cup of strawberries
  • Food: 100 grams of turkey with steamed broccoli
  • Snack: A fruit
  • Dinner: Vegetable soup and a yogurt


  • Breakfast: A glass of skim milk or an infusion and two sugar-free cookies
  • Mid-morning: An apple
  • Food: 20 grams of brown rice with chard or spinach
  • Snack: A grapefruit
  • Dinner: Arugula and celery salad with fresh cheese.

Remember that you should drink a lot of water and that infusions are recommended whenever you want. You can also take the homemade light broth when you need. Salads as well as fish or meat can be seasoned with spices. When cooking you can add a tablespoon of olive oil, both at noon and at dinner, that is, a maximum of two tablespoons a day. It is not a recommended diet for people with high energy expenditure.

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  1.   Ricardo said

    400 calories? It is the most ridiculous thing that I hear and it seems to me the most irresponsible that this type of atrocity is published on the internet this diet is garbage and although an average person could lose 5 kilos in a week that I do not doubt it will be left over all body fluid that you recover in a matter of days, besides that you spoil your metabolism turning it into a slow machine and in the long run it will be impossible for you to lose more weight unless you want to see yourself in the bones without any muscle. it is best to go down little by little and ignore this type of wrong diet.

    1.    Sane said

      The truth is that by supplementing with multivitamins to ensure your daily intake of micronutrients, any restrictive diet works in the short term, whatever you eat (even if it is just a 400 calorie fat burger a day). However, the consumption of fruits and vegetables is very beneficial for health since they have what is called phytonutrients. This diet works considering that the body of the subject has an amount of accumulated fat available to cover the caloric deficit. The smartest thing to do would be to ensure a protein intake of around 1g x body weight and supplement with physical activity, in order to maintain lean mass. On the other hand, the rebound effect is nothing more than eating again, exceeding the calories that the body needs, therefore a diet of these characteristics followed by a food reeducation would not lead to a badly called rebound effect.

  2.   Candice said

    It's great! I changed some things and I followed it without going over 400 calories, I lost 5 kilos in the first 10 days and 4 in 10 more days with the same diet! I plan to follow it for 10 more days to complete the month 🙂

    1.    Catalina said

      If you want to lose weight visit a nutrition professional.
      These diets are useless and dangerous for your body.
      Food education is essential for the success of your eating plan. Listen to me! is my advice as a future healthcare professional.

  3.   Catalina said

    It is horrible that this type of publication is available to people!
    Should be reported!
    No human being can consume this diet! All that is lost will be body water, and it will not take long to recover it. This not only does not work, but it threatens health and does not have scientific endorsement.

  4.   Cyn said

    Visiting the specialist and jointly diagramming a balanced diet designed for you and your needs will always be the best option.

    Obvien any type of diets postulated in Internet.-



  5.   blogichics.com said

    It is a complicated diet because it does not fully satisfy the necessary nutrients that we must consume on a daily basis.

  6.   of the said


  7.   Reny said

    Yes, they do not have something better to contribute, do not comment.

  8.   Luis said

    This diet is only designed for people with a BMI greater than 80, that is, they are approximately 100 to 150 kilos overweight.

  9.   Violet Chaparro A said

    The truth is that I have significant dyslipidemia problems and nothing, not even the medications, has helped me control the levels.
    Only with a diet without gluten or lactose and few fruits, plenty of water anyway.
    I hope this helps me to get it.

  10.   Martha Mora Santamaria said

    The perfect example that losing weight is not synonymous with being healthy. This is not healthy and it is dangerous, stop lying on the Internet. As a medical student and a person who has been in the world of exercise for a long time, if you want to lose weight, eat a balanced diet, with exceptional saturated fats (don't forget that fats are necessary but healthy ones are unsaturated), healthy carbohydrates and no empty calories, protein (more the more you want to get muscle mass). Make the base of your diet are fruits, vegetables and legumes, blue fish and, although red meat has more proteins, white meat is always healthier. Make water your main drink and make the consumption of super exceptional sugary drinks All this combined with a caloric deficit and exercise (strength work + cardio). Healthy weight loss is always progressive and satisfactory, this diet described here is just a "boom" effect, it will make you lose weight in an unhealthy way in a couple of days and then everything will remain the same. It is not worth risking your health.