Exercises to lose weight arms

Thin arms

There are many exercises to slim your arms that you can try. Some are with weights or with elastic bands, but also you can work your arms with the only help of your own body weight.

However, by themselves they do not produce very noticeable results. And it is that the plans to reduce fat in specific areas of the body do not work. Find out what to do to get slimmer arms.

Works the whole body

Femenine body

To slim the arms (as well as any other part of the body) it is necessary to focus on body fat as a whole. Therefore, the best strategy is to work the whole body rather than limiting yourself to specific parts.

In this way, what is needed is include arm exercises in a complete workout that combines cardio and strength.

Make cardio

Woman doing running

Cardio can not be missing in any weight loss plan. So you should include it in your lifestyle if you want to show off slimmer arms. Cardio is often related solely to running. This sport is an excellent ambassador for cardio and is constantly gaining a following. But it may be that not running is not your thing. If so, you should not feel obliged, since there are many other exercises that, like running, will help you raise your heart rate and burn calories:

  • Riding a bike (static works too)
  • Swim
  • Jump the rope
  • Dance
  • Walk (always making sure to walk briskly)

To achieve a good reduction in the percentage of body fat, it is advisable to do about 30 minutes of cardio several times a week. Once you've gotten your arms slimmer, keep doing it to stay in shape. And it is that cardio is considered a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle.

Strength training


An increase in weight can cause accumulations of fat in different parts of the body, including arms, thighs and abdomen. Gaining muscle through strength training will help you reduce your body fat percentage. As a result, these build-ups will reduce in size and your body will look more defined.

Working your muscles has also been associated with benefits not related to aesthetics, but just as important. These are the increased metabolic rate and bone density. Since both of these decrease with age, this type of exercise is considered very important for staying in shape throughout adulthood and old age.

Lift weights

Muscle mass

Lifting weights increases muscle mass, strength, and promotes fat loss. Why is it advantageous when it comes to thinning the arms? It will help you lose fat in general (that includes your arms) and tone your arms as you lose weight with diet and exercise..

Bicep curls, tricep extensions overhead, deltoid work… These are just some of the many exercises to slim your arms that you can do with the help of dumbbells. It is important to vary to ensure that none of the different muscles in the arm go unworked..

Note that you can use an elastic band instead of dumbbells. This simple but effective tool (which comes in kits of different resistances depending on the color) will allow you to perform a good part of the arm exercises that are normally done with dumbbells.



If gyms aren't your thing and you don't have dumbbells or elastic bands at home, you can use your own weight to lose weight and tone all parts of the body, including arms.

As with weights, there are many bodyweight exercises targeting the arms and upper body that are worth trying: planks, push-ups (normal and triceps), as well as a variety of air punches.

This discipline includes one of the simplest and most effective arm slimming exercises. It's as simple as standing with your feet hip-width apart. The arms are then stretched out to the sides so that the body forms a "T". Once in this posture, move them up and down, in circles or front to back. The movements should be small and at a good pace.

Final word

Low fat brick

Exercises to slim the arms can be done with weights, elastic bands, or with your own body weight (bodyweight). But specific fat reduction doesn't work, which is why for the results to be noticeable these exercises must be part of a complete training.

Lastly, exercise is most effective when combined with a healthy diet. The results in your arms will be more noticeable if you train at the same time:

  • You increase your intake of fiber and protein
  • You cut down on refined carbohydrates
  • You eat carbohydrates in moderation
  • You limit the high-fat foods, alcohol and soft drinks

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