Acupuncture for weight loss

Lots of people are looking for a way to lose weight through exercise, diets, capsules, herbs, ointments and also based on acupuncture. We will analyze what it is and if it really works to lose weight.

La acupuncture It is a practice that is used to treat various ailments, an alternative technique that can be very beneficial for many people. 

Acupuncture stimulates certain parts of the body Through small pricks with needles, they activate certain areas to relieve the pain of chronic diseases, or discomfort in the muscles and joints. Acupuncture is painless and can be beneficial for large numbers of people.

Acupuncture for weight loss

If you're lose weight And you want to try this ancient technique to achieve it, we will tell you what the treatment consists of and what results it brings. What is clear is that thanks to acupuncture our body receives greater flow and revitalizes its energy, causing more calories to be burned, which is conducive to weight loss.

Acupuncture It can be useful to treat certain ailments or pathologies: 

  • Reduce the appetite.
  • Increase the metabolism of the organism.
  • Makes us have more energy.
  • Makes us burn more calories
  • Reduce the stress.
  • It is perfect for people with anxiety.
  • Stimulates the welfare of the whole organism.
  • Stimulates blood circulation. 
  • Avoid liquid retention. 
  • It keeps us mentally healthy, avoiding depression.
  • Free endorphins and hormones happiness.
  • Control the appetite and our feeling of satiety.
  • Helps control movements intestinal, eliminating the constipation occasional.
  • It relaxes us and prevents us from having episodes of insomnia. 

All these reasons explain that the body is much more receptive and calm to carry out a diet without having anxiety about foods or prohibited foods.

Acupuncture should be used as a complement to thinning and not as the only resource to lose weight, since if it is used as the only measure we will surely not achieve the objective. To lose weight and lose weight in a healthy way, we have to follow some guidelines that many of us know:

  • Consult a doctor or specialist our situation and our intention to lose weight to be advised and advised during the procedure.
  • We have to carry a healthy nutrition. 
  • Avoid food fried, battered, full of fat or very salty.
  • Increase the consumption of fruits y vegetables y fibers.
  • Perform moderate exercise, choose the sport that you like the most to accompany you during the loss of kilos.
  • We must set a goal and a realistic time, miracles do not exist and miracle diets less.

Acupuncture procedure for weight loss

This technique is known as auriculotherapy, as the needles are placed in the earlobe and other parts of the body. With this type of acupuncture we will be able to stimulate different areas of the body that help us not have stress or anxiety, release endorphins and a feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

Furthermore, it is beneficial to feel full when we eat, so the amount of food and food we eat will be less, helping us lose weight.

For this technique to be beneficial and really help us, we have to undergo a deep analysis to determine the reasons why we eat unhealthy food, we have to be sure and really want to lose weight in order to fulfill our objectives. Willpower is essential to achieve this, as well as perseverance and a healthy routine.

Abdomen of a man

The points where to place the needles

  • Helix.
  • Antihelix.
  • Scaphoid fossa.
  • Triangular fossa.
  • Upper cross.
  • Lower cross.
  • Upper hemiconcha.
  • Lower hemiconcha.
  • Antitragus.
  • Swallow.
  • Lobe.
  • Posterior area of ​​the orja.

The great advantage of acupuncture is that we do not have to combine it with any other medical method, that is, it does not require medication, we just have to go to a specialist who controls the technique to start benefiting us. Surely in your city or town there is a specialist in this technique.

One issue against is that to achieve beneficial effects we need perseverance and patience so that the treatment has results in our body. In the vast majority of cases acupuncture is not painful, however, those small needles may harm us, If this is your case, you will have to consult your doctor to discuss it. 

Our advice is that if you dare to do some acupuncture sessions, it is that you let yourself be advised by doctors and specialists. You have to be consistent and use those sessions to relax and be with an open mind for the effects to be greater.

Make sure that the center where you go uses new needles in each session, the needles that are used are disposable and should be thrown away at the end of each session. This type of acupuncture It is a supplement to lose weight as we mentioned earlier, it is not the miracle technique that will make you lose all the extra kilos.

If you dare to lose weight and want to try a different technique we advise you that you seek more information and ask a specialist.

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