What is aloe vera?

Aloe Vera

Do you know what aloe vera is? Aloe is a genus of plants whose best-known representative is the aloe vera. It is a highly valued genre for its high medicinal value, its refreshing effects and its healing power against sunburn. It is native to Africa although today it can be found in all parts of the world. It is a fairly common plant in the homes of many people, although as we have already indicated its main quality is curative, well above its ornamental value.

De vivid green colorIt is a very fleshy plant that stores a large amount of liquids inside. This inner liquid is in the form of yellow gel and it is to the part that more healing powers are attributed; some of them documented and others that are part of popular culture.

In ancient times it was only used by obtaining the substance by directly cutting the leaves of the plant. At present, you can also incorporate it in the form of gel, tablets, capsules, creams and tonics, among other things, in pharmacies, herbalists and natural food stores.

The aloe plant 

aloe plant

At this point we are going to explain what is aloe vera in case you still do not know this fantastic plant.

The Aloe plant is a shrub with a short stem covered with leaves, its stem is up to 30 centimeters high. Its leaves can reach 50 centimeters long and 8 centimeters wide. They are usually found in sandy areas and on the edge of the coasts, at sea level up to 200 meters of altitude.

It is native to Arabia and native to subtropical and temperate regions of both hemispheres, the Mediterranean included.

It is cultivated on many occasions as a decorative plant, however, it is its medicinal and beauty properties that give it greater notoriety. In some places it is known as Aloe vera or Aloe maculata.

Today there are more than 250 types of Aloe, of which only three have curative or medicinal characteristics. It is used more and more in cosmetics, most manufacturers extract the pulp with very innovative measures. In addition, it can be used to treat dermatitis, eczema, allergic reactions.

Aloe Vera benefits

Now that you know what aloe is, let's learn about its benefits for our health. Aloe Vera is a plant with medicinal powers, it is perfect for treating many conditions. Next, we tell you some of its best benefits that you probably didn't know

  • It is ideal for treating diabetes, has properties that reduce cholesterol and improve circulation. Regulates glucose in the body.
  • Improves digestion and treats digestive system problems. Aloe Vera promotes the absorption of nutrients, eliminates toxins and acts as a rebuilder of the intestinal flora.
  • It is a good antihistamitic and dilates the bronchi.
  • It has healing, moisturizing and regenerating properties, therefore it is perfect for everyone in beauty and cosmetics.
  • Disinfects the skin and removes the accumulation of dead cells. Reduces burns, softens, soothes irritations and treats acne.
  • It is very rich in vitamins and minerals that help maintain the proper functioning of the body.
  • Decreases fats in the body, contains 22 amino acids of which 8 are expendable for the body. Being a great purifier, it helps eliminate fat that accumulates in certain parts of the body.
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory, reduces the oxidation of the acid responsible for inflammation. It can be ingested directly or applied directly to the affected area. It is used for those who suffer from arthritis, sprains, or osteoarthritis.
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Aloe Vera video

For those who are more interested in knowing the benefits of aloeHere is a video with a very interesting summary.

Aloe Vera properties

Aloe Vera has antiseptic powers that help disinfect the skin and promote the elimination of dead cells, this aloe plant is one of the best known in the world thanks to its beneficial properties for health, beauty and the home.

Contains vitamin A, C, E and B complex vitamins, minerals and folic acid. Next, we will reveal the properties of aloe by which it is one of the best known plants.

  • Contains glutamic acid, aspartic acid, alanite, glycine, among others.
  • Regulates glucose in the body.
  • It provides a large amount of enzymes, amylase, lipase, phosphatase, among others.
  • It is a dietary supplement.
  • It is purifying, detoxifying and promotes digestion.
  • It is soothing, moisturizing and regenerating.
  • It is considered a powerful antiviral.
  • Treat burns.
  • Calms the itchiness of insect bites.
  • Wonderful healing
  • Regenerates the ce

Aloe for hair

Aloe Vera gel for hair

Aloe Vera is applied to damaged, frizzy, damaged hair or too dry, to give him a nudge and revive him to regain vitality and strength.

The ideal is to apply the aloe directly on the hair of the natural plant, however, if we do not find the aloe plant and we do not have it at home make sure you buy a gel with 95% aloe vera inside.

To apply it in the best possible way, moisten the hair, including the ends with warm water, avoid that the water has a lot of chlorine. Next, extract about 6 fat drops of aloe gel and apply them gently to the scalp and the rest of the hair. Massage in a circle and spread all the gel to the tips.

Dampen a towel and wrap the hair for 25 minutes, so the gel will act better. Wash well with shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water. This process would be ideal to do a couple of times a week.

The benefits of this treatment is perfect to prevent hair loss, hydrates and nourishes the hair fibers. Having greasy hair generates a lot of discomfort throughout the day, therefore regulating the sebum production of sebaceous cells is one of its best properties. It is a good fungicide and antibacterial.

Where to buy aloe

Aloe Vera Drink

Today you can buy aloe vera or aloe in any supermarket, it is found almost everywhere. Especially if they are cosmetic products such as gel, shampoos or creams.

The ideal is to buy these products in herbalists and organic product stores, or else through the internet. Likewise, you have to use these ways to acquire aloe vera juice ready to consume.

Aloe vera and its properties

In conclusion, we reveal that it does not matter how you name it, either aloe vera or aloe vera, it's the same. As we mentioned, there are many variants on the aloe plant, however, the most popular and the ones we all know are aloe vera or aloe, that is, the same product.

Therefore, are the same properties, benefits and are bought in the same places.

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