The seven benefits of dried cranberries

Dried cranberries

The Dried cranberries, which are ideal to be taken during breakfast, both with cereals and alone, or as part of a salad at noon or at dinner, they are a food with many interesting properties.

Obtained in a similar way to raisins (partially dehydrating the blueberries fresh, with a system similar to that used with grapes), they have a large amount of dietary fiber, vitamins and Antioxidants, so its consumption represents multiple benefits for the human body:

  1. Delay aging
  2. Prevent cancer
  3. Reduce blood cholesterol levels
  4. They protect the cardiovascular system
  5. Regulate intestinal transit
  6. Prevent strokes
  7. Reduce the risk of degenerative diseases
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The less positive part is that, as you may have seen, and unlike most foods we talk about in this blog, losing weight does not appear among the benefits to include dried cranberries in our diet.


Properties of dried cranberries

There are several properties that we must highlight of dehydrated blueberries. Because in this way we will realize that it is another of those essential foods in our diet.

  • The Cranberries improve dental health, as they will prevent bacteria from remaining on our teeth. In the same way, we will get stronger gums.
  • Count on vitamin C, as well as D, E, and B.
  • Among the minerals we highlight both Potassium and Magnesium, Iron and Phosphorus.
  • It is a perfect antioxidant. As we well know, antioxidants must always be in our balanced diet. They help prevent the aging of cells.
  • Thanks also to Antioxidants, our eye health will improve. So this type of blueberry is said to prevent cataracts.

Calories in dried cranberries

100 grams of dried cranberries have a total of 308 calories. Of these, they have 1,4 grams of fat, as well as 82 grams of carbohydrates, of which we break down 65 grams of sugars and 6 grams of fiber. Without forgetting that it also contains 40 mg of Potassium and 3mg of Sodium. While the amount of protein in those 100 grams is only 0,1 gram.

Are they used to lose weight?

Dehydrated cranberries

The truth is that no. We are facing one of the foods that has great properties and benefits for our health. But always within a responsible consumption. When we are on a diet or want to lose weight, the first thing we have to get out of our sight are those products that contain sugars. So the dried cranberries contain it and a lot. Hence, they are not advised when we try to lose weight. That does not mean that on a specific day we can take a small handful of them. It must be remembered that dehydrated ones have 308 calories per 100 grams, while blueberries without being dry, have some 50 calories with a sugar content of 9,96 grams. So this option is healthier.

Recommended daily amount

Although they usually contain sugars in the dehydration process. The Dried cranberries They are also another of the foods to consider. They have numerous properties and benefits, as long as we consume them in a balanced way.

It is not a question of eliminating certain products from our diet. But, to take them in smaller quantities and in a balanced way so as not to alter our organism. In this case, we always take as a measure, half a handful, (around 10 grams), instead of counting one by one, if we are on a diet. If not, we may well consume a handful. For people who usually drink this fruit juice, it is best not to drink more than three glasses a day.

Can diabetics have dried cranberries?

Dried cranberries

It is true that it is an option with a lot of sugar. For this reason, in general terms, dehydrated fruits are usually left aside, and more so if you are diabetic. But there are options such as raisins, taken in meals and in very small quantities, which is a good idea. As for dried cranberries, it is better to follow the same path. We will save them for special occasions and take a small amount. You can look for some brand with less sugar, or without added sugars, since the vast majority bet on them. It must be remembered that they have flavonoids that decrease insulin resistance.

Contraindications of dried cranberries

At all times we talk about it being a food with many properties and benefits. But it is not exempt from contra-indications either. Because it has them and we must know them:

  • El weight gain it is one of the contra-indications already mentioned. The truth is that when we abuse a food like this, full of sugars, we are clear that we can gain weight if we do not control the intake of them.
  • Stomach problems: Since in this case it is linked to excessive consumption. Since if we take high amounts, we will notice some stomach pain as well as indigestion. We must remember that they are rich in fiber and that with adequate consumption it will benefit us, but if we go overboard, we will notice the opposite. It can cause gastritis.

And, although its regular consumption is recommended for many aspects of health (as reflected in the list above), the same does not happen in terms of weight. The blueberries Dried should be taken in moderation if you want to keep the line, as they have a fairly high percentage of calories.

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