500 calorie diet

Apple for the 500 calorie diet

The apple is part of the diet

La 500 calorie diet It is designed for those who need to lose many kilos. It is important to bear in mind that it is a diet that is only recommended to make it maximum One day a weekSince it is based on only 500 calories a day, it cannot be done every day because it would be bad for your health and you could get sick.

This regimen is usually done just the day after some excess, such as some type of party or birthday where we are sure that we have passed in the number of calories, fat and sweets. For example in our case we usually do mondays after a weekend where we have skipped the normal diet.

As a supplement to the diet, it is essential drink much liquid to hydrate well and facilitate waste removal. You also have to do a minimum of physical exercise three times a week to achieve the greatest fat loss.

500 calorie diet breakfast

Pineapple for breakfast on the 500 calorie diet

Breakfast on the 500 calorie diet will consist of a generous slice of natural pineapple. In this way we add a good amount of fiber that will help us go to the bathroom on a regular basis. As a complement to the fiber, you can take an infusion that will help to satisfy you if you are used to more copious breakfasts and 3 light cookies.

At mid-morning we will have another infusion and an apple. They have very few calories and provide a good number of essential vitamins. It also has a satiating effect that will allow us to arrive at mealtime without that feeling of voracious hunger.

500 calorie diet lunch

The main meal of the day consists of 2 hard-boiled eggs, a salad plate tomato, onion, carrot and broccoli. For dessert we will have another apple.

In the middle of the afternoon we will take another infusion to choose from the one that we like the most.

As a snack we will take 1 skimmed yogurt (if you want you can a sweetener) and we will accompany it with an infusion.

Without a doubt, this is a good lunch example for the 500 calorie diet.

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La cena

500 calorie diet dinner

At dinner we are going to give a little more freedom, being able to choose between 100 grams of lean meat (chicken or turkey) grilled or some kind of baked fish. As a complement it will have a small portion of salad or stewed vegetables and an infusion.

We hope that this 500 calorie diet works for you well and you will achieve your goals of weight reduction in a controlled and healthy way.

How much do you lose on the 500 calorie diet?


Many things are said about how much weight you can lose with the 500 calorie diet, it will always depend on your metabolism and the exercise with which you accompany it.

It is a very hypocaloric diet and you can lose 3 kilos in a week if it is carried out to the letter. If you want to lose weight fast, you should not miss this diet that teaches you how to lose weight in one day.

Menus for the 500 calorie diet

Hard-boiled egg

The diet is very strict, but to notice the results you must comply to the letter. Infusions are very important, as they help you to calm your appetite and accelerate the burning of fat, especially if you drink green tea. They should always be taken without added sugar, or else, with natural sweetenerl.

With this diet you lose weight quickly, however, we advise taking a supplement that inhibits the sensation of appetite.

Woman abdomen
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Here are two more examples of menus to make the diet.


  • Infusion to taste with sweetener. All you want.
  • Black coffee, dairy-free and sugar-free. You can add sweetener.
  • Infusion and a small toast of wholemeal bread with grated tomato or light jam. Be careful, the toast must be small and wholemeal bread since it is a diet without bread.


  • Two hard-boiled eggs and as much spinach as you like, boiled, steamed, or raw.
  • Grilled chicken or fish breast with assorted spices and tomato and lettuce salad. An apple for dessert.
  • A hard-boiled egg, striped carrots, and Gruyère cheese.


  • 150 grams of grilled lean red meat and a savory green seasoned with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  • 150 grams of cooked ham and a green salad.
  • Homemade Macedonia and skimmed yogurt.
  • Two hard-boiled eggs and carrot salad.

Considerations on the 500 calorie diet

Green tea infusion

This diet it is not intended to be carried out for many consecutive days, rather, it is a crash diet for the day we have overindulged in some food.

It is recommended to consume hot infusions and do some exercise on the day that the regime is fulfilled, thus conducive to fat loss.

As it is a very restrictive diet and keeps away large amounts of other vital foods for the proper functioning of the body, we should not do it for a long period of time. It should be done just one day a week. If she was abused yes, there would be the possibility of suffering the dreaded rebound effect and regain all the lost kilos.

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  1.   claudia said

    The truth is that I don't know how many calories I should consume per day…. how can I know so as not to gain weight and maintain myself ..

  2.   Elvia said

    I will try to do it, I hope it works for me

  3.   constance said

    Hello, first of all, thanks for this diet, second, I have been doing it for a month because I was thirty kilos overweight and I have been eating a five hundred calorie diet for a month, and I have lost five kilos, now I would like to know if you have another too, or can I substitute for other foods. Thank you.

    1.    Isabel said

      friend, it is not advisable to do a 500 calorie diet without supervision since your body reacts and begins to store fat as a reserve instead of eliminating it this diet I have heard it more for people who do treatment with hcg drops that are to lose weight weight and are working by removing "bad fat" and helping you maintain energy.

      It is better that you consult with someone since you are overweight and that is not healthy for your health.


    2.    Amelia said

      Dieting without supervision is fatal there is a rebound from lost weight and metabolic complications Facebook.com/vivriproductos

  4.   Santiago said

    good morning ... the truth impresses me with this diet ... in 5 days I lost 5 kg, the secret is not to eat more! just enough and necessary! And if it helps them, it is best to do a walk of an hour or so at a high pace, or a jog of 45 minutes without losing rhythm, so that the excess fat of the day is burned, I also advise a physical activity of half an hour in the morning before having breakfast since the body is empty and the process of burning fat is accelerated ...
    Finally, if you are looking for a good, nutritious diet that does not increase your body fat, I advise you instead of eating so many things to choose a good salad at noon, (eggs, lettuce and tomato) or a good broth with pumpkin or things like that! ... no noodles or bread, cookies if possible and do not eat sweets !!! ... the most important thing. chewing gum (chewing gum) is a good hobby, it keeps your mouth occupied and without hunger, the best thing about it is that it has few calories! ... a hug to all, I hope I have served and remember that «you do not have to kill each other to lose weight »just put your own will and a little effort, not everything is from heaven! ...

  5.   dory said

    do not stain how you can perform these diets that only
    They alter the metabolism because the day they stop doing it they will gain weight again, the most effective thing is to exercise
    and try to eat as healthy as possible.
    The secret of the thin ones is that when they feel full they stop eating no matter how much they leave on the plate and we fat people do not stop to see the avocado, if we are already satisfied, there is no need to hurt the dresser and leave it still this very rich this is my best advice that I can give you and eat everything but in moderate quantities and exercise

  6.   karina ruiz said

    You see it, it's better to take it, exactly, I sell it, I'm from Mexicali bc, you can eat healthy food and one capsule a day, which will help you control the cravings for fats and soft drinks. I'm from Mexicali, bc 686-8-39-48-02

  7.   daisy said

    The vdd I am going to try it from tomorrow, March 30 and I am going to try it in the week to see how much I can lose, the vdd is ke if I need to lose weight because I weigh 74 kilos and I measure only 1.60mts and I am overweight and fatty liver, so ke I will try, I know it works if it is carried out to the letter and I want to do that, and later if I achieve my goal to lose 14 kilos, I will follow the plan of 1600 0 1900 calories to keep me !!!!

  8.   Elizabeth said

    I went on a 500 calorie diet for 8 days and lost 4 kilos.
    After 1000 and with that I have kept a total of 9 kilos, and I have not gone back up.
    The good thing is that you get used to eating little, so the first days are difficult, then you get used to it and you don't go hungry.

  9.   samira said

    Hello, I do go to that diet, xk I need to lose only a few kilos, for more I have 5 kilos.
    What are those light water cookies? Any special brand or something?
    Help me if you know, thank you. I'll tell you how my diet has gone in a week or so.

  10.   Naty said

    I will start a very good diet this Monday because I need to quickly lose 12 kilos so let's get to work there and I'll tell you how it went

  11.   alexa said

    Hello, I did this diet for 1 week and I lost 3 kilos, it's not bad at all and you are not hungry tomorrow I'm going to do the apple x 5 days and then I continue with this I need to lose 12 kilos during this month, xaoo, I'm telling you

  12.   theresa said

    I'm going to try this diet even though it makes me a little killer, I'll let you know how it went, bye bye

  13.   Carla said

    what is infusion? what does it have to be? can you explain to me? regards!

  14.   fabi said

    Hello!! I am going to try this diet, it does not look suffered, what I do recommend to all those who want to follow it, vary with the food, do not rely only on the menu above, what would help you a lot is to search the internet for a table calories from food, and thus, form a menu at ease consuming the same calories, the most important thing is to eat products that give you a great contribution of hydration, believe me you will need it since your body is not used to a low contribution caloric, from time to time you can get dizzy or very tired, supplement this diet with exercise at least 3 times a week and instead of losing 2 kilos in a week you can lose up to 4 but you have to be constant, do not let yourself fall for The temptations such as the chocolate cake, or the piece of pizza and all those things that are not necessary for your body, you can eat them from time to time I recommend that you take advantage of Sundays, that is what I do and throughout a week that you worry a lot about what you eat because later it is typical that it gives regret «why did I eat it? After you've already lost your extra pounds, you're going to feel so proud of yourself and with higher self-esteem than anyone, that pants that didn't fit right now are going to stay loose, isn't it great? ……. That's why I give you all my help and for whatever you need, just follow me on my twitter: fabylopez_JBlov bye take care of yourself …… I hope you find my advice useful ..

  15.   xime said

    Today I started with a diet and from what I realized I only consumed 350 calories and I have not been so hungry, it is magnificent or could it be that my stomach that is getting used to eating little I hope that your diet will work for God

  16.   paula said

    Hello, today I started the diet, it seemed super 😀 at 12 days I tell you how tal

  17.   Batman said

    This diet is a real savagery, and by the way it is also quite useless.

    A normal adult requires a caloric intake of approximately 2000 Calories, and a very obese person can easily require 3000-3500 calories. We are talking about a normal person only consuming 25% of the amount they need to run their body.

    Does that make us lose weight? The answer is yes, you lose weight quickly, but very aggressively, which can cause heart problems, in addition to the fact that the protein intake of this diet is very low, causing the body to extract proteins from the muscles, (which by certainly contributes to the illusion of having lost weight) causing sagging in the dieter.

    What is the main problem? The metabolism will drop a lot, causing that, when you go back to normal eating, in view of the energy shortage to which you have been subjected for 12 days, the body will decide to store all the energy consumed, causing the so-called rebound effect, which consists of gaining weight again and even gaining a few pounds as a gift.

    I find it quite regrettable to publish this diet without clearly explaining the risks to which one is exposed,

  18.   Andrea said

    Hello a question, what are the water cookies? thanks greetings..

  19.   citla said

    Sorry for the ignorance ... but can someone tell me what "infusion of choice" is?
    I do not understand.

  20.   Nancy said

    infusion I imagine it is like a tea or not?

  21.   Anya said

    "An infusion of choice" means that you can choose the infusion you want, cinnamon, vanilla, and so on.
    I combined this diet with a few daily sit-ups at home, and with little exercises, such as instead of going up the elevator to your house ... going up the stairs, and things like that, and in 12 days I managed to go down 7 kilos.
    Of course ... then you have to eat a balanced diet ... because if not, REBOUND EFFECT and goodbye the effort.

  22.   Rubí said

    I got very depressed so without wanting to want to, I did this diet because I did not want to eat anything ... I lost a lot of weight in a short time! : Yes but it's not the best way to lose weight I guess ...

    Infusions are teas, chamomiles, any herb put in a filter bag, let's go! And I also think that it can be exchanged with coffee that has few calories and a lot of antioxidants ... water cookies are the ones that have almost nothing but salt, flour and water in their ingredients: Yes, but I think a pita or bread is healthier integral arabic ...

  23.   Ivan de la Jara said

    Losing more than 1 kg per emana is bad for your health, it is the reason why they say that fat people have but health and suffer more heart attacks ... it is not being fat but doing diets like this and leading a sedentary life ...

  24.   LILY said

    As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I find it shameful that documents like this exist, based on nothing, not very credible and also extremely dangerous to health.
    A 500 calorie diet is not recommended even for a person who is bedridden, each one has a basal metabolism (caloric requirement of the body even when not developing any activity, eg lying in bed 24 hours) to which must be added the Burnout due to activity, every body generates a demand, even if you are sitting at work all day, or even if you do not carry out any activity. To say that with a 500 calorie diet you can lose weight is true, but it is also true that after two days You will find yourself without strength, a week depressed and exhausted, at 15 days on the verge of going crazy (of course you do not have enough glucose to think clearly) and a month a worrying deficiencies that could lead to admission.
    I strongly discourage it, the person who has an obesity problem who goes to the gym and asks for a specific training for him and the nutritionist for a diet based on health and good results, will certainly be slower but it will be correct, within the limits of what is healthy and will keep you motivated and lucid to continue with your purpose

    1.    Stellaly said

      If you are a nutritionist, you should know that not all of us are the same. In my case, I was 6 months on medical diets and I did not lose more than 6 kg. Now, on my own, I am doing the scardale distance of 700 calories and I lose 5 kg per month, which I should have lost with a 1500 and my initial overweight was 45 kg! I do 3 hours of aorobics a week and diets to the letter, explain to me how 2 different doctors could not make me lose weight, and I always did everything to the letter

  25.   ana said

    Excellent but the idea is not to eat more than you can afford

  26.   LILY said

    The idea is to eat the minimum that your body demands to stay alive and believe me, it is more than 500 calories, scientifically proven, look for it wherever you want

  27.   karen said

    Well, I do this diet without having found it here and apart I have two babies I work at night and I have been working at night for almost two weeks and I feel very good. I think I do want to lose weight fast. If it is recommended to do this diet, but if nothing else, organize your hours. So they can get enough sleep and they can also take vitamins (I'm not doing it) I have lost 3 kilos in a week, so many do not like the diet but it is up to everyone how they feel comfortable but if you want to lose weight fast i lose more fat and muscle you will have to exercise apart from diet !!!!!!

  28.   LOLA said


  29.   Cinthia said

    hello the truth I do not agree very much with this type of diets ... I am a mother of two children and the truth is I cannot regain my weight ... I am with 10 kilos more ... so I'm going to try this diet, I have a lot of faith ... I hope that This sacrifice is worth it because I see that it has already served many ... greetings to all

  30.   renata said

    hello the truth seems to me great the diet of 500 cal after seeing such good comments with positive results I think it is worth the sacrifice tomorrow I start it I do not know if I can hold it I will try to take it accompanied by walks ::: I already tell you how it went regards

  31.   Anonymous said

    And what about the rebound effect?

    1.    the sleeves of the dead said

      but that heavy with the rebound effect .. it shows that they have never suffered from real overweight .. WHEN ONE LOSES ALL THOSE KILOS, AND THAT COST THE DROP "GODA" SWEAT EVERY KILO, uta .. you hardly ever EAT again .. but that you feed yourself again !! WHAT IS THAT OF GOING BACK TO EATING NORMAL? you have to feed yourself not eat .. I HAVE BEEN 8 YEARS WITH MY WEIGHT, thanks to a 700 calorie diet that I do 30 days, and every 6 months I do a fast again (3 days with broths, tea, slimming juices) I HAVE NEVER BEEN BACK TO SLEEVE OR EAT IN EXCESS AS BEFORE !! or what do they call rebound? When one is overweight or morbidly obese, you really don't want to go through that again AND YOU LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF .. SO THAT REBOUND EFFECT .. NO LOWER IT NOW ?? You are bad net ..

      1.    Daniela said

        In addition, the stomach is what you get used to, once you eat well, your stomach becomes a habit, and it sets its limit, it becomes smaller 🙂

  32.   Paty said

    Well, I am a person with hyperobesity, I went to the nutritionist and he gave me the following diet:

    Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar, without milk and without coloring agents, a slice of whole wheat toast.

    Snack: an orange

    Lunch: grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato

    Snack: a carrot

    Dinner: coffee or tea without sugar or polishing agents, an oil-free egg and an orange.

    In addition to walking 30 minutes a day and drinking 3 liters of water daily.
    I'm following everything to the letter, but I feel terrible, all day tired and with a headache, will my nutritionist be okay?

    1.    the sleeves of the dead said

      Your nutritionist has given you a very good diet, check you have metabolic accelerators at breakfast such as coffee, you (green accelerates more, red is fat burning) toasted bread gives you carbohydrates, full digestive orange and like all citrus it helps to mobilize Fat reserves, lunch and dinner have protein and vegetables (zero carbs only allow you at breakfast), now you feel like it, drink more green tea so that your head does not hurt, and it will give you much more energy by taking it from your reserves fats, flaxseed tea, birdseed tea, celery tea, pineapple tea, cucumber tea, alternate with those infusions and you will see that your fatigue disappears, 8 years ago I lost 48 kilos .. it was not easy BUT I ACHIEVED IT. .in 5 months.

      1.    Paty said

        48 kilos ?? magnificent!!! I need to lose 57 kg, it is a world of kilos, but I have a lot of willpower, my motivation is my daughter ...

        1.    miriam said

          I'm paty, miriam, I'm waiting for your answer, but you haven't sent it to me. I would appreciate it if you answer my little message.

          1.    mime said

             They know that it is much better and does not allow to lower any level ... SPIRULINE ALGAE.
            don't forget, ok.
            greetings and God bless you.

          2.    Mirage57 said

            Well, I am a person with hyperobesity, I went to the nutritionist and he gave me the following diet:
            Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar, without milk and without coloring agents, a slice of whole wheat toast.
            Snack: an orange
            Lunch: grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato
            Snack: a carrot
            Dinner: coffee or tea without sugar or polishing agents, an oil-free egg and an orange.
            In addition to walking 30 minutes a day and drinking 3 liters of water daily.

          3.    terliz23 said

            please be very careful with the diets you do .. not everyone is the same what works for each other no .. the body needs all the nutrients and you can lose weight without suffering so much .. just eat for Servings Try to eat low carbohydrates at lunchtime at dinner like broccoli or legume salads. the weakness means that the body is not receiving enough energy and can cause anemia or other conditions .. start to substitute processed foods for whole grains, eat fruits such as pineapple, pears, green apples, berries while darker better example bluberries. try to eat natural or organic foods. like every 3 to 4 hours and drink a lot of water .. green tea and red tea can help the process. I hope this information will help you .. you have exercised at least 4 times a week and believe me you will reduce, without suffering not dieting boring. Your body is a gift from God for that reason we must take care of it ... and not take it to a level of suffering, you suffer and your body suffers.

        2.    Kiri01 said

          hello could you give me the diet you used to lose so many kilos x fas ...

      2.    Marce said

        How did you do to lose so many kilos, in addition to the willpower, what diet were you doing?

      3.    Chraga5 said

         Tell me how you managed to lose so much weight in such a short time I need to lose 35 kilos and I still can't do it

      4.    Sc_arlet_2006 said

        friend, can you give me your diet? I have to lose weight in 5 months and it's at least 4 kilos

    2.    HUSBAND said

      Hello Paty! And how is your diet going ???… a little thing, can you tell me for how long? Is the egg eaten every night?… .Because they say that too much egg is bad… well, you tell me!

      1.    Paty said

        Hello Mari, I am doing super well with the diet, today I went to the nutritionist again and I have lost 3.800 kg in just one week !!!!, I already got rid of the headache, I think it was something to get used to, the most Surprisingly, I have found that I fill up on little food, and I feel wonderfully good. I tell you that I am going to go to the nutritionist every week to check my progress, this time I leave the same diet for another week and he told me that if I continued like this he would increase some energy bar and skim milk or yogurt ... the egg is every night At dinner with coffee and an orange, I recommend that you do the diet if you suffer from hyperobesity and if you follow everything to the letter, you will be surprised by the results, and next week I will tell you the other diet ... patys@live.com … Greetings

        1.    Daniela said

          Ufff, I think I'm signing up for that diet… I need to lose 10 kilos: (… ​​let's see if my willpower works for me!

        2.    miriam said

          Hi Pati, I'm Miriam, I like your diet but you know I feel like I'm a desperate person, do you think I'm going to get fast results, and my weight is like 105 kilos, and something else is the egg with everything and I can do it sewn and alone. vegetables like gitomate and onion.

          1.    vasty001 said

            What is an infusion? And how is it prepared? Thanks

          2.    Yessi said

            an infusion is a tea ...
            Anyone is an infusion

          3.    Stella said

            Hello Miriam, do not despair, do the diet that you do your kilos will not disappear because of magic, everything is a matter of being constant and responsible, if one day you go off the diet, continue in the following meals, I started with 103 and In 2 months I lost 10 kg and I plan to continue until I lose 30 more aumn that will take me a year, patience, effort and a lot of will! luck ... Stella

        3.    Gloria Ojeda said


          1.    Yessi said

            You cannot eat chilean since that would increase the 500 calories

      2.    raulito said

        The eggs are blue

    3.    Mario Alberto Mora said

       Good contribution Paty… Thanks for sharing.


    4.    nssa said


      1.    Closed said

        What is an infusion?

    5.    Angieegood said

      If you feel bad it is better that you consult a good doctor followed by a chiica nutritionist, that is not normal! 

    6.    Dani said

      Hello Paty, I see that your msg is d 2 months ago, but I hardly see it, I want to know how you are going, how much have you managed to go down, I am also on a 500 cal diet but I am taking the hcg drops, until now I am very well, I started the drops without the diet the vdd hehehe, but even so I already lost 14 kilos, in a month and a half, I was at 93 and now I weigh 79, 1 week ago I started to do the diet hehe, just and yesterday I weighed and only huh I have lost 1 kilo, but I have lost many measures and my body looks really different, I want to know how it goes, why do I finish my drops and I want to know if it will be okay to continue doing the diet without the drops hehehe, rough your answer and cheer up, I know if we can. Thanks!!!

    7.    Mermaid75 said

      I have started today, I have to lose 20 kilos! I am very motivated, I hope not to decline!

    8.    yancygabrielamoreno said

      Hey, and how have you been, I am a person in the same situation as you, many extra kilos, and tried millions of things, help answer if I anoint you.

    9.    Rocio Gutierrez said

      Hello, I have a doctor who specializes in obesity, overweight and anti-aging, it is very good there are patients who have lost up to 45 kilos in just 10 weeks, without looking emaciated, on the contrary, patients are rejuvenated, because obesity is hormone problems is not only stop eating because that will not improve are hormonal problems, those interested call 3186637231 he serves in various parts of the country

  33.   BettyMartell said


  34.   BettyMartell said

    x fabor I think I need more motivation and x more k I can not lose weight and x if I am missing something I am a person who retains a lot of liquids someone could help me ?????????????????? ???????

  35.   angel_river08 said

    Can you have a glass of milk for breakfast?

  36.   marissa silva angle said

    Hello, my name is Marissa, I have 15 kilos more, aka I start a diet, it is about eating almost pure fruit and a piece of breast a day I do 3o minutes of bike but I despair I would like to go more! What else can I do 🙁

  37.   stephanychivis said

    I want to do this day but I don't understand what you mean by infusion, could you explain to me ??? And I can do it even if I am breastfeeding, because I have a cesaria, I have not been able to exercise but I gained almost 30 kilos with my baby

  38.   vg said

    Reducing chlorine intake to 500 calories can be dangerous, our body requires a minimum of calories to function, and that number depends on our age, height and weight. Please do not go on this diet without first finding out how many calories you require. The risks are serious.

    Reducing 25% of the calories that our body requires is more than enough to lose weight at a good pace, without losing balance and without putting ourselves at risk.

    There are no miracle diets, if we want to lose weight we have to accept why we gain weight in the first place, analyze our diet and our physical activity. It is not that difficult, the difficult thing is to accept our mistakes, and the responsibility we have for our diet.

    I weighed 205 kilos, now I weigh 145, I still have to lose 20 kilos to be happy (I am a guy of almost two meters, it has been a long process (so far it has been 28 months) but the results have me happy and proud, I have had to combine a 2300 calorie diet with a very hard training regimen, but it is worth it, and I feel great, apart from that I am sure that I can maintain this life for the rest of my life, that means that I will never allow myself get fat again.

    Be careful, and I hope the editors of this page will be more careful when posting such dangerous advice.

    1.    Cardigan said

      Not at all, I'm on a 500 calorie diet and the first week the only bad thing was the headache, but I've been with the same number of daily calories for 5 weeks now, although alternating foods so that it doesn't become monotonous, and I'm in it. rather, to date I have lost 15 kilos and I feel super good, I think it depends on each person, I have morbid obesity and therefore a lot of fat reserves, so a person who is 10 kilos overweight is not the same as another like I'm 60 overweight ...
      My nutritionist says that everything is in the mind, you have to program to endure such a rigorous diet, right now I am in the detoxification phase, so within 4 weeks, that my nutritionist will increase me 200 more calories, and so on every 2 months until get to consume 1800 calories a day, which will be the diet that takes for life! :)

  39.   rak said

    I am a person who put me on a crash diet of up to 300 kcal doing 3 sports at the same time and studying, I weighed about 120kg and did not lose weight, I know how hard diets and exercise are and even more when you are young. 
    My current diet is 900 kcal and I have only 1 sport left to lose 30 to be out of risk, my nutritionist tells me that I should eat more while having stomach surgery, I don't understand  

  40.   mile_riera said

    Hi, I'm Mile, I need a diet to lose 15 kilos very quickly. 

  41.   mile_riera said


  42.   SOLEDAD CABRERA said

    Hello, my question is the infusion that can be, because I only drink is mate and in that case as it says an infusion, should I drink something else? Or can the mate with sweetener be unlimited? THANK YOU

  43.   juliabrown05 said

    hello my name is julia i am 27 years old i had a tummy tuck 2 months ago but i am still a bit chubby i would like some advice what kind of diet would be good for me

  44.   fabiola said

    Hello paty, this is the diet you are doing and how many kilos are you going to lose, tell me if it worked for you, please thank you, I appreciate it

  45.   Emina Ishino said

    What physical activity do you recommend to lower what this diet says, if it is 3 times a week ... could it be cycling or walking? but how long a day? mmm bike about 20 minutes will it work ?? y7 how many liters of water a day about 2 ??

  46.   faguii said

    Hello, well, what you recommend, although if you are a person like me who is afraid of gaining weight, I'll tell you some things that I did 4 months ago: 4 months ago I weighed 210 pounds and I went on a diet but I invented it same! In short, the diet consists of eating a cookie with nothing in the morning, lunch and dinner! either with natural soda, coffee or water and you can add one less fruit, preferably a different fruit per day and do 15 minutes of daily exercise is helped me a lot and now I weigh 60 pounds less! and choose any day in which you will eat normally! I recommend you on Sunday but do not stop exercising, do it every day 😀 it works

  47.   alex said

    I am 19 and I am over 50 kilos. I just signed up for the gym .. they recommend me to follow this diet and if so, how much would I go per month ..?

  48.   amandagr92 said

    I do not like anything or infusions or coffee or tea, any other suggestions to drink ??

  49.   Carla said

    Before I was very well, I ate what I wanted, I did sports regularly and I did not get fat. When my basketball team was canceled I stopped playing sports and in a year and a half I gained about 10 kilos. Now I have started to control my diet and do half an hour on the treadmill daily, but bfff I have a hard time controlling myself and continuing with the daily exercise.
    I would like, if someone knew, to tell me some way to lose weight faster or easier without putting my health at risk, of course.

  50.   Paty said

    Hello people of NutridietaI'm Paty, after a year of diets, I started with 500 calories for almost 3 months, until I learned to eat healthily, in February 2012 I started my diet, and I weighed 128 kilos, today, April 10, 2013, I am weighing 63 kilos :), not easy, 65 kilos down in a year, I must confess that the first three months I lost between 30 and 32 kilos, since I was on the 500 calorie diet, in the following 9 months, I lost around 5 kilos per month, but I can say that I achieved my goal, although I am missing about 5 kilos to be at my ideal weight, I am no longer going to force my body, I eat healthily and I exercise 4 times a week and from time to time I give myself my tastes. Today I am here to tell you that if it is possible, I will achieve it with professional help, but without any pills or strange things, if I achieve it you can too, of course it is difficult, but I will pass on to you a phrase that my friend once told me. nutritionist, “patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet”…

    1.    pleated said

      Hello, could you share your 500 calorie diet again, I read that breakfast is a cup of tea and a slice of whole wheat bread, is that all? It seems to me that it lacks some protein, but if the doctor prescribes you well then I ask you to answer me to do it, just as you know that with patience and dedication the true results are obtained, I will be waiting for your answer. Thank you

  51.   Ferrán said

    Hello, not all diets are valid for all people. My recommendation is to visit an endocrine doctor and let him or her adapt your diet to your personal characteristics. There are foods that make some people lose weight and others gain weight. The first time I was told that someone made lettuce fat, I was checked. Until the doctor explained it to me.
    And my personal experience is that without exercise there is nothing to do. Try to walk to work if it is within a kilometer radius if your health allows it.

  52.   jasmine said

    Well, they say a lot that this diet is bad, but what they don't know is that everyone can do whatever they want with their diet! And apart if someone wants to lose all these kilos this is their right and responsibility. and if she is happy thin or thin that good is simply an individual matter 😀

  53.   Gemmy said

    Hello, I loved reading so many comments about these obvious diets with different opinions. I tell you that I have been on a similar diet for a week of approximately 500 calories a day and 2 liters of water, which I did not even drink before and only yesterday I started going to the gym and I have lost 6 kilos in a week at first I weighed 112 and I am 106 and so far fine without hunger or headache, I just hope everything continues well and I'll tell you 😉 I have tried many things, I also have hypothyroidism and I finally see results.

  54.   kathy said

    Hello, I would like to lose 10 kilos, I weigh 55 and I am 1.55 I do not like my body at all, I will try this diet and I will tell you how it went, before I had already done a diet but much more extreme, I barely ate an apple a day and went victim of the rebound effect because my parents discovered me and made me eat a lot, I lost 6 kilos and then I gained 13 !! It was horrible, I hope I do well

  55.   MC said

    Let's see if we learn to READ, because the first thing the article says is that it only be done 1 DAY IN A WEEK since such a restrictive diet is HARMFUL.
    Stop being stupid because the only thing that works to lose weight is to have WILL POWER, a mind to NOT OVERTEND EATING, and do DAILY SPORTS.

  56.   veronica said

    In 1997 a girl named Lauren was walking in a forest, then suddenly she disappeared, no one ever found her until 2000 when another girl called Mary found her body and some marks on her chest said: she was not beautiful enough ”and now what do you do? read this she will appear in your mirror saying that you are not beautiful enough and will kill you! (by the way the girl named Mary died shortly after) In order to save you paste this on others? 10 more questions. THIS IS TRUE because the grandfather did not die or the grandmother did not catch the needle in the neck

  57.   karina said

    Infusion is a tea, it can be herbal, lemon, cinnamon, etc.

  58.   luciana said

    2 eggs every day ???

  59.   claudia said

    The diet is only one week, then you rest for 2 weeks and you can do it again, then modernize your way of eating and you can maintain the lost weight without rebound effect, you have to have willpower, and seeing that you lose weight motivates you to keep going. Courage, this diet is just a motivation to learn to eat in small amounts so that your body gets used to it ... good luck to everyone and try to try it to lose those extra kilos that one has. Then you can supplement with a low carbohydrate diet and you will achieve your objectives…

  60.   claudia said

    The diet is only one week, then you rest for 2 weeks and you can do it again, then you moderate your way of eating and you can keep the weight lost without rebound effect, you have to have willpower, and seeing that you lose weight motivates you to keep going. Courage, this diet is just a motivation to learn to eat in small amounts so that your body gets used to it ... good luck to everyone and try to try it to lose those extra kilos that one has. Then you can supplement with a low carbohydrate diet and you will achieve your objectives…

  61.   Dukan Diet said

    In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult diets to do. You have to have a lot of willpower and count the 500 calories to the millimeter. My favorite is the Dukan Diet. It's very good

  62.   fraud said

    The diet seems to me that it is not for everyone and there is also the famous rebound effect, I say it with knowledge of the cause, I did thousands of diets but with little results and then I stopped and gained weight again, I learned to eat healthily and without restrictions with the diet in the area, there I learned to see the carbohydrates and proteins to eat, what amounts, and it gives me results, little by little I see that my body is changing, I feel better, and with only a few changes.Even for more demanding there are products that maintain these proportions, such as those of enerzona. I hope it serves someone. Greetings

  63.   Male said

    Hello, this diet is effective, I speak properly, that if you have to have willpower and exercise, in 7 days I have just lost 8 kilos.
    Last year I already did it but from 800 to 1000 calories per day plus exercise and I lost an average of 3 kilos per week. In total I lost 28 kilos from October to January. Then I left it and from January to July I recovered 11.
    I am 34 years old, I measure 194 and weight right now 114.
    Of course, be careful with dizziness it can be dangerous, but it is effective.

  64.   MARIA PAULA said


  65.   LOLA BALMACEDA said


  66.   Laura said

    I have been doing this diet for almost two months. I always do it the same day of the week. The first few times it gets tough and you feel very hungry and dizzy, but then it gets easier.
    As I am not fat and my body is very efficient, it is difficult for me to lose it, only two and a half kilos, but I take it as something in the long term.
    I choose other ingredients that I like better, but always trying not to exceed 500 calories. I am missing the physical activity part, since I am going through a very sedentary phase and that does not help.
    As other people who have tried it say, it reduces your appetite in general, which is very good.
    I think it is very good for those of us who do not have the will power to follow a diet every day and it helps to maintain weight if you have a tendency to gain weight.