Diet to deflate your abdomen in 2 days

Do you need to deflate your abdomen?

Do you need to deflate your abdomen?

¿How to deflate the belly? This is a perfect diet for all those people who need to deflate their tummies in a short time and make their abdomen flatter. It is a plan in which you do not incorporate a lot of food, and if you do it to the letter, in addition to deflating, it will allow you to lose weight about 1 ½ kilo.

It is a diet recommended both for those people who want to remove some of tummy and love handles, as for those who are feel bloated from gas and that causes them inconvenience.

As always this type of diet they are not recommended to be kept for more than two days since they can be dangerous for your health and you prolong it in excess.

Next you have the diet to lose weight belly. You will have to repeat the menu detailed below the two days that the diet lasts, only then will you be able to deflate your belly.

Menu for both days


Una infusion with a little honey or with a glass of fresh fruit juice choice.


An infusion of your choice and a skim yogurt.


A light vegetable broth, a generous portion of raw vegetable salad of your choice, a grapefruit or an orange and a cup of tea with sweetener. If you are more hungry you can have the amount of broth you want.

Mid afternoon

An infusion of your choice and a glass of skim milk.


An infusion of your choice and a toast of wholemeal bread spread with light white cheese. If you don't like cheese, you can change it for 100 grams of turkey ham.


A light vegetable broth such as chard, asparagus, tomatoes, etc. 70 grams of grilled chicken, a serving of raw or boiled vegetables of your choice, an apple or plum and a cup of green tea. You can drink the amount of broth you want.

Before going to bed it is important that you drink an infusion of your choice and / or a tangerine to help release fluids during the night.

And that's it, if you follow this diet for 2 days you will achieve deflate belly in an important way.

Tips to lose weight belly

Red tea helps release fluids

Red tea helps release fluids

Below we offer you a list of important tips that we must take into account for keep a flat stomach. They are not part of the diet, but are some interesting guidelines that will help you improve your figure and reduce fearsome belly.

  • Use little salt in your meals to avoid retaining fluids
  • For the same reason it is necessary that drink at least two liters of liquid up to date. Preferably in the form of water or green and red teas, since they help improve your intestinal transit, release toxins and mobilize the fats that have accumulated in your abdomen.
  • Don't eat fast. Eating excessively fast makes you not digest food well and produces gas. In addition, eating slowly makes you taste food more, enjoy it and fill yourself up sooner. Chew slowly so that food takes more than 20 minutes.
  • Avoid acidic drinks like alcohol, coffee, hot chocolate, etc since they can irritate the intestine and inflame your belly.
  • Watch out for sweeteners, as some sugar substitutes (such as maltitol) produce gas. It does not provide calories but it makes your belly more swollen so it is advisable to avoid them.
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Exercises to lose weight belly

  Sit-ups, a perfect exercise if you want to know how to deflate your belly

We must be constant with physical exercise and diet If we want to see optimal results in our figure, complement physical activities with a good diet so that nothing gets in the way of our goal.

La belly is one of hardest parts to lose fat and volume. However, there are many exercises designed to burn calories in this area, below we will tell you which ones are to obtain the best results.

Crunches from the floor 

The abdominals are the most recommended to reduce waist, tone the belly and eliminate localized fat in that area. We can find multiple types of abs, but we will focus on the most common, the ideal ones for anyone to practice both at home or in the gym.

With the help of a mat or mat lie on your back with theace legs bent and with your feet flat on the ground. Place your hands behind your head without exerting any pressure, lift your trunk by using force on your abdomen and always keep your spine straight, do not bend your neck or force it.

Ideally, perform 4 sets of 20 repetitions each.

You can increase the intensity of the exercise if you lift your legs off the ground.


In English it is known as plane, a very practical exercise that is becoming increasingly popular. In a few seconds many parts of the body are worked.

The posture is done in a very simple way. With the help of a mat, lie face down on the forearms and the tips of the skin. Keep the posture elevated but with your back straight. The elbows should be below the shoulders.

Balance for 20 seconds and perform 5 sets.

Frog's legs

Sit on a mat and keep your back straight and your legs bent in the air. Move your legs back and forth at the same time. Contract your abdomen and bring your legs and chest closer together. Perform 20 push-ups in 3 sets.

Stretching your abs 

Es important to stretch this areaWe must do it by lying on a mat with our whole body stretched out and our hands resting on the floor. You will have to raise your arms, so that the front of the body is raised back with the contracted belly. 

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Couple dancing

We also find some habits that help us lose belly fat, if you are one of those who find it difficult to exercise, we advise you to go for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for a walk and follow it with healthy habits.

  • Drink lots of water. Water is vital to detoxify the body, prevents bloating and helps digestion, relieves occasional constipation and gas. On average, it is stipulated that you should drink at least two liters of water a day.
  • Control your salt intake. Salt makes us gain weight as it causes us unnecessary fluid retention.
  • Get used to eating a balanced diet. This is achieved by measuring the amount of carbohydrates, fat and caloric products. You have to fill your fridge with low calorie foods, such as fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins, as well as essential fatty oils.
  • Eat small amounts 5 times a day. It is preferable to eat more times and less quantity in each feeding. This is key to keeping your metabolism active and burning more calories.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks. These make our belly swell without wanting to, even if you consume those that do not have sugars or calories, they are just as counterproductive. It is better to drink infusions, natural juices or water.

How to slim the abdomen in a woman

Woman's abdomen after following the diet to lose weight belly

The body of women is slightly different from that of men, and the peculiarities of some may make losing abdominal fat work for them and not for them. Next, we give you the keys if you are a woman and want to lose your belly.

  • YogaYoga is highly recommended to practice because it is a very healthy exercise, both for the body and the mind. Yoga will keep you active and will not strain your joints.
  • Practice any sport: No matter which one you choose, the rapport of being on a team keeps you active, it also helps you clear your responsibilities for a couple of hours. In addition, with that same sport you will be exercising many parts of the body without noticing it.
  • Dance: It is a good alternative because it is one of the most entertaining ways to lose weight. Practicing at least 20 minutes of dancing a day will keep you active and you will feel fulfilled.
  • Walk: the ideal thing is to walk at least 30 minutes a day, this simple exercise activates the body and if the abdomen contracts while walking you will be exercising it. The circulation will flow better and you will control the amount of oxygen that enters the lungs.

Slimming the belly in men

  Man's gut plants after following the advice on how to deflate the belly

Men are a little more active than women, they tend to have more physical activities in their day-to-day life and have the most assumed sport.

For them, it is advisable to lower their belly is to do the following:

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages: this is one of the first causes of the production of abdominal fat in men, therefore, it is the first step to follow. Lower your alcohol consumption and try to drink empty calorie free drinks with no added sugars.
  • Avoid sugar and fat: sugar and fat in the diet should be eliminated whenever possible. We refer to pastries, cookies, cakes, sweets or ice cream and sugary drinks. These are the most responsible for having fat in the abdomen.
  • Add more protein to your diet: increase the intake of foods rich in protein, blue fish, eggs, cheeses, natural yogurt, seeds, nuts and lean proteins.
  • Cut back on carbohydrates: these eventually turn into sugar and sugar into fat. If we get used to not consuming carbohydrates, our appetite will decrease so the weight loss will be greater. You just have to make an effort at the beginning of the change.
  • Introduce more fiber-rich foods: do not consume white bread, or rice and normal pasta, always try to look for their integral variants since they will provide you with a greater amount of fiber and will help you to expel toxins from the body more easily. If you want to eat some rice, follow this rice diet.
  • Practice physical exercise three times a week: any aerobic exercise is highly recommended, be it walking, running, cycling or doing a fitness session in the gym. This must be accompanied by good sleep habits, sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day and accompanied by a balanced diet.

There are many tips that we can write down and carry out to be able to get rid of abdominal fat. They are little tricks that we can gradually introduce into our lifestyle To achieve better health, you will feel better, with more energy and more courage to face your day. Have you tried the 500 calorie diet? We recommend it as another method to lose weight fast.

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  1.   elizabeth vargas loaiza said

    I am 14 years old, the boy I like, makes me look down for being fat and I want to lose weight but I can't but I will try

    1.    ysnita said

      Hello Elizabeth, first of all, do not be mortified by that boy if he despises you better because it is not worth it There are more important things in life such as learning to love yourself and how to assess yourself clearly that if you can lose weight I tried a Low carbohydrate diet like the one Atkins drinks 8 glasses of water every day and has fun in the process. but I suggest you visit a nutritionist before trying anything. If you say you've already tried everything, but for how long? learn to be persistent and be happy boys like to feel comfortable and happy with girls and if you are sad even if you are slim and pretty, the boys will never look for you always smile and learn to cope with everything with a good attitude. remember Attitude is almost everything

      1.    ysnita said

        Ho also exercising like walking, cycling or dancing also works. lucky

    2.    candy said

      I really understand you a lot but I am 11 and the boy I like likes my best friend I do my best to like him and I am very risky and then I understood that it is not worth suffering to hurt yourself for him and now we are very good friends and I love him ... <3 butooooooo I never said I don't like him anymore. I accept that he is a very nice boy to my liking but then later you will regret the truth I tell you why by making him like you you will ruin your friendship with him ... and the truth is very difficult to reconcile with morons like him ... for not valuing what He is valued… it cost me a lot to befriend him… well, be yourself and take THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE …… ..thanks for reading

    3.    candy said

      I really understand you a lot but I am 11 and the boy I like likes my best friend I do my best to like him and I am very risky and then I understood that it is not worth suffering to hurt yourself for him and now we are very good friends and I love him ... <3 butooooooo I never said I don't like him anymore. I accept that he is a very nice boy to my liking but then later you will regret the truth I tell you why by making him like you you will ruin your friendship with him ... and the truth is very difficult to reconcile with morons like him ... for not valuing what He is valued… it cost me a lot to befriend him… well, be yourself and take THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE …… .. thanks for reading bayyy <3 <3

  2.   Ivan said

    does this really work?

  3.   Antonia said

    Hello, what do you mean by infusion and how much to take?

  4.   Pepi said

    Hello. To lose weight and as a detoxifier, this diet will be good. But to avoid gases I don't think it works ...
    It includes dairy foods (milk, yogurt, cheese ...) vegetable broths that according to the article can be chard (large leafy vegetable) ... And apple, more fruits, raw salad (lettuce which is also a large leafy vegetable) ... Everything that has a lot of fiber and tends to ferment causing unpleasant gas. Especially when you are prone to it.

    And another thing, drinking up to 7 teas a day ... It should be specified that of certain herbs you cannot consume more than 2 or 3 a day, since they have pharmacological power, and the effect is like self-medicating (for example chamomile) and could It is recommended to take some specific ones such as chamomile with anise, mint, fennel ...

    They are just certain things that have occurred to me while reading it. No intention of offending, just to contribute.

    A greeting.

  5.   me claudia said

    Isoflavone causes intestinal inflammation that I can do since I get prenospausal hot flashes but my intestines hurt a lot ...

  6.   dew said

    The truth is that it worked for my sister and I lost at least 4 5 kilos

  7.   Lilliana said

    : )

    Your article is very motivating and there is a lot of information that I did not know that
    you have taught, this spectacular .. I wanted to reciprocate
    the period you dedicated, with infinite thanks,
    for advising people like me hahaha.

    Kisses, greetings