From cooked to poached: the healthiest ways to eat eggs


The egg is one of healthiest and most complete foods that exist: one of the best in terms of nutritional value, available all year round, cheap and low in calories. For this reason, it is essential in weight loss diets or, simply, when planning any healthy and balanced eating pattern for the whole family.

Now, as with most foods, egg cooking methods they have a lot to say about total calories, fat intake, and nutrient retention or removal.

And although they are all exquisite, some suit you more than others. Keep reading carefully, because you will get some surprises.

How to cook the egg in the healthiest way?

Contrary to what people think, the healthiest way to eat an egg is not rawbut cooked. 

This is due to the fact that high temperatures produce a phenomenon called denaturation of egg proteins, which makes them more digestible for the body. Therefore, athletes make a clear mistake by eating raw egg whites, as they do not achieve the desired effect.

With that said, let's take a look at the different healthy ways to cook an egg. In this list we have considered the most common techniques; however, since Vilane Manor, the oldest Spanish farm of free-range eggs raised in freedom, they offer you some other delicious and original ways to cook an egg. Over 25 years of raising chickens the old-fashioned way goes a long way, so we'd do well to put some of his advice into practice.


If you have a good non-stick pan, this is it. faster, delicious and healthier way to eat an egg. You have no excuse not to include it in your breakfasts, because it will only take 1 minute to prepare it.


Including its different variations: soaked in water for more or less minutes. The good thing about this healthy way of cooking an egg is that you can prepare several in advance and dip into them when you don't have much time. Chop up some fresh vegetables and you'll have a great first course; a medium boiled egg provides only 64 kcal.

poached or poached

poached eggs

This egg cooking technique is very fashionable thanks to the delicious Benedictine eggs, the star dish of tasty breakfasts and brunches. Although the hollandaise sauce that usually accompanies them has quite a few calories, it is not harmful if you take it from time to time and make it at home.

In any case, poached or poached eggs by themselves are delicious, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins, and they are not fattening at all (the same as a boiled egg, about 65 kcal).


Yes, you thought that the fried egg was not healthy… We are going to give you some good news! It is true that this way of cooking provides a few more calories (about 110), but they are not too many, and you will avoid some if you drain the eggs well when removing them. Also, if you do it in a good extra virgin olive oil You will not only provide flavor but all the properties of our beloved EVOO.


For this cooking technique, do not hesitate to use all your imagination. And do it without regrets with the healthiest and richest foods you can think of: natural tomato chunks, garlic mushrooms, some prawns, spinach, tuna, turkey, corn... Because you'll get a second course, a finger-licking breakfast or dinner that's as healthy as it gets. Two scrambled eggs without oil barely provide about 149 kcal.

in tortilla

The sacrosanct potato omelette is a little more caloric but highly recommended. Actually, if you try to contain yourself with the amounts you can afford it with some frequency. According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, a small portion of potato omelette can have about 196 kilocalories.

As for stuffed or French tortillas, there is no problem in including them in your diet almost daily. A French omelette with two eggs can have about 154 kcal.

As you can see, the healthy ways to cook the egg are very varied and delicious. In fact, combined with other recommended foods they are almost endless.

Therefore, do not forget to include eggs when you plan your diet and that of your whole family, because you will be doing your health a favor... and your pocket. Double advantage!

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