Weight loss diet 10 kilos

Losing weight in 4 days is possible

When we get ready to thin we have to make the right decisions to achieve our goal and not err in the steps we take. Because there is nothing more frustrating than trying hard on a diet and not achieving our goals.

Losing weight is not an easy task, it requires great willpower, perseverance and it is only in our hands to achieve it.

We want to help you in that process by telling you which are the best diets you have to follow and the tips that you should not forget to lose weight 10 kilos.

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First tips to lose 10 kilos

The key as we mentioned is to want to lose weight, only we can do it and we will achieve it with sacrifice, changing our eating habits and with good practices.

  • We don't have to be in a hurry or obsess about losing weight, this will affect us mentally and we will not be able to focus on it.
  • We have to lose weight by ourselves And whenever we want, not because a third party tells us or suggests it.
  • The ideal is to lose weight at a rate of half a kilo a week, a total of 2 kilos per month. However, depending on the type of diet and requirement, we may find diets that make us lose 1 kilo a week. We should not exceed more than 1 kilo a week.
  • You have to have an open mind and to know that to lose weight you have to change not only your diet for a season but also change the habits that you have acquired throughout your life.
  • You have to mark yourself a realistic goal and a diet that you are able to comply with.
  • You must eat everything in a smaller proportion, take care of the quantities and the way of cooking these foods.
  • The rule to lose weight is simple: we have to introduce fewer calories into the body than we spend, so if we burn 2000 calories a day, if we introduce 1.300 we will be losing weight.

Weight loss diet 10 kilos

Losing weight means much more than losing weight, it is leading a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about yourself. Have more energy, vitality and self-esteem that translates into positivity and a good attitude towards life.

We want to share with you a diet that will make you lose 10 kilos in just a few weeks. Each person is different and each lifestyle or circumstance will cause the body to lose weight at a certain rate.


The breakfast allowed in this diet are the following:

  • Coffee with skim milk.
  • Coffee with vegetable milk.
  • Infusion or tea to taste sweetened with natural sweeteners.
  • Slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of turkey and skimmed fresh cheese.
  • Whole wheat toast and French omelette with one egg and two whites.
  • A piece of fruit.
  • A glass of skim milk and 30 grams of oatmeal.
  • A piece of fruit and a skimmed yogurt.
  • Two wholemeal bread biscuits with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Lunch and snack

Lunch y snacks choice:

  • Coffee with skimmed milk or vegetable milk, infusion or tea sweetened with natural sweetener.
  • A piece of seasonal fruit and a handful of natural nuts.
  • Skimmed yogurt with nuts.
  • Two bread and turkey rusks.
  • Whole wheat bread and half an avocado.


Different meals to combine as you want:

  • Eggplant stuffed with minced meat, half veal and half chicken, sautéed with natural tomato and gratin with light cheese.
  • Swiss chard or spinach sautéed with a teaspoon of oil, garlic and parsley. Baked skinless chicken quarter seasoned with spices and lemon.
  • Zucchini and leek cream with light cheeses. Grilled turkey burger.
  • Peppers stuffed with mixed minced meat of chicken and beef and a baked onion.
  • Complete homemade stew, with a portion of chickpeas, defatted broth, a piece of beef and a small piece of sausage.
  • Warm salad of various lettuces, cherry tomatoes, a can of natural tuna and surimi. Oil, vinegar and salt dressing, without overdoing it.
  • Mushrooms with Iberian ham cubes, grilled beef steak with Dijon mustard.


Different scenes to create the menu each day:

  • Vegetable broth, two slices of Iberian ham. Grilled cuttlefish with garlic and parsley. For dessert an ounce of pure chocolate.
  • Homemade meat broth, two slices of Iberian ham and a well-drained can of tuna in olive oil. One ounce of pure dark chocolate.
  • Chicken broth, with 100 grams of roast turkey with paprika and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. An ounce of pure chocolate for dessert.
  • Vegetables soup. 30 grams of Iberian ham and a piece of grilled emperor. Dark chocolate, one ounce.
  • Homemade meat broth, two slices of turkey and 5 crab sticks. Ounce of pure chocolate, as a final snack.
  • A bowl of homemade broth, either vegetable or meat, and grilled or baked fish, sea bass, sea bream or rooster. One ounce of pure chocolate.
  • Vegetable broth, two slices of Iberian ham, 100 grams of grilled octopus, pepper and a splash of olive. Ounce of pure chocolate for dessert.

This diet is just a guide and a healthy option to start losing weight. It will depend on the person how many kilos they can lose weight. If you want to lose weight with health, consult with your GP to guide you in your weight loss process. The important thing is health.

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