Beginner mistakes in the gym: discover the most frequent ones and how to avoid them

boy doing weights

Signing up for a gym is one of the best decisions we can make. However, we should not take the first days of training lightly and, much less, try to imitate what people who have years of experience do.

Before embarking on the path towards a healthier life and the transformation of our body, it is advisable to go to gyms Córdoba They offer specialized professional advice, as well as avoiding the following mistakes:

Follow the routines of the experienced

While there's nothing wrong with checking out magazines and websites that offer dynamic workouts, it's counterproductive to try to imitate what the professionals do.

For the most part, these workouts are a reflection of your current capabilities, so exercises are inappropriate for beginners. During the beginning, the key is to choose personalized routines and gradually advance.

Underestimate the warm-up and start with complex exercises

Professional athletes and athletes recognize the importance of stretching exercises. Regardless of the type of training, the body must be properly warmed up, otherwise, we increase the risk of injury at a muscular level, in the tendons or ligaments.


Even when nothing prevents you from starting to perform high-impact exercises, it is always advisable to take the first steps from the basics, before moving on to advanced machines.

Neglecting technique and abusing weight

Another mistake that can cost you dearly is perform exercises poorly. The golden rule in gyms is to understand that no one is born knowing. Coaches are the right ones to provide guidance and are willing to help.

Rushing will not make the results come faster, it only leads to neglect technique and with it, the danger of dislocating a joint, suffering tears in the muscle fibers, or worse yet, a fracture. Control must be complete both in movements and with respect to the environment.

In the first training sessions, the worst mistake lies in subjecting the body to loads that it is not capable of supporting. Rather than testing endurance, it's worth focusing on maximizing the intensity of the routine.

Force repetitions and overtrain

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One of the potential risks present in gyms is that of repeat the movements until exhausted. At this point, the importance of choosing personalized training stands out, after all, each person has their own tolerance level.

Exceeding demands leads to fatigue. A tired body loses the effectiveness of its natural mechanisms, therefore, it is incapable of recovering and continuing a muscle reconstruction process.

Overtraining generates a state of non-progression on the body, which not only suffers and experiences physical weakness, but also from a mental point of view.

Expecting results too quickly and losing motivation

Both losing weight and gaining muscle are processes that require time, effort and dedication. Set surreal goals It only leads to frustration.

boy doing pushups

Likewise, it is worth understanding that the changes vary depending on each individual and it is necessary to combine training with healthy habits. Taking care of your diet and hydration are two essential aspects, as well as giving the body adequate rest and recovery time.

There is nothing more misleading than the idea of assume that you can transform your body overnight. Even the slightest change requires discipline and perseverance, so the process is gradual. We must stay motivated, small beginnings lead to great results, the effort must be daily.

Train only certain areas of the body

Professional trainers emphasize the importance of comprehensive exercise, in simpler words, it is necessary to train the entire body with the same intensity.

Contrary to what many think, limit the routine to certain areas It prevents the sense of proportionality in both muscle development and weight loss.

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