Apple cider vinegar, health and tooth enamel


El apple cider vinegar is a millenary natural remedy, which accompanies human health at many of its levels, such as regulate blood sugar levels, when taken before starchy meals, but can also indirectly affect the toothpaste.

The Vinegar acids as such have the ability to wear down tooth enamel, but taking simple precautions can avoid this problem, so there are ways to obtain all the benefits of taking vinegar as a nutritional and medicinal supplement without causing us inconvenience.

Tooth enamel is made up of layers and the inner layer o dentine It is the softest, being the hard enamel the one that covers the exterior of the tooth and the one that offers shine to them. Enamel is mainly composed of a calcium phosphate, a mineral similar to that of calcium carbonate of which natural pearls are composed.

Tooth enamel is also made up of a protein called amelogenin, which can dissolve in wine vinegar, so constant consumption of vinegar can begin to erode hard enamel.

Apple cider vinegar is usually made from organic apples, from whose juice by fermentation the natural product is obtained, rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin A, malic acid, and acetic acid, but it is these last two components that are responsible for the damage to the enamel of the teeth, when they are repeatedly exposed over time.

Recommendations for the safe consumption of Vinegar

-Dilute the apple cider vinegar in a concentration of 1 to 10, with juice, water or tea. This will keep the Malic and acetic acids at bay, avoiding burning your mouth and throat, protecting tooth enamel.

-Mix apple cider vinegar with olive oil to use as a salad dressing. Olive oil can both dilute vinegar and provide a protective layer to tooth enamel.

-Always rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after consuming the apple cider vinegar.

-To take it by way of natural medicine, must be diluted in water with miel and take it with a straw, which will avoid direct contact with the teeth.

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  1.   MONICA said

    but they say that taking apple cider vinegar, we have to wait 30 minutes to brush our teeth, and in the article it says that after taking the vinegar we must rinse and then brush our teeth