Rice diet

Rice diet

How can you check this rice diet It is very simple to perform, perhaps a bit monotonous, therefore, it should not exceed a week in duration since in the long run we would lack many nutrients in our body. It is a crash diet that facilitates weight loss.

This diet provides hardly any fat, only the small portion that comes from natural canned tuna. The rice with tuna diet is designed to lose up to 3 kilos in 6 days, so you have to be constant and have a clear objective.

?Diet of rice with tuna to lose weight

The rice diet, as can be seen, is basically based on tuna and rice, two ingredients with fantastic properties for losing weight.. Two foods that go together perfectly and they can help you lose those extra pounds.

It is a very simple diet to carry out, it is based mainly on the intake of tuna and rice. If you do it strictly, it will allow you to lose around 3 kilos in just 6 days.

If you are determined to implement this diet, you will have to have a healthy state of health, drink as much water as possible daily, use natural tuna, flavor your infusions with sweetener and season your food with salt and a minimum amount of olive oil. You must repeat the menu detailed below every day that you make the plan.

?Daily rice diet menu

  • Breakfast: 1 infusion (tea, coffee or cooked mate) and 2 fruits.
  • Midmorning: 1 low-fat yogurt with fruits or cereals.
  • Lunch.: tuna and rice and 1 portion of light gelatin. You can eat the amount of tuna and rice you want.
  • Mid afternoon: 1 glass of citrus fruit juice of your choice.
  • Snack: 1 infusion (tea, coffee or cooked mate) and 1 whole wheat toast with a slice of cheese for light salut.
  • Price: tuna and rice and 1 portion of light gelatin. You can eat the amount of tuna and rice you want.

?Properties of natural tuna


Most of the time we consume natural tuna canned, a food that belongs to the group of canned fish. Its properties and benefits are multiple, it gives us vitamin B3, for every 100 grams it gives us approximately 19 mg.

Contains a large amount of protein, almost 24 grams per 100 g. Thanks to its high amount of proteins, it is a very valuable food for the most athletic, in addition, in childhood, adolescence or pregnancy, its consumption is highly recommended.

In addition, it helps reduce cholesterol, fights diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or tinnitus.

?White rice or brown rice

Brown Rice

Rice is one of the staples of the planet, in many cultures it is consumed daily. There are many types of rice, white, brown, long, wild, red, etc.

For our rice diet, both can be consumed without any problem, however, brown rice provides greater benefits to the body.

Brown rice takes longer to cook, although time pays off. Provides more fiber, more minerals and improves the activity of the intestine. It prevents various diseases and purifies the body. In fact, brown rice has more protein than white rice.

If you do not have health problems this diet can be carried out normally, You must drink a lot of water to cleanse the body well and all its toxins. We must use natural tuna, if we want to sweeten something, use natural sweeteners, season our meals with the least amount of salt, and use only one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil a day.

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?Rice with tuna in the gym


In the gym we exercise to modify the state of our physical appearance, we want to lose fat and shape our figure. Make our muscles grow and the truth is that this diet is indicated to get to tone the muscles without problems. 

Most people use a lot of sports accessories but it is not necessary because with tuna and rice we will be complementing our muscles very well because for muscle growth we need an extra protein and create muscle fibers.

From tuna we highlight not only the large amount of protein it has only omega 3 fatty acid, which is very good for the heart, reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood, and is also an ally for good neuronal and joint functioning.

We can consume it in a thousand ways, we find it fresh or canned. It is advisable that if we consume it in a can, it is natural, neither pickled nor in oil since this way we will achieve all its properties and industrially added fats alter our rice diet.

A half cup of white rice contains 103 calories, and 108 of a half cup of brown rice. It does not contain cholesterol, fat, or sodium. It is a complex carbohydrate, easy to digest and does not contain gluten or affect allergies.

?Eating white rice makes you fat?

White rice

When we feel heavy, it is normal to feel the need to lose a few kilos, we usually do this by increasing the hours of weekly exercise and controlling our eating habits.

We usually do without foods rich in carbohydrates, such as white rice, but the truth is that the body needs carbohydrates to have an adequate physical function.

Carbohydrates help you feel full For longer, it is even claimed that carbohydrates also help you shed fat.

Among the benefits of white rice is that it is a complex carbohydrate, this means that it allows the body to take longer to burn the calories consumed at that time.

White rice is characterized by starchTherefore, it is very useful for cases of diarrhea, as it is a highly industrialized food, this type of rice contains much less nutrients than its varieties.

It's important to know that rice has the property of absorbing and retaining water, so its cooking should not be overused as the rice can remain very soft.

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  1.   denis said

    rice is not fattening? It has a lot of hydrates x that I suppose k makes it fat, I want to do it but I'm afraid, do you advise me? fat or not?

    1.    Chikimalota said

      Hello, you have the diet of rice and tuna

      1.    anonymous said

        Hello, good weight loss according to the person

  2.   Flora said

    Is the rice white or brown ????, can you have diet sodas ??? !!!! Chew sugarless gum, can you ???

    1.    Erwin reyes said

      Denis does not get fat, you just have to know what hours to eat it for example, it is recommended to consume it before going to the gym since carbohydrates are instant energy, but it would be a mistake to eat it in large quantities after going to the gym where you already used up your energy and the only thing that will happen is a process that will convert carbohydrates into fats!

  3.   Flights said

    Hi I want to know if it works
    Please someone tell me

  4.   Paolita said

    Does the rice have to be whole grain? Answer please

  5.   julieta said

    I'm going to do it great. It can be any rice for those who ask, even it is proven, that white rice has fewer calories than brown rice, but believe me, find out on the internet, greetings

    1.    luciano said

      It does not have to be whole grain, although it has more benefits in fiber, it can be bank rice and the medicine is the cap of the cereals that come in yogurts

  6.   Niki said

    Hello to everyone who is interested in knowing if this diet is useful for losing weight, because I say yes, because I always do it and it works perfectly, apart from that you feel very good doing this diet, white rice is fine, buy them at Mercadona , they are frozen, a sachet is enough for a portion with a can of natural tuna, it saturates well, the truth is, it works perfect for me.
    they want to do it

  7.   pitch said

    Didn't they realize that canned tuna have a lot of preservatives?

  8.   river said

    This diet is very bad whatever the result to be achieved. It does not include any type of animal protein and is essential for the body.

    Having rice for dinner helps to gain muscle volume. If you don't go to the gym, this diet will make you gain 6 kilos in a week.

  9.   river said

    It includes only tuna, sorry, but it is not enough, because the body will have deficiencies. It also does not include vegetables.

    This diet lacks chicken, turkey, legumes, fruits (The juice makes you fat) and vegetables.

    1.    msiley said

      Raul, as far as I know, tuna is animal protein.

  10.   brenda said

    So I want to know who has done it ... does the diet work or not?

  11.   Maris Chopped Cherry said

    I almost always eat rice with tuna and it is very good, and it fills you up a lot, but if you always eat the same thing, you will be disgusted and tired in just two days.
    In addition to rice with tuna, eat tomato salad with egg or cucumber, boiled chicken, or red meat baked or grilled without oil. When I want to diet at noon like that, and at night if I am very hungry I repeat any of the meals mentioned above, if I am not so hungry I have 1 or 2 cups of green tea, chamomile tea, or classic tea Among others, the teas are digestive and help to cleanse you inside and discard all liquids, and I take them because I do not like water alone very much. And if you need to eat something sweet, eat fruits, orange, strawberry, watermelon, tangerine, etc., light jelly, or yogurt without oil and fat and I lose a lot of weight ... You have to put the will and sacrifice a little. At least it costs me a lot because I love sweet things, but I think about the result that I will have in the end and that I will be happy with my body. Besides being overweight fills you with problems, you cannot get children easily or you get sick often: \
    So the only thing you have to do is win.
    Good luck to all!

  12.   Jane said

    I did it and it worked very well for me, indeed I do it every month, good luck friends

    1.    Chikimalota said

      Hello, did you eat the rice and tuna diet?

      1.    Anne Lorraine said

        Hello, was this diet useful to you, how did you do it?

  13.   anonymous said

    Hello good, I wanted to know if it works today I started the diet

  14.   Queen Victoria said

    Hello, please, someone who has done the diet of rice and tuna and that has worked for him, I want to do it but I'm scared, they have always told me that rice gains a lot of weight, then?

  15.   Iris Navarro said

    but how is the rice prepared? only steam?

  16.   marian said

    How long to follow the diet?

    1.    Louis Ferdinand said

      For each cup of rice we pour 1 cup and a quarter of boiled water. You don't need oil or salt. We cover the pot and when the water evaporates we lower the heat to at least 5 minutes, we test that it is cooked, we turn it off.

  17.   martha landa said


  18.   laura said

    Hello, I want to know if anyone who does not exercise, if he did and if he lost weight

  19.   nadi said

    Hello, my cousin is on the tuna and brown rice diet…and I lose more than three kilos because I lose five and a half kilos but you should drink two liters of water….and diet gelatin for dessert…..I lose this in six days…I hope It works for you and one more tip on an empty stomach that I did is to take a spoonful of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of lemon….it deflates your abdomen and removes constipation naturally and gives you thousands of benefits…. do things for your health?????????

  20.   Mariana said

    Doesn't this diet have a rebound effect?

  21.   Marisol Lizard said

    They say tuna and rice but they do not say how many quantities one should eat at the times indicated 1 can 2 cans 1 cup of rice or how many servings !! ??? And the tuna is simple or can we add cucumber tomato etc ????

  22.   Susana said

    It clearly says that rice and tuna in the desired quantity and if you do not name the rest of the ingredients ... it will be because you cannot eat it!

  23.   irem guido said

    I just wanted to comment that the diet that includes tuna and rice is very effective, I have done weights and gymnastics for years and each relapse or withdrawal from sport, this diet helped me return to an optimal state, it should not be abused, it is recommended For those who have never followed it, do it for no more than 15 days, you can continue consuming but meats and fruits should be included, reduce your intake and it is very good for dinner time, after 15 days you must necessarily substitute ordinary rice for a brown rice, as the body begins to get used to it, my best recommendation, I used non-starchy sushi rice, always steamed and a can of natural tuna or in water at each meal, it makes you feel satisfied, helps the intestine and the Caloric burn grows by increasing metabolism, add a glass of unsweetened lemon water to noon and you will see at least 6 kilos in a month even up to 9, greetings

  24.   criss-brown said

    Hello, rice is fattening when you eat abundantly and maintain a sedentary life. If you practice some sport, you do cardio exercises and you limit the amount of rice it can even help you lose weight. There are also several ways to prepare rice for me. The best rice is steamed without oil.

  25.   Damian said

    Hi, I'm damiam, the rice and tuna are good but you have to mix it with sports, be it gymnastics or cardio, since I eat that to gain body volume.

  26.   punishment said

    Hello, I wanted to know if the tuna could be canned tuna with oil since where I live you cannot get natural tuna

  27.   punishment said

    I want to know if someone can answer me this ...

    Can the tuna be canned with oil? because where I live you don't get natural ...

    please answer…

    thanks to all…