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Weight loss shakes can help you reach your weight goals. Presented in ready-to-drink format or in a powder to be mixed with water or milk, people who need to lose weight include these products in their diet to cut calories.

In order for them to work, their role must be of a substitute type. That means it is necessary to drink them in the place of a main meal.


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The biggest advantage of shakes over regular food is that can be transported more easily. So a good part of the people who take them do so outside the home when they have little time. Unlike many of the eating out options, they provide a lower calorie meal, yet just as quick.

Preparing a low-calorie dish can take some people more time than they are willing to spend in the kitchen. That often leads them to high-calorie, low-nutrient processed foods. The slimming shakes are an alternative worth considering when you don't have time to cook healthy.

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Nor should we forget that these products they are advertised as carriers of all the nutrients that a person should get in a complete meal: proteins and fiber, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. When calories are cut from the diet to achieve weight loss, meeting nutritional needs at each meal becomes a somewhat more difficult task. So from that point of view, by containing all the necessary nutrients, shakes can also be helpful.

In short, these shakes are very practical, especially when eating out. What's more, when it comes to fast food they are healthier than most options. And it is that these are often full of sugar and salt. And since they barely have the necessary nutrients to satiate the appetite, they push to eat more than necessary. In this way, unlike diet shakes, fast food and processed foods can shoot the number of calories in each meal above what is recommended.

Do they work?

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Many people say that they have worked as a strategy to lose weight. The reason they help you lose weight is that they are low in calories. These products generally provide 200 calories at a time.

However, it is possible that they do not serve you. How do you know if this is the case? A professional will analyze your case and help you find out whether or not it is convenient for you to adopt replacement shakes as a method of weight loss..

And it is that, as always when important changes are introduced in the diet, when you start to drink shakes to lose weight it is important to do it under professional supervision. In addition to determining if they are right for you, it will tell you how many shakes you can have and what kind. They will also be in charge of following up.

Finally, when it comes to achieving remarkable results, whether with weight-loss shakes or another meal plan, you should make sure to combine them with a healthy lifestyle. That means eating a healthy and varied diet and exercising regularly.

Are they recommendable?

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That depends on the composition, since not all weight loss shakes are made equal. In this sense, buyers often choose them based on their calorie intake per serving.

Although the number of calories is relevant, it is even more important to ensure that the weight loss shakes are sufficiently nutritious. They must provide the nutrition equivalent to a full meal. It's worth remembering that cutting calories while getting all the nutrients your body needs is the only way to lose weight in a healthy way.

Given that some shakes contain artificial ingredients and too much sugar (which is why you should always read labels), many experts warn that these shakes are not the best option from a nutritional point of view. Designated as processed food (with all the inconveniences that this entails) by their detractors, they choose to discourage taking them. Do not forget that there are infinite alternatives to lose weight. Meals that are also low in calories, but made with fresh food.

Final word


If you decide to rely on shakes to lose weight, you should take them in a controlled, supervised way and never focusing on the long term. These rules are especially important when the regimen replaces all meals of the day with shakes or other substitutes.

Meal replacement products can be a one-time solution, as they ensure a low-calorie and nutritious meal when eating away from home or not having time to cook. Or temporary, in order to achieve a certain weight goal. But the ideal is to eat normal food, since the shakes do not provide as many nutrients as a healthy diet.

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