Purifying broth

Preparation of a soup

When looking to lose weight, we always look for the best option for us, this time we not only want to tell you a way to lose weight, but also a purifying method which is achieved through a delicious broth.

On certain occasions we feel heavy and very swollen, the organism or our body asks us for a break in terms of intake and really, we have to pay attention to it. And to get it, nothing like a purifying broth. 

All the advantages and benefits What can you get by consuming this cleansing broth They will surprise you. A simple recipe to make with easy-to-find ingredients that will not only make you lose a little weight but will make you feel much better about yourself.

Advantages of purifying broth

El purifying broth it will give you some fantastic benefits:

  • It is a suitable broth for those who have to follow a specific diet for high blood pressure.
  • It is beneficial to those with triglycerides high.
  • Those who seek to avoid constipation occasional. It has laxative properties so the intestine is clean and purified.
  • It is perfect for cases of gout.
  • Prevents the fatty liver. 
  • Avoid suffering overweight u obesity since it is low in calories.
  • It can be consumed at any time of the year, perfect for after excesses of Christmas or when looking to make the famous "operation bikini". 
  • Una food light that will help you rest more for the nights.
  • A good option to consume as a dinner, whether it is cooked vegetables, hot or make a mashed potatoes.
  • This purifying broth motivates weight loss, in many cases it is recommended as a dietary supplement for certain people who need to increase intake of vitamins and minerals. 
  • Es simple to prepare, we can do it at home without problems and to our liking.
  • It is beneficial to prevent fluid retention and also helps to eliminate them.
  • If we don't usually drink two liters of water dailyBy taking the broth we will make sure that our body has enough liquid for the organs to function properly.
  • Can be consumed so much hot as cold, if we get used to its flavor, it will be a fantastic complement at any time of the year.
  • Improves kidney function Since it helps to cleanse better, it prevents the liver from accumulating unnecessary fats and the intestine is clean and free of toxins.
  • It is a broth that every family can afford because it is very inexpensive.

Purifying broth recipe

As we advanced in the advantages of this broth, we manage to reduce the amount of toxins in the body, the accumulation of unnecessary fluids in certain parts of the body, the swelling in the abdomen and will influence a loss of volume in general.

This broth depurative You can take it as a first course for dinner for two weeks so that your body can detoxify properly. If you are already in the process of losing weight and following a diet you can add this broth without problems as it will not affect your weight loss.

The benefits of this broth lie in its ingredients, which we will comment below:


  • 1 onion.
  • 1 stick of celery.
  • 100 grams of cabbage or cabbage.
  • sea ​​salt to taste
  • Soup spoon of oil: olive, coconut, flax, etc.
  • Cayenne pepper to taste.

Vegetable soup

Ingredient characteristics

La onion It is a food rich in minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, sulfur, vitamins A, B, C and E. A food that is easy to find and inexpensive. It improves the function and activity of the kidneys and facilitates the elimination of fluids. In addition, it has a great diuretic power, helping to eliminate through the urine a large amount of toxins that are accumulated in the body.

El celery It is a common ingredient in many soups of this type, that is, those that help us lose weight. With it the functioning of the liver improves, as well as the gallbladder and kidneys. If we consume it regularly, our appetite will be more controlled and we will have more energy.

La with On the other hand, it can be the perfect ingredient to purify the body, you can choose the type of cabbage that you like the most, since they all have that purifying property. Cabbage helps us eliminate accumulated fat and eliminates liquids, in addition to leaving the broth a good flavor.

Por último, la Cayenne pepper It has great properties to help us lose weight, it helps us digest food and fat better and increases the activity of our metabolism, which makes the body burn more calories. In addition, the activity of the blood flow increases and helps to expel mucus from the body. An ingredient that acts in a similar way to ginger.

Preparation of the purifying broth

Here are the steps to follow to obtain this cleansing broth:

  • Put all the ingredients in a big pot y add a liter and a half of water.
  • Cook and boil for 30 minutes so that it softens and cooks well.
  • Strain the hot and take it in fasting throughout the day, as a complement to the main meals.
  • All the boiled vegetables You can consume them as a garnish for your main dishes.
  • You can if you want to crush it to make a mashed potatoes, or a tortilla, a scrambled eggs, a sauce, etc.

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