Natural fat burners

There is nothing like helping the body lose the fat it does not need. We find in nature the ideal foods that act as natural fat burner. 

If you want to know us, do not hesitate to continue reading this article, because the advantages that they can give us are apart from helping us lose weight, too It benefits us at the organism level.

These foods can help our metabolism to be activated, to increase its performance by making it burn more fat and making the volume of our body decrease. In addition, they focus on fats, break them down or prevent them from sticking to the walls of our arteries or tissues.

We leave you a series of foods to take into account so that in your next purchase you do not hesitate to put them in your basket. 

vegetables and fruits

Natural fat burning foods


These delicious fruits they will become a great ally in your weight loss diet. They are rich in Antioxidants, They help to delay premature aging of the skin, due to their high content of vitamin E. They do not provide many calories so we can take them without regrets.

We can combine them with skimmed yogurts, put them in milk or make fruit smoothies. Chooseblueberries, raspberries or blackberries. Perfect to take them mid-morning or mid-afternoon to get rid of the bug for something sweet.


Eggs are made up of the white and the yolk. The clara contains all the protein of great nutritional value and only gives us 17 calories per egg, in change, the yolk even if it is more caloric, around 60 calories is what it gives us but also good and necessary fats for the body.

Many diets focus on the egg and its virtues and it is not for less, it is a food that satisfies and also, it is not harmful to the body as has been said. They can be consumed without fear.


When it is mushroom season it is wonderful, the markets are full of mushrooms of great variety and large properties. These are rich in fiber and especially the 90% of its composition is Water. They do not provide calories and can help us better metabolize fats. 

Protein foods

Blue Fish

Specifically, salmon is a very good option to start with. This blue fish is rich in omega 3, an essential fatty acid, helps us speed up metabolism, reduce inflammation in the body and prevent arrhythmias in the heart, therefore, take care of our cardiovascular health.

Ideally, take it at grill or roast, accompanied by steamed broccoli or zucchini. It is a very good option to eat, since it satisfies us and prevents us from snacking between meals.


In the world of dried fruits, almonds, or walnuts they are perhaps the most consumed. In this case, they are rich in protein and healthy fats. Ideal to have a handful of almonds at snack time or mid-morning, in addition, your skin and hair will be rewarded.

Don't look for fried, sugary, or very salty options, we recommend that you consume toasted or natural almonds. In addition, they are a good option to cook with them, make the fillings of a bird, add them to salads or a sauce.

Herbs, infusions and teas

The theine that certain types of herbs contain can be very useful to lose weight and lose fat. Increases our energy and reduces inflammation, in addition to speed up metabolism causing fats to be destroyed earlier.

Plant extracts are natural fat burner Safe and reliable, we can get it in special stores and also, they can be useful to prevent premature aging of the skin, they fight against free radicals and they can help us in the digestive processes of the intestine.

Guarana and Garcinia Cambogia

It may be more difficult to find, therefore, we recommend its consumption in capsules. The guarana It is a tropical plant that has large doses of caffeine, so it must be consumed in moderation.

On the other hand, garcinia cambogia, helps to suppress appetite and increase metabolism at the same time, for this reason, sThey have always been linked as a remedy for weight loss. 

Yerba mate

This popular herb in South America is consumed as a social act, however, it also provides great benefits to the body. In the same way that the guarana it has high doses of caffeine, it alters us and increases our energy.

It can be consumed to avoid a voracious appetite and increase our metabolism to help us burn fat. Therefore, we also include it as natural fat burner. 

Bitter orange

Bitter orange contains synephrine, a substance that helps us lose weight in a controlled and natural way. What's more, take care of our heart, maintaining a healthy heart rate and controlled blood pressure.

Cayenne pepper

Spicy food helps you lose weight, In this case, cayenne pepper can help us in our process of burning fat, these small and dissected peppers that we add to our meals, can quickly burn fat.

They contain capsaicin, a substance that helps increase energy expenditure once we have finished eating. Therefore, do not hesitate to introduce cayenne pepper in some of the dishes that you normally make.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has gained popularity over time to verify that it is very beneficial for the organism. Many people have substituted other types of oils and fats that they used in the kitchen to start cooking with coconut oil.

We have to be aware that there is many qualities and brands on the market, we must select natural coconut oil and cold pressed, Extracted in an ecological way to know that we consume all the fats of the coconut and have not been altered with other fat.

Keep in mind that all of these foods can help you lose weight, however, we have to maintain a balanced and healthy diet to be able to lose weight with health.

An optimal weight loss also has to be accompanied by physical exercise, because if we do not perform a little sport, at least three times a week, the body will burn fewer calories than desired and we may feel frustrated.

Therefore, take these foods as an extra aid in your weight loss. Now you just have to buy them and start consuming them continuously. You will surely enjoy all of them. 

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