Natural anesthesia, Cloves


In natural medicine the Clove it occupies a preponderant place, like natural anesthesia, which is widely applied particularly in dental pain, since if it is placed on the affected tooth, it considerably reduces the pain.

The chemical compounds it has are those used by dentists who use clove extract as it has a volatile oil known as "eugenol", Which gives it its anesthetic properties.

But its virtues for health do not end there, since it has very outstanding medicinal properties with regard to the digestive system, being widely used in Chinese medicine for all kinds of problems related to digestion, representing an excellent aperitif, that is, it stimulates appetite, something really important in convalescent people.

It is antispasmodic, a fundamental condition for cases of stomach chilling so common in children, controls nausea, vomiting and is anti-parasitic.

Best known in the culinary world for its flavoring and preservative properties, cloves represent much more than just a spice, as it is a true treasure for nutrition and health.

Clove properties

Cloves have a number of properties to consider:

  • Prevents cardiovascular problems: Thanks to its star ingredient, eugenol, it helps us prevent certain heart diseases.
  • It is anti-inflammatory and lowers blood sugar.
  • Es rich in vitamin K, E or C and Omega 3 as in minerals. Magnesium, potassium, and calcium are also in it. Not forgetting vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5
  • It is very digestive and prevents swelling as well as burning. Preventing nausea and vomiting.
  • Decreases the toothache if used as a mouthwash. In the same way, it will take care of the breath and protect us from mouth ulcers.
  • Relieves headaches

What is cloves for?

Cloves for weight loss

  • It's perfect for clear the airways when we have a cold or cold.
  • It is also used to treat certain vaginal-type infections.
  • By having analgesic properties it is indicated against pain. Among them, the toothache that is always so annoying.
  • In the same way, it also protects the mouth, prevents bad breath and takes care of the gums.
  • It is perfect to act against fungi such as athlete's foot.
  • For all those people who get dizzy when traveling, they can take an infusion that contains a tablespoon of cloves.
  • It is also a perfect option to forget about mosquitoes.
  • Again, its sedative capacity is ideal against insomnia.
  • Combat skin wounds.
  • Relieves hemorrhoids.
  • Prevents hair loss, as it will strengthen the hair fiber.

Does it have aphrodisiac properties?

Yes, cloves are one of the spices that is characterized as an aphrodisiac. Is that will stimulate the sexual appetite. In addition, in this case it is said that cloves are a good ally of fertility, increasing and improving it. It is highly recommended for those who have erection problems. Broadly speaking, we can say that he has these erotic properties as well as stimulating.

Is it useful to lose weight?

Cloves are used in many recipes. The truth is that there are so many benefits that it should also be mentioned that it barely has calories. What makes it perfect to be able to add it to diets to lose weight. It is a perfect way to speed up our metabolism and regulate digestion. Especially when we take it as a drink, you just need boil a liter of water with three cinnamon sticks and a handful of cloves. You will let it sit for a couple of day and then strain it.

Benefits of chewing cloves

Because it is not only a matter of taking it to season meals or, in various infusions. The chew a clove It also leaves us with several benefits that we must take into account.

  • By chewing cloves, you will benefit the gums as well as leave halitosis behind.
  • It will improve digestion as it is a perfect way to stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes. So we will say goodbye to gases.
  • It is recommended to chew a clove before having sex. It is a widely used habit in parts of India.
  • For about 15 minutes and before eating, it is advisable to chew cloves to kill bacteria.
  • When we have a sore throat, which is caused by a cold, we must have nails of this type on hand.

Clove contraindications 

Benefits of cloves

Despite having numerous benefits, as we have been commenting, we must also talk about the contra-indications. They are not advisable for all those who have some type of health problem such as diseases or problems in the liver as well as the stomach: ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome. Nor are they recommended for women who are or could be pregnant. or during the lactation period.

You will not take cloves if you have any kind of respiratory alergy. On the other hand, for people who do not have any disease, they can take this spice but always in moderation. Since if we abuse its components, instead of bringing us benefits, it would be the opposite. Remember that if quantity is important, frequency is not far behind. We should not take them for a long time as it can lead to some types of allergies or intoxication.

How to take cloves

As we have mentioned, in the form of a drink it is one of the great options. If you want to achieve good results when it comes to losing weight, you can drink a glass a day as an infusion and in the morning. We must not overdo it, since it has a high dose eugenol and methyl salicitate, which is what provides the analgesic benefits. Therefore, we must always exercise caution. If we have said a glass as an infusion, now we tell you that with less than a handful it is perfect to add to food. Since always with little quantity we will be soaking up its great properties.

Where to buy cloves

It is very easy to find cloves. Since all the supermarkets that we know, sell it. Both in jars and in small packages for better conservation. There are also available online stores They sell the product in bulk. But without a doubt, all of them will provide us with the benefits and properties that we have mentioned, they can only vary slightly in price from one establishment to another.

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  1.   rsotou said

    I have tried it as an anesthetic and it works wonderfully.

  2.   Elia Linares Osorio said

    Hello, I would like to know how or what is the procedure to use the nail as anesthesia in the back. Thanks!!

  3.   Alan Huaman Dagger said

    Today I am with a toothache that I have never had, in 28 years of life I have been the first time that it takes me to look for something to calm it, and so I looked for a home remedy for toothache, and the first one that came out was this wonderful species. And taking its other beneficial health properties I was amazed by this little thing ... with this I received a great lesson: many times we have things of great value around us, but due to lack of knowledge we think that we have nothing and we are the same as a beggar .

  4.   EHP said

    Excellent, it improves toothache almost instantly… right now I am experiencing it… Thank you.

  5.   emildo said

    How do I extract the clove extract?

  6.   faith said

    Hello, how do you ASE a home anesthetic to relieve toothache?

  7.   faith said

    I want to know what homemade recipe I can use to relieve toothache