Lose weight by eating chicken rice

Rice with chicken diet

La rice diet It is a diet designed especially for all those people who need to lose weight that they have extra and that bother them so much. It is a very simple regimen to carry out, it is based on the intake of rice with chicken. If you do it strictly, it will allow you to lose 2 kilos in 8 days.

If you are determined to carry out this diet you will have to have a healthy state of health, drink as much water as possible daily, eat boiled rice and grilled chicken, flavor your infusions with sweetener and season your meals with salt, grated light cheese and a minimum amount of olive oil. You must repeat the menu detailed below every day that you make the plan.

Daily menu

  • Breakfast: 1 cup of tea, 1 low-fat yogurt, 1 light table toast and 1 citrus fruit.
  • Lunch: rice with chicken and 1 cup of bolus or green tea. You can eat the amount of rice with chicken you want.
  • Snack: 1 cup of coffee with milk, 2 whole wheat toasts and 2 citrus fruits.
  • Dinner: 1 cup of vegetable soup, 1 bowl of chicken rice and 1 cup of white or red tea.
  • Before going to bed: 1 apple or 1 pear.

Below you will find a 3-day menu for the rice and chicken diet.

Why is the chicken rice diet a good choice?

Chicken rice for volume

The rice with chicken diet is a good alternative to say goodbye to the extra kilos. It has a purifying action, which will make us feel less bloated. On the one hand, if we opt for brown rice, we are facing a food with vitamins as well as minerals. While on the other hand, chicken is a source of protein but older also has vitamins of group B and A.

Therefore, by combining both the rice and the chicken we will be joining both the carbohydrates such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals necessary. A good combination to consider. But yes, as usually happens with this type of diet, it is always better not to prolong them too long in time and combine them with the odd vegetables.


Bodybuilding: Without a doubt, rice is one of the staple foods for athletes. It is one of the most important to get muscle and that is why the vast majority of bodybuilders bet on it. As a main fact, it has magnesium and it is one of the most important minerals for athletes. Thanks to this diet, you can replenish muscle glycogen stores faster.

  • Volume: Both chicken and rice are the best combination for gain volume. Thanks to the glycemic index of rice, it is essential before training. Cooked rice will provide 3% fiber as well as 7% protein.
  • Define: If it serves to gain volume as well as muscle, the rice with chicken diet is also perfect for definition. The proteins They are once again the great basis of a diet like this. But it is true that in this phase you have to combine the diet with a good routine designed to define.
  • Bland diet: When we speak of the soft diet, we do it of a series of foods that are easy to digest. Since in the vast majority of cases, we consume them when we have some type of digestive problem. In this way, it is advisable to take the cooked rice with chicken, for a couple of days or three, and then gradually introduce more food.

Daily amounts to do the diet

Chicken rice dish

The truth is that the amounts can always vary on a diet like this. More than anything because it will always depend on the physical activity we have. To always avoid having to snack between meals, we can add a little more rice, since as we well know it is satiating. There are people who with 40 grams of rice and 100 grams of chicken will have more than enough to add to each main meal. But as we say, you can increase the amount of rice a little more.

Can you use brown rice?

The truth is that it is also very advisable. Since the Integral rice supports weight loss and is a great source of fiber. But not only that, but it also has antioxidants, is rich in minerals and also gives us the necessary energy to be able to face a diet of rice with chicken like this one.

Rice and chicken menu


  • Breakfast: Rice boiled in water and beaten with two fresh fruits
  • Mid-morning: a natural yogurt
  • Lunch: Brown rice with salad and grilled chicken breast
  • Snack: Gelatin
  • Dinner: Rice soup with vegetables and chicken


  • Breakfast: A tea, whole wheat toast and a yogurt
  • Mid-morning: Two citrus fruits
  • Food: Rice with chicken and sautéed vegetables
  • Snack: Natural yogurt
  • Dinner: Vegetable soup and chicken rice


  • Breakfast: Coffee alone or with skimmed milk, natural yogurt and 30 grams of whole wheat bread
  • Mid-morning: Two fresh fruits
  • Lunch: Salad with olive oil, boiled rice and milkshake with chopped chicken breast
  • Snack: Natural yogurt
  • Dinner: Vegetable soup and chicken rice

You can repeat these days until the week is complete. If between hours you are somewhat hungry, it is best to opt for vegetables or fruits. Remember that you should drink a lot of water and you can do it as an infusion. If you want to spice up your dishes, opt for aromatic herbs as the main addition.

How to make chicken rice

Chicken rice

If you are going to cook brown rice, then it is recommended to let it soak a few minutes before. Then we are going to cook it and put a cup of rice for three of water. On the other hand, the chicken breast is the recommended meat for this type of recipes where we want to lose weight. Perfect to accompany both cooked and grilled rice, with which we will get more flavor. We can season it with spices or aromatic herbs.

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  1.   runy said


  2.   Ajacinty said

    I think it is an ideal diet and that you do not go hungry ...

  3.   Misifu-fu said

    is this compatible with diabetes?

  4.   PMIJK said

    I had to do it from 4 years old to 9 years old due to health problems. And it was made a scrape. The only foods I could eat were… ..in the morning, almond milk, grilled chicken or boiled with rice in the morning, and the same for dinner. So for 5 years. But I already said it was due to health problems.

  5.   ivan said

    And where are the proteins? As a nutritionist I do not like this diet, you can lose weight but I would lose muscle and the result would be a less aesthetic body

    1.    harlequin said

      Well man, taking into account that chicken has about 20g of protein per 100g of product and brown rice about 8g per 100g, 3 meals with only 100g of each ingredient already provide you with 84g of protein per day. Counting those of yogurt and milk, we are going to more than 100g of protein per day. Quite more than enough ... What a nutritionist xd