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Perhaps we are saturated with seeing so many diets on the Internet, there are all kinds of them, some that increase the amount of protein, others discard carbohydrates, others demonize sugars or fats, however, none of them is what we need to lose weight with health.

We need a complete and balanced diet, as is the case with the diet that we present today, the egg diet. A healthy diet and what it will help you lose the kilos you want.

The egg diet It is an ideal regimen to lose weight in a short time, it is perfect to enhance muscle development and increase the energy and vitality of the body.

El egg It is a very beneficial food and is present in most of people's homes and favorite foods. The egg provides great benefits and is an accessible product for the vast majority.

It consists of the clara and bud, the white is rich in protein, vitamin E, iron, minerals, iodine and selenium. It only gives us 17 calories while the yolk gives us 60. 

Egg diet

This diet consists of a meal plan based on eggs as the main ingredient or connector. This diet can be interspersed with our normal food routine every three days so that nothing heavy is done and can be carried out correctly.

Here are some characteristics of this diet to take into account:

  • The egg has to cook so that the protein can be assimilated into the body.
  • The diet is due perform for a week. 
  • If you practice deporte or is pregnant it is not recommended to strictly follow it every day.
  • They must iintroduce more food healthy to supplement the diet.
  • It is recommended to lose weight in a short time.
  • It is perfect for athletes who want to increase their muscle mass.
  • You can lose weight three kilos per week. 
  • It satiates the appetite and allows us not to have anxiety about certain types of foods.

The egg is beneficial because it helps regulate cholesterol, it is rich in protein and stimulates greater energy expenditure because increases our metabolism. 

Before starting this diet it is advisable to go to a specialist or nutritionist to comment on your intention to carry it out so that they can properly advise you on the guidelines and their professional recommendations.

It is important staying hydrated during the week in which the regimen is carried out so that the body can dispose of toxins through urine.

Menu to follow the egg diet

Breakfasts allowed

  • 2 boiled eggs and a seasonal fruit.
  • Coffee with skim milk and two boiled eggs.
  • Infusion, slice of wholemeal bread with a slice of turkey and a boiled egg.

 Allowed meals

  • Salad and chicken.
  • 2 boiled eggs and steamed vegetables.
  • Steamed vegetables, goat cheese and two boiled eggs.
  • Salad with canned sardines or canned tuna without oil and two boiled eggs.
  • Steamed vegetables and chicken breast.
  • Large plate of salad.
  • Chicken and boiled egg salad.
  • Grilled fish and salad.

Dinners allowed

  • One piece of fruit, salad, and two boiled eggs.
  • Salad and baked fish.
  • Salad and chicken.
  • Salad and two boiled eggs.
  • Steamed vegetables and chicken.
  • Vegetable salad, an orange and two boiled eggs.
  • Boiled vegetables and a boiled egg.
  • Grilled fish and salad.

This diet is low in carbohydrates, you can only eat some bread during breakfast, so weight loss is assured.

The diet must also be accompanied by moderate physical exercise so that the weight loss is progressive and the body is taking good shape, in addition, it will help the muscles to have more volume and are healthy and strong.

We should not stop introducing foods such as:

  • extra virgin olive oil.
  • Nuts.
  • Seeds.
  • Foods rich in omega 3.
  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • Proteins of animal or vegetable origin.
  • Eggs

Instead, we have to avoid the following foods so that the diet is not diminished.

  • Alcoholic beverages should not be drunk.
  • Fried foods.
  • Abusing carbohydrates.
  • Refreshments.
  • Sugars
  • Cakes.
  • Sweet.
  • Cookies.
  • Fast food or junk.
  • Cook with a lot of salt.
  • Prepared and frozen food.

Advantages of the egg diet

This diet presents a series of advantages that benefit us all if we do it correctly. We will tell you about them below so that you always keep them in mind:

  • It is not a calorie restrictive diet.
  • Maintains a proper balance of food consumption.
  • It must be accompanied with some sport.
  • It is rich in protein.
  • It gives a feeling of satiety for longer.
  • Cooked eggs must be prepared so that the nutrients are properly assimilated.

This diet is intended for adults who want to lose weight quickly, because a loss of 3 kilos is achieved, however, we recommend interspersing a week of diet with a healthy diet in which other foods are introduced, so the body will not have any deficiency.

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