The desire to eat cornstarch can indicate health problems


Eat cornstarch or cornstarch can not only make you sick, it can also indicate the presence of underlying diseases, such as mineral deficiencies or gestational diabetes, This is why when you feel cravings for cornstarch it can represent a red light or warning to consult your health professional.

Cornstarch is derived from the endosperm contained in the heart of the corn kernels, which is used in cooking as a thickening agent and in some cases, as talcum powder substitute for body, which although it does not show toxic effects in itself, for some people who crave or desire it can indicate various mineral deficiencies.

All the pregnant women They may express a desire for indigestible things due to a mineral deficiency or lack of nutrients such as zinc or iron, natural in this condition, calling themselves "Pike"A craving for non-food substances or materials, very common in children who tend to eat dirt or paper.

The symptoms of pica translate into the desire to eat; hair, ice, sand, paint and clay, however, in order to make a diagnosis, the pattern must be observed for at least one month, according to the ADAM medical encyclopedia.

Affected individuals suffer from mineral deficiencies that arise from frequent blood tests performed to check levels of iron and zinc, which are the most common deficiencies. Your healthcare professional should evaluate for lead poisoning or infections, as the ground may be contaminated with animal feces or paint chips, etc.

Treatment often focuses on the replenishment of nutrients missing, the solution of others health problems and behavior change through therapy, as well as medications are sometimes prescribed.

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  1.   Nativity said

    Every moment I want to eat cornstarch or cornstarch. I am addicted and if I don't have it, I will buy at any time. I don't know what to do to stop the habit.

  2.   Karla said

    Like me that is suggested, it will be very harmful to consume so much ????

  3.   Ruby said

    I eat a medium box daily! I have not been able to leave her ... Is it bad? What is recommended to do?

  4.   itza said

    like three big boxes a week help me

  5.   Martha Maria Diaz said

    As a result of a “supposed diverticulitis” that according to ultrasound revealed the presence of diverticula that could not be seen in the colon, which was extremely inflamed and in great pain, I had to go on a diet to avoid performing surgeries in times of greater work (I am an actress and In Mar del Plata we do Theater Season) In this way, there was very little what I ate and even so, the pain was persistent ... I was recommended (by other patients who, like me, have gastric reflux) to do touch-ups for the legs of the bed 8 cm high and sleep raised headboard and cornstarch porridge for breakfast to form a film that protects the esophagus from what I eat. I usually eat it with a pinch of cinnamon and milk, (porridge) I have not become addicted, thank God! and I hope that today that I am eating it it protects me even more from any food (I have already become a vegetarian but there are harmful vegetables) since I am with sweet potatoes, beets, rice, seedless bananas, peeled and seedless tomatoes (little) and good ... the pain from time to time is there, I also have gastritis and gallstones. Without a doubt, everything, like others from the non-steroidal and corticosteroid medications that I take every day for 6 years for the ho
    and aggravated pulmonary emphysema ...

  6.   vany said

    I am devastated I eat 3 boxes a day of cornstarch, I taste it but I do not swallow it I spit it out the same I am a hundred addicted my jaw hurts from chewing as much as I can do to give up that vice that surely hurts me

  7.   Daniel said

    Like every day ... what is causing me constipation ... that I should eat to be normal as I was before ... I'm afraid to start the ... towel rack ...

  8.   bye said

    I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one who eats cornstarch, at first it was worse because I felt like eating powder for feet, even knowing that it hurt me, I tried to hide it by mixing starch with talcum powder and it turned out excellent even so I knew it was still bad, now I only eat starch to calm my cravings for talcum powder, but has it become an addiction for me?

  9.   Maria said

    I thought I was crazy but now I read this I realize I'm not the only one I've been eating cornstarch for many years I feel like it a lot every day and I don't know if it's normal but until now I haven't missed a thing but is there anyone else like me?

  10.   Valentina Garcia said

    Any suggestions for cornstarch addiction