Swollen belly

How to eliminate gases

Find out all about gas: what can be done to eliminate it, why it forms, which foods cause the most gas and much more!

break a cigar

benefits of stop smoking

Smoking must be a thing of the past, you can achieve quitting tobacco once and for all, know what are the best methods to achieve it.

Fenugreek field

What is fenugreek?

We tell you what fenugreek is, what its properties are and what benefits or contraindications it has for our health. Are you fattening? Find out!

Aloe Vera

What is aloe vera?

Do you know what aloe is? Discover this genus of plants related to aloe vera. Discover its healing properties and all its possible uses.

Give your hair a push

Hair can be damaged in summer, the sun, sea water or chlorine can take its toll if you do not take care of it, regain strength with these foods.

Benefits of sea water

The luck of being close to the beach is having sea water at hand, which is so beneficial for us, its properties help maintain good health

White teeth

Whiten your teeth naturally

In a world where aesthetics rewards, we seek our perfection, we help you achieve it by whitening your teeth naturally with these products

Keys to relieve anxiety

Today, we find many people who suffer from stress and anxiety, it is difficult to find balance and feel good, know our remedies.


Relieve headache with peppermint

Mint can be very helpful as long as you have annoying headaches, give it a different use by combining it in an infusion and not in a cocktail

Keys to getting the perfect tan

Tanning is very common in the most summer time of the year, you want to get a nice brown color but you have to do it with health and preventive measures

Great drinks for weight loss

Next we bring you the best drinks that will help you lose those extra kilos, health and it is the first thing and to be healthier consume them

Side effects of bleach

Bleach is found in a large number of homes, however, we do not know everything about its negative effects, learn about them below

Three plants that relieve anxiety

If, for whatever reason, you suffer from anxiety and don't know how to calm down, these three plants can alleviate symptoms without side effects.

Tricks to facilitate digestion

It is quite common to feel heaviness, digestion problems when we eat abundantly, learn from these tricks to feel perfect while eating

How important is breakfast

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, many studies show all the advantages of a good breakfast, do not start the day without it

Tips to stop snoring

Snoring is an involuntary action that occurs when we sleep, it can alter our sleep and that of others, learn to control it

Foods that relieve stomach pain

Without wanting to we can suffer pain in the stomach and we do not know how to calm the ailments, take care of yourself with the following foods

The best time for meals

It is important to plan and eat at prudent hours if we want to seek weight loss, the timing of meals is essential to achieve it

Food against stretch marks

Stretch marks can cause headaches, those marks that remain on our skin throughout our lives, learn to prevent their appearance

Prevent diabetes

Diabetes can become a very serious problem if it is not treated carefully, you have to watch your diet and exercise daily

Whiten teeth naturally

There are some natural products that we find in almost every home pantry that can help you naturally whiten your teeth.

Naturally heals a cough

When we begin to notice the symptoms of the cold, the cough appears without warning, it can disturb our nights, fight it with these two home remedies

water tap

Cold showers for the bravest

Maybe you heard how beneficial a cold shower is, but you don't know the specific advantages, don't hesitate to shower with cold water tomorrow!

The harmful effects of dairy

Dairy products have been identified as responsible for many health problems. Here we explain some of the most common.

Stress a hidden enemy

Suffering stress can cause us episodes of discomfort that can cause us situations of anxiety, irritation, negativity and bad energy

Measure belly

Why is your belly swollen?

On many occasions we feel with a swollen belly and we do not know what the cause may be, learn these tricks to rule out doubts

Tips for Coping with Menopause

Menopause is something that is coming, a stage in a woman's life that will have to be dealt with in the best way, therefore, take note of the advice

Detox plan vs healthy eating habits

Following a detox plan is fashionable, but is it really necessary to purify the body? Here we disassemble them and give you a better alternative.

Causes of cellulite

We saw how to remedy cellulite with an artichoke and horsetail tea, now you know what are the causes why it appears in your body

Is quitting smoking fattening?

It is a complicated task to quit smoking but at least you have to try, you can catch several kilos but with effort they will go away and you will feel better

The best diuretics

Having fluid retention can be unsightly when summer comes, we show our legs and we do not feel comfortable, know the best diuretics

Tips to keep allergies at bay

There are many types of allergies that we can suffer, then we leave you some tips to alleviate the most annoying symptoms

The effects of opium

The poppy contains the paste from which the opium is extracted. The green capsules of this plant contain this liquid ...

Headache Causes

One of the reasons that can be the cause of headache is vascular pain. This pain of ...

Tips to avoid face wrinkles

Anti-aging creams can progressively eliminate wrinkles if a complete treatment is followed, in addition to moisturizing serums, some ...

How to treat numb hands?

If you feel the symptoms of numbness in your hands, with heat, tingling and cramps at night, there are many possibilities ...

Tips to reduce skin melanin

Melanin can be reduced thanks to different vitamins. The creams are composed of vitamin A, also called retinol, which ...

Some tips to be happy

Everyone wants to be happy, and yet there are times when there are no reasons to be happy, or they ...

Woman skin

Tips to delay skin aging

This is the main cause of wrinkles in the dozens of studies on the question: it is convenient to protect the skin ...

Why do the eyes hurt?

Having eye pain can be the result of an infection. Among the most common infections we find conjunctivitis, caused ...

The Harm of Nail Biting

It is harmful to our health to bite our nails, without realizing it we can catch viral diseases and it can directly affect our hands

Relaxation exercises for better sleep

Relaxation exercises can be applied to promote numbness and sleep better at night, but also at other times of the day, when it is necessary to deal with certain situations. This type of exercise has many benefits.

Tips to stimulate hair growth

As we have said on different occasions, many causes and factors can contribute to slowing down hair growth. Today we are going to discover what is the cause of this slowed growth and the remedies that can be applied to solve it.

Tips for sleeping properly

It is important to set a time to go to bed each day. If you do not set any time, you run the risk of being submerged by suspended tasks or simply letting yourself be distracted and delaying the time to go to bed, which will have the consequence that you are not sufficiently rested the next day.

Ways to stop a panic attack

We explain simple methods to stop a panic attack on your own. Ideal to have on hand when this unpleasant process begins.

What is lactose intolerance?

Before you can determine if you are lactose intolerant, it is important to know a little more about this imbalance that affects thousands of people around the world.

Tips to quit smoking naturally

Quitting smoking is definitely a huge mental challenge for a simple reason, an unhealthy habit has been created that has been part of you for some time, and now is the time to let go of it.

Tips to be happy

Being happy is not something huge and inaccessible. It resides much more in the small details of everyday life, an evening with friends, a walk with a loved one, a good conversation, a good movie. Happiness is made of banalities, here and now.

Laurel properties

The great laurel plant that helps you season and give a different touch to your dishes while taking care of you and your body

How to recover and sleep well after a night of work?

When working at night, it is not advisable to consume stimulants after 3 in the morning, because the metabolism takes about 4 hours to metabolize them. Under the effects of stimulants, it is impossible to sleep with a good sleep.

How to make pomegranate juice

We present three ways to make pomegranate juice in a very simple way, it is an autumn fruit that will take care of your health

Herbs for weight loss

Incredible herbs ideal for losing weight and gradually losing weight. They complement our diet and fill us with energy and vitamins

Olive oil

Beauty with olive oil

Do not stop pampering your body with these beauty tips that you can do simply at home and with a very easy product, olive oil

Avoid excess salt

We must pay special attention to the amount of salt we add to our dishes, it can turn against us and damage our health

Tips to eliminate cellulite from the buttocks

It is not possible to combat cellulite without a balanced and careful diet and away from junk food, fried foods, pastries and refined sugars, for this reason it is advisable to start changing eating habits.

How to heal with aromatherapy?

Essential oils can be used in different ways, therefore aromatherapy treatments vary and have different effects on the body.


Carbs, neither angel nor devil

Carbohydrates are the enemy of the Dukan diet, but banishing them completely from our diet is a mistake that can lead to health problems.

Man with back pain

Treatment of shoelaces

The term soreness is used in popular language to designate diffuse muscle aches, usually without any seriousness, but which can be accompanied by fever and fatigue.

Vitamins against back pain

Anyone can experience back pain and those who have suffered without a doubt do not forget it, therefore ...

Women, menstruation and anger

Many women who are about to experience menstruation often become irritable, making their surroundings uncomfortable, but ...

Chocolate improves sexual arousal

Eating chocolate gives us a lot of pleasure and it is because chocolate has chemical compounds such as phenylethylamine and tryptophan, ...

Garlic, enemy of the flu

When the throat itches and sneezing adds, we are in the presence of the characteristic symptoms of the flu that begin ...

Diet to treat Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is a disease that inflames the ocular conjunctiva, very contagious and uncomfortable, since its different stages can ...

Diet for Bruises

Bruises or hematomas are very common to all, since any blow can cause them, there are also blood diseases ...

Diet for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is one of the most common inflammatory conditions of the pulmonary pathways, which affects the membranes that ...

What is Naturopathy?

We are an indivisible part of nature and we must live according to its rules, since it has its ...

Nap; pros and cons

If you are sleep deprived or just looking for a way to relax, you may be thinking about taking a nap,…

Are fried eggs fattening?

Fried eggs, are they fattening and digest worse? The digestion of the egg depends on the individual tolerance of ...

Causes and treatment of thinness

health We must differentiate that thinness can be both constitutional or symptomatic. Constitutional thinness comes from childhood and ...

Food and sugar addition

Sugar, whether natural or processed, is a type of simple carbohydrate that the body uses as ...

Light meatloaf

Do you want to eat rich and incorporate only 70 calories per serving? Yes, I present to you this delicious recipe that so many times ...

Benefits of eating sardines

Sardines are a food, specifically a variety of fish, which has a particular and delicious flavor, which produces many ...

A laxative diet

This is a laxative diet specially designed for all those who suffer from the disorder known as ...

Benefits of bulgur wheat

The bulgur wheat is an element used today by a large number of people from different countries due to ...

Borojo benefits

Borojo is a tropical fruit that is currently consumed by a large number of people, it is ...

1 day watermelon diet

This is a dietary regimen that has a short duration and that will help you purify your body in shape ...