Red cranberry

This small food has in its interior magnificent properties that are very beneficial for the body, delicious little bites that can ...

Flax seeds

Laxative foods

Learn about the best laxative foods to speed up your intestinal transit and prevent constipation in a natural and healthy way.

Aluminum and health

What is the relationship between aluminum and health? Labeled as one of the most abundant elements on the planet, a ...

Natural yogurt

Natural probiotics

Discover how to include natural probiotics in your diet, good bacteria associated with numerous health benefits.

Woman touching her stomach

Astringent diet

The astringent diet is very beneficial when we suffer from diarrhea, take note of which foods you should eat and which ones to avoid.

Kefir nodules

Water kefir

Make this drink full of probiotics and benefits for your body so that you can feel good when your stomach is more delicate.

Natural fat burners

Natural fat burners exist and are closer than you think, they are foods available to everyone. Learn what they are and lose weight today!

Are pipes fattening?

Sunflower seeds can become your best ally to lose weight, and take care of your body at the same time. We'll tell you then!

Egg white recipes

We tell you some of the recipes that you can keep in mind whenever you find yourself in the situation of throwing an egg white. Take note!

How to take chia

We tell you the ways in which you can take chia naturally and easily at home. In addition, you will know all its benefits and properties.

Brown sugar

Muscovado sugar can be your favorite sweetener. Find it in specialized stores and start cooking with it.


Does beer make you fat?

Find out if beer makes you fat and much more about the relationship between this popular alcoholic beverage and being overweight.

Nori seaweed

Foods rich in iodine

Find out which foods are rich in iodine, as well as what it is for and the consequences that its deficiency can have.


Boldo is a very healthy plant native to Chile, we will tell you what it is for, what are its benefits and contraindications.

Sunflower seeds

Foods rich in tryptophan

Foods rich in tryptophan provide well-being. Find out more about this substance and how you can get it through diet.

Food groups

Food groups

Eating a variety is important. Find out how many food groups there are, what foods each includes, and the functions they play in the body.

Laxative infusion cup

Laxative infusions

Discover the laxative infusions that you can take to treat and prevent constipation, as well as the keys to maintaining intestinal regularity.

Potato chips

High-fat foods

Find out which foods are high in fat, what is the difference between good and bad fats, and much more about this nutrient.

Fruit salad

Spring fruits

If you want to take care of your body, we recommend consuming seasonal fruits, this time, know what spring fruits are.


Quince properties

Learn about the wonderful properties of quince, what health benefits it represents and how to prepare a delicious homemade quince paste.

Cauliflower properties

These are the properties of cauliflower, a vegetable from the broccoli family that also has great benefits for the body.


Foods to gain muscle mass

Discover the best foods to gain muscle mass. Foods both of animal origin and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Chocolate benefits

Much has been said about whether it is good or harmful to consume chocolate, here we tell you what are the most notable benefits of chocolate.

Custard apple

Winter fruits

Find out what winter fruits are and what health benefits each of them represent, from orange to grapes to persimmon.

breakfast with maca


Maca or Andean maca is a food that has been consumed for years in the Inca towns of Peru, we will tell you about its medicinal properties.

Corn oil

Corn oil

Find out everything about corn oil. What it is, its pros and cons in detail and more about this type of oil.

echinacea flower


One of the medicinal plants that you should not miss is echinacea, know its properties and how to consume it safely and effectively.



Chlorella is a fantastic algae to add to our daily diet, with great properties and benefits for our body.

stevia leaves

Natural stevia

These are the properties, benefits and qualities that you have to know about natural stevia, the best way to consume your sweet dishes.

Kefir nodules

How to take kefir to lose weight

Find out everything about kefir. Its benefits, how many types there are, how it is prepared and much more about this healthy drink.

Raw garlic

Is eating raw garlic good or bad?

Find out everything about raw garlic. What health benefits are attributed to it, how to add it to the diet, and what difference does it make to eat it on an empty stomach.

Green coffee

Green coffee

Find out everything about green coffee. Its properties to lose weight, what contraindications it has and much more about this food.

Seasonal fruits

Learn to differentiate the fruits and know their season. Seasonal fruits are very beneficial for the body, they provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil

Find out everything about sesame oil. A type of oil to which important benefits are attributed, both internal and external.

fruits and vegetables

Food myths

You have probably heard of many food myths that are told out there. You do not have to believe them, we will tell you if they are true or not.

Vegetable basket

Natural anti-inflammatories

Discover the best natural anti-inflammatories to reduce pain and breakouts, as well as to reduce the risk of developing many diseases.

garcinia cambogia fruit

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia should not be missing as a food supplement to your diet if what you are looking for is to burn fat and lose weight.

Blue Fish

Blue Fish

Know all about blue fish. Its benefits, the precautions to be taken, which species are included in this group and much more!

Food pyramid

Food pyramid

It is essential to have a good diet, know what the food pyramid is and how it can help you maintain great health.



Find out everything about quinoa. Its properties, how it is prepared, the contraindications, its nutritional value and more!

pink salt

Himalayan salt

One of the best options to take care of our body is to stop consuming refined table salt and switch to Himalayan salt, a very healthy change for our body.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Discover everything about brown rice: benefits, how to make it not hard, how many calories it has and much more!



Learn about the properties, benefits, uses in the kitchen and a wonderful cumin infusion to lose weight, take advantage of its qualities.

Almond milk

Almond milk

Find out everything about almond milk. What are its benefits, what are its contraindications, how to do it at home and much more.

Pea cream

Healthy dinners

Discover foods and many other tips that will help you prepare healthy dinners for both children and adults.

Argan oil

Argan oil

Take advantage of all the qualities that argan oil can offer you, a type of ecological oil of Moroccan origin that can treat different ailments.

soursop on tree


Soursop is a tropical fruit similar to custard apple. Its qualities are ideal for treating different infections and diseases. Like cancer.

cassava on counter


Learn about the healing properties and how cassava is consumed, a very versatile tuber that has dazzled more than 800 million people around the world.



Discover the most interesting things about guava. What properties it has, ways to eat it and much more about this tropical fruit.

beer with foam

Beer yeast

Know what are the best qualities of beer yeast, how to consume it, where to find it and what are its best properties.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds

Know all about chia seeds. What properties do they have, how are they eaten, the contraindications to take into account and more!

spirulina powder


Know in depth everything that spirulina can do for you, simple to consume and easy to get. Learn the benefits and properties it brings you.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds

Get to know flax seeds thoroughly. What are they, what properties do they have, the different ways to include them in the diet and much more!


kale benefits

One of the foods that has become popular is kale cabbage, a very healthy first cousin of broccoli, know what are the best benefits it brings us.


Foods to detoxify the body

Discover the best eating tips to detoxify the body naturally, and thus combat fatigue, bloating and other problems caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body.

healthy food

Foods that help heal

These are the best foods to help our body heal open wounds, honey is one of them, take note.


Foods that help to study

Know what foods, habits and tricks help to study. And what foods are advisable to avoid to keep the brain at full capacity.

Foods that help grow

In food we find the solution to find ourselves healthy, they help us to grow and develop correctly. find it out

cut watermelon

Watermelon properties

Watermelon is one of the most consumed fruits in summer, it is rich in water, fiber and prevents certain diseases. Do not hesitate to consume it in summer.


Egg benefits

Learn about the benefits of eggs, the risks it can pose to health, how many calories it has and many more things about this food.

assorted vegetables

Foods rich in folic acid

Detect where folic acid is in food to achieve good health, they are very necessary vitamins, take care of your diet.


Foods rich in phosphorus

Discover foods rich in phosphorus, as well as the benefits, risks, its role in the body and much more about this mineral.

happy girl

Foods to increase our defenses

In food we find the solution to many problems, our defenses can be increased thanks to different products, know what they are.


Foods rich in oxalates

Find out which foods contain oxalates, how this antinutrient works, which people should limit their intake and why, and much more!

heart and hands

Foods rich in omega 6

Supplement your diet with omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, balance your diet to be completely healthy.

red berries and saucepan

Biotin-rich foods

Learn to detect which are the best foods to get more biotin in your body, an important substance that takes care of your health.

Green smoothie

Foods rich in antioxidants

These are some foods rich in antioxidants, the ideal is to consume them in the best way and what better way than with delicious homemade smoothies.

Wheat germ

Wheat germ properties

We explain what wheat germ is, how to include it in the diet, the benefits it brings and much more about this superfood.

raw pork tenderloin and knife

High-protein foods

In the world of diets to lose weight, diets rich in protein are the best known, know the advantages and disadvantages that they provide.


Benefits of the apple

Find out everything about the apple. Its health benefits, how many calories they provide, why it is important to eat it with skin and much more!

dna chain

Foods rich in vitamin E

These are the best foods rich in vitamin E, a set of fat-soluble vitamins known to be antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

grilled prawns

Purine rich foods

Purines are found in many foods, excessive consumption could be harmful to our health. Learn to detect where they are.

vitamin jars

Foods rich in vitamin B

Vitamin B is a complex of vitamins that help keep your body in very good health, know which are the best foods to get it.

basket with carrots

Foods rich in vitamin A

Foods rich in vitamin A are very healthy for our body, we have to know where they are in order to benefit.

Foods with vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C

We invite you to know the best foods rich in vitamin C, its benefits, daily needs and much more about this vitamin.

seafood tray

Foods rich in iodine

Iodine is not found in all foods equally, we need this mineral to be healthy, do not forget it in your diet.

Omega 3

Foods rich in omega 3

Discover the reasons why we cannot live without omega 3. We also explain the different options available to obtain it and much more!

zinc rich foods

Zinc rich foods

Learn which foods contain the most zinc, an important mineral not so well known that helps us to be very healthy.


Foods rich in vitamin D

Get to know vitamin D. We explain everything about this nutrient: rich foods, health benefits, daily needs and more!

apple, banana and pear

High-fiber foods

Find out which are the best foods that foods rich in fiber provide us and what are their benefits for us.


Potassium rich foods

We tell you everything you need to know about potassium. Rich foods, benefits, the recommended daily amount and much more about this mineral.

eggs, cheese and butter

Foods rich in calcium

It is dispensable to give our body a large amount of minerals, calcium is one of the most important to maintain perfect bone health


Magnesium-rich foods

We discover the best foods rich in magnesium, its benefits, the recommended daily amount and much more about this mineral.

Iron rich foods

Take care of your body knowing which are the best foods rich in iron and how you should consume them to be strong and full of energy.

Matcha tea benefits

Matcha tea is a rich whole-leaf green tea that can be consumed as an infusion or as a dessert, perfect for purifying and taking care of our body.

Make your own delicious homemade yogurt

Making yogurt at home can be very simple, more than you expect, it is simple to prepare and it comes out very rich, it is healthy and does not leave you indifferent

Fenugreek field

What is fenugreek?

We tell you what fenugreek is, what its properties are and what benefits or contraindications it has for our health. Are you fattening? Find out!

Banana and milk smoothie

The banana and milk shake is a good protein combination. Discover the benefits of this drink and how to prepare it to enjoy its flavor.

Healthy Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

Get to know this great recipe for oats and bananas, they can be made both for breakfast or a snack, perfect to surprise your guests


The pros and cons of salads

We explain the pros and cons of salads so that you can enjoy this meal without falling into some of the dangers they entail.


Relieve headache with peppermint

Mint can be very helpful as long as you have annoying headaches, give it a different use by combining it in an infusion and not in a cocktail

Other ways to consume chocolate

Put into practice these different ways of consuming chocolate, you can prepare the dishes of a lifetime giving them a gourmet touch with these techniques


Kefir to increase your defenses

Kefir will help you protect your body, it is a probiotic food made from goat's or cow's milk and helps to maintain strong defenses

Make your own sprouts at home

Do not hesitate to take advantage of our tips to create your own sprouts at home, you will make your dishes look different and healthier

Reasons to eat less fry

There are good reasons to eat less fried food. Here we explain what they are and how to approach their consumption.

Basil pesto sauce recipe

A very popular sauce is the basil pesto sauce. Ideal to combine with salads, pasta, legumes, etc. Take care of your health

Ginger water for weight loss

Do not hesitate to prepare this ginger water to help you lose weight, you will cleanse your body of toxins and eliminate liquids, very simple and rich to drink

Turmeric butter, healthy recipe

Learn how to prepare a very simple turmeric butter to make at home and that will not leave anyone indifferent, in addition, its properties are very good

Homemade Seed Crackers

We are looking for a healthy alternative to refined white bread, make your own seed crackers at home, they will not leave you indifferent

Great drinks for weight loss

Next we bring you the best drinks that will help you lose those extra kilos, health and it is the first thing and to be healthier consume them

Wakame seaweed and its properties

The wakame seaweed is getting more popular since it is a very good food with great properties, get to know them all so that you do not hesitate to consume it

Reasons to consume edamame

Edamame is the young pod of soybeans, it could be said that it is similar to the well-known peas, however, you will love its flavor and properties


Soy will keep you healthier

We find soy in a multitude of products, however, you may not know all its most important characteristics or the benefits they provide us

The best properties of pepper

The pepper can be found in all supermarkets in the world, a widely consumed vegetable that should be introduced more in our recipes

Protein foods

Are high protein diets harmful?

Although they help you lose weight, we explain through studies other effects that diets rich in protein have on people's health.

Woman skin

Four spices for smoother skin

If you want softer, smoother, more uniform and luminous skin, add these four spices to your diet as a complement to your hygiene routine.

Mangosteen benefits

Mangosteen benefits

Do you know the fruit of the mangosteen or mangosteen? If not, know that it is one of the healthiest fruits and with many benefits

Clove uses

Clove can help you take care of your body and at the same time it can give a very special touch to your lifelong recipes

How important is breakfast

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, many studies show all the advantages of a good breakfast, do not start the day without it

A kiwi every morning

Kiwi is a great ally to combat constipation and increase our levels of vitamin C, perfect to take it for breakfast


Five ideas against food waste

We offer you five tricks to extend the life of your food and thus fight against food waste, which is detrimental to your economy and the planet.

The best time for meals

It is important to plan and eat at prudent hours if we want to seek weight loss, the timing of meals is essential to achieve it


Avocado and unknown properties

Avocado can help us to take care of our body, ideal for increasing our potassium levels and adding essential oils to our diet

Zinc rich foods

Zinc is very necessary to keep the body in good condition, know where to get it and what its magnificent properties are.

Vitamin with the pepper

The pepper contains a large amount of vitamins, it can help us recover from anemia, improve our defenses or take care of our heart

Best gluten substitutes

It is important to know what are the best alternatives to gluten, many people are gluten intolerant and must know what they can take

Buckwheat to combat constipation

If you take care of your diet you will take care of your health, consume buckwheat to combat occasional constipation and stay energetic for longer

Uses and properties of yogurt

Perhaps you do not know all the benefits that consuming more yogurt can bring us, a food designed to take care of our body

Fruit smoothies

Looking for fruit smoothies? Discover here the best ones to lose weight, gain energy or help the body feel healthy.

Horse tail

If you suffer from fluid retention, take horsetail to get rid of those extra kilos and take care of your body thanks to its great properties

Cereals in our body

Cereals are necessary to start the morning with energy, both for adults and children it is advisable to consume them regularly

Unknown properties of cheese

Cheese has many properties, however, we may tell you some that you had not noticed, cheeses of all varieties take care of you

Breakfast with oat bran

Oat bran

Oat bran is another very healthy option to take and start taking care of your body, an ideal food to start the day

Goji berries

Discover the benefits of Goji Berries and how to take them to enjoy all their properties. Do they have any side effects? Discover it here.

Reasons to consume Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a very beneficial plant to take care of our liver, ideal for preventing liver diseases. Know all its properties here.

The banana a complete fruit

We must deny that the banana is fattening, has more advantages than other fruits and instead detracts from it, get to know it thoroughly and benefit from its properties

Pu Erh Red Tea

One of the healthiest teas is Pu Erh red tea, thanks to this variety you will lose weight, reduce cholesterol and much more ...

The importance of Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body, in many cases we do not know where to find it, enter and know it

How do cereals work in our body?

Cereals can be a good option for the smallest of the house, know their advantages and disadvantages to know how to choose the best ones

Ginger and its benefits

Taking ginger only has positive benefits for your health, do you know what they are? We discover the properties of ginger and what it brings you to take it.

Tempeh, a very healthy food

Tempeh is very similar to tofu, a legume variant ideal for all those who want to increase their levels of vegetable protein

Laxative drink before bed

On many occasions we feel heavy and with abdominal swelling, there can be many causes of this discomfort, however, ...

How to treat bronchitis

Due to sudden changes in temperature we can suffer a mild bronchitis if we are not careful, the air conditioners ...

Never turn your back on fruits

Although we know the theory perfectly, on many occasions we neglect ourselves and do not take enough amounts of fruits that we need


How to Ripe an Avocado Quickly

This tropical fruit is ideal for many recipes, however we do not know when it is at its peak, it knows the tricks to ripen an avocado

The power of good breakfasts

Not eating breakfast is not healthy, know what are the best breakfasts you can have in your day to day so as not to neglect your body

What are probiotics?

We explain what probiotics are and important things you should know about their consumption through food or supplements.


The easiest way to take turmeric

We offer you a recipe for a drink that will allow you to access the incredible benefits of turmeric, including the prevention of cancer and depression.

What exactly is starch?

Perhaps you have wondered what starch is, below we solve your doubts and tell you what its uses are and where it is found.

Information about psyllium husk

Psyllium husk is ideal for treating intestinal disorders, say goodbye to constipation and gradually improve your health with this natural product


What is cañahua?

We explain what cañahua or cañihua is, what are the main properties of this food and what uses it has in the kitchen.

Royal jelly for everyone!

Honey is very important for our body, but royal jelly is even more important, an essential complement to have an iron health