1500 calorie diet

Practically everyone at some point in our life has wanted to lose some weight, based on exercise or diet. In this case, we want to recommend a diet of 1500 calories ideal for you to achieve your goal.

Controlling weight is one of the first actions we must do when we feel bloated or somewhat overweight, the key is a balanced and complete diet. If you are interested, keep reading these lines.

A diet of 1500 calories a day is a good way to lose weight without having too many restrictions, so it is easy to apply to our day to day. We never have to obsess over weightWe have to be aware that our weight fluctuates a day an average of two kilos up, two kilos down.

Tips to lose weight

When we propose to lose weight we have to be very clear about our objectives, be patient, constant and comply with the diet we choose. The key to losing weight is eat fewer calories than we expend, so we have to reduce intake and increase caloric expenditure based on exercise.

Currently, rather than losing weight for three months to achieve our dream body, we have to learn to change eating habits so as not to fall into mistakes or bad practices. First of all, in order not to endanger your health, calculate your body mass index to know the scale in which you are.

On the other hand, ask yourself how many days you do sports a week, how much fried food, carbohydrates or unhealthy food you consume in a week.

1500 calorie diet

In a diet you should not "suffer" we have to control ourselves but we do not have to suffer during the entire time that we are carrying it out. We have to eat from all the food groups without leaving any, we do not have to endanger our health by avoiding eating fats or carbohydrates.

Get one balance diet where all the food groups are present, the appropriate amounts and without exceeding any of them.

Recommended foods

  • Fruits and vegetables. They should be the most prevalent foods in your diet. Take 5 servings a day, for example, a good plate of grilled, roasted or boiled vegetables. In addition, introduce vegetables such as a fresh salad and pieces of seasonal and quality fruit to have energy and vitamins.
  • Introduce the carbohydrates at least once a day, such as rice, whole wheat pasta, potatoes, or bread. Ideally, take 30 grams of any simple carbohydrate you want.
  • We do not have to forget to drink water no fluids throughout the day, during meals and the rest of the days.

Recommended amounts

  • 200 grams of fat-free meat. The ideal is to consume rabbit, poultry, veal,
  • 200 grams of white fish or eggs.
  • 60 grams of brown rice or whole wheat pasta.
  • 300 grams of potatoes.
  • 70 grams of legumes.
  • 400 grams of assorted vegetables.
  • 400 grams of fresh fruit.
  • A glass of natural juice.

Foods to avoid

Next we tell you what are the foods that we have to avoid, to regain the figure and not fall into bad eating habits.

  • High-fat foods such as pork sausages, lamb or pork, butters, margarines, fatty or cured cheeses.
  • Pre-cooked food. Although they are very comfortable because they only need to be heated, they are full of fats, sugars, and excess salt. If we decide to have a prepared dish, look at its labeling so that it is as healthy as possible.
  • Do not abuse prepared or homemade sauces. Do not consume sauces based on creams, oils or butters. Also, avoid all those vinaigrettes that are sold as light or light because they are not healthy either. The ideal is to flavor and use fresh lemon to dress your dishes.
  • Industrial bakeryThey are foods full of sugars, saturated fats, transgenic fats, salt, preservatives and many things that are not very desirable for a healthy body. Therefore, do not consume cookies, pastries, or pre-made cakes.
  • Soft drinks with added sugars. A normal glass of your favorite soda could ruin your diet, avoid drinking sodas full of sugars that are not beneficial at all.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. They make us fat because of their high amounts of empty calories.


Tips to carry out

  • Do not skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and it will give you energy and you will not feel like snacking between meals.
  • Find balance in meals. Don't eat a lot and eat little. You have to fill yourself up at every meal but with healthy foods.
  • Eat 3 main meals, a lunch and a snack.
  • Eat all skimmed dairy.
  • Take fruit daily, always opt for the seasonal and natural.
  • Whole grains and the best for breakfast.
  • Control the amount of oil you take per day, You should not exceed three tablespoons a day when dieting.
  • Combines foods rich in carbohydrates with vegetables y protein.
  • All the scenes they must be light and at an early hour.
  • Always include vegetables at dinner. 
  • Eat calmly in a relaxed place without stress or rush. You should take your time, take advantage of the moment and enjoy the food.
  • Being on a diet does not mean martyrdom, you should enjoy and value what you eat. You simply have to control amounts and and the ways in which they have been cooked.
  • Do not forget to do physical exercise. It is very important to keep the body active. At least three times a week.

1.500 calorie menu


  • Cup of skimmed milk, cow's milk or vegetable milk. With coffee or tea.
  • 2 small pieces of whole wheat bread.
  • Portion of skimmed fresh cheese and
  • A piece of seasonal fruit.


  • Boiled or steamed vegetables seasoned with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  • 30 grams of legumes.
  • Grilled white fish or a quarter of grilled chicken.
  • Fruit ration.


  • Vegetable salad and green vegetables, with a can of natural tuna, two anchovies and low-fat cheese.
  • 2 pieces of bread or add 25 grams of legumes.
  • 1 serving of fruit.

If you are looking to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, do not hesitate to go to an endocrinologist to guide you in the weight loss process.

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